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  1. I have come back from the dead to make sure this doesn't die.
  2. Well if you guys would stop responding every time I revive it maybe it'd die.
  3. I only use the forums now to stop people from winning this.
  4. I have a substantial disliking of you right now.
  5. Could you please explain the difference between space weed and normal weed? Just to clarify we're talking about drugs not weed as in " A wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants. " right?
  6. Would it be possible to load in the nodes at a fixed rate so It doesn't freeze? Or is that being caused by something else?
  7. I was just talking about how surprised I am that he's still alive like 5 hours ago. :'(
  8. Those two boosters looked super cool when they landed. It's a shame the core didn't get the whole reusable memo. Edit: Yes, I realize they were not planning on reusing these.
  9. 1... 2... 3... 4... Ok, it's safe for me to post again.
  10. Those were removed when they updated the forums. R.I.P
  11. I also agree. They need to change that.
  12. At first glance everything looks really good. This is really useful, but it should really show the time of day too. (Time zones calculated of course.)
  13. mefsh

    False Water

    @CaptainTwerkmotor Not really sure what the first part was about, or how it relates to what I was saying, but the last sentence is a great idea. I would definitely want something like that in the game. This also gives me a idea. They could make it so some types of materials are made by soaking a base material in a liquid type.
  14. Looks like people got your hint... yep. I win.
  15. mefsh

    False Water

    I think just making all water a translucent, penetrable, voxel like you suggested would be best. (That includes oceans and lakes and so on.) We really don't need fancy water physics. How would it know how many tank blocks there are? This is the same problem with having a dynamic oxygen system just reversed. While technically Possible, it's not really worth the performance loss?
  16. We could just use voxels, but a element would probably work better. Since this would be so easy to add I don't see why not. \_( '--' )_/ P.S I just figured out how to give my text color . How did I not see that before?! XD
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