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  1. Possibly, lots of unknowns with everything that happened.
  2. At the end of the day someone is ALWAYS going to do this if you improperly set up rdms. This is the internet, this is why we have mechanics to prevent this. You acknowledge this by saying you expect and allow it for random player constructs "Not every player has your best interest at heart." No matter how much time they spend it's 'well they didn't set up rdms properly, too bad so sad'. Which I'm fine with personally, if you mess up your permissions it's highly likely someone will come by and rob it. You have to own your mistake, learn and move on. Multiple people seemed to take part over a period of time, some may have taken a few terminals and left the rest. More people came and took more pointless things. Even the person who took the last terminal likely had no clue that it would completely wipe the market from existence. If someone had modified their client in order to do this, sure permanently ban them. In this case some sort of suspension and potential inconvenience at non-player owned markets in the distant future would be more reasonable. Also if this was to happen to a player owned market in the future, I'm sure both parties would be getting a fairly equal amount of hate from anyone who lost resources. Anyway I'm not sure if player-markets are meant to be robbed as a mechanic, if so the terminals should at least give the thief the current market inventory as opposed to just wiping everything. Preferably (as that would be extremely op), markets should save data, transport unsold goods to the nearest market for pickup by players. Or some sort of mail system in the unlikely event, or just leave a ghost terminal with access to market container after the last terminal has been stolen. Also if this is a huge issue, structures placed by any staff should always have a flag that overrides rdms and disallows any player from ever picking it up/modifying the construct, why take the risk. A patch for rdms could break something that allows everything to be open season and markets have the most foot traffic. Rdms issues are bound to happen to anyone as we've seen.
  3. Well you have -15% required ore and +15% gained ore when refining. Then you have less materials at crafting/alloy stages, etc. I guess it's part of the 'you need to join an org' aspect. Personally I hate time gates/daily quests in games. Would much rather have talent points be as a result of ore mined, pilot achievements/distance and industry production giving you talents. Specific areas giving you talent points through active grinding, rather than 'well you could queue talents for a few months and come back', adds more to the game imo.
  4. 100% needs to let me have 2-3 windows open (local chat is pretty unused with 5+ chat windows open in the same window)
  5. Pretty sure when I signed up for the email subscriber list a few months ago, it said something along the lines of 'potentialy early access', now I can't find anything, just says 'subscribe to newsletter'. Will people who subscribed before the change still have a chance at access? Or everyone subscribed in general?
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