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  1. RRE is a new Dual Universe Org. We are not a pirart. We are not that many, but we are eally serious about this. So if you like to help build somthing great, join us. We are english speaking, and would like players from all over the world, to cover all time zones. Our enterprise is divided into four sections: Mining Fleet the ones there go out can mine the ore for the Enterprise. Industry the ones there make sure that the part we need to build with in there. Engineers The ones there build our ships. Combat Fleet the PVP players there is ready to go out and defend RRE's interests. You do not have to join any of them, and even if you join one of them, you can still do the other stof. We are not able to provide much PVP at the moment, but it is somthing we want to get in to. At the moment we are on the bulding stage of the game, and we can use more hands. You are more then welcome to get to me on discord https://discord.gg/wk2Tjd3 to get more info. Hope to see you in game.
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