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  1. Your invite is expired. I would like to talk with you about about your org.
  2. Sent a discord request. Look forward to speaking with you.
  3. We are still recruiting for this organization. Many positions still open. We look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Fabrication Incorporated is recruiting any and all members. We are a new organization just getting off the ground, read lots of upward potential for you, and are focusing on manufacturing and production aspects of the game. We will work with you to optimize your skills so you can focus on the specific industries you like. A fully functional factory is already up and running and looking to help you get moving down the path to production. Please respond with a direct message, in game to Sarcinthos, or on this post if you would like to join. We look forward to building with you. Feel free to post
  5. This is brilliant. I love the idea of low yield soil and minerals that can be processed into minerals.
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