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  1. 2 hours ago, OrionSteed said:

    Not sure what happens when you land on a space core.

    Usually you float off......almost every single time eventually in fact.  Docking on space stations is one of the reasons a lot of guild members took "an extended and prolonged break from DU".


  2. 4 hours ago, Dhara said:

    Why is this such a hard thing to fix? 


    Ok don't take this too seriously but a guildmate a while back provided a possibly answer as to why NQ has NOT ever in any way rolled back to "previous backups"........they simply can't.  Because more than once it would have Made WAAAAAY more sense to rollback a day or a few hours in order to fix a humongous issue caused by a hotfix/patch.  There is a mind boggling amount of data going back and forth between the client and servers, hourly.   A "complete backup" of all game data and player data may simply not exist.  The game itself at current patch, sure.  But all the player data and state of the universe.  Possibly not.


    NQ may simply not be able to do it.  At least not yet.  They can obviously track and make changes to market trades, as we got a refund on schematics.  So they could probably nix all the schematics bought for certain ticket items at a time.  A reverse of what they did last time with the schematics price drop and refund.  But they would have done so by now, and they havent.  Which is worrisome into itself.

  3. History lesson: Several months ago and long before dreaded patch .23 there was a patch day we lovingly called "Batch Enhancement Day".  It was hilarious.  Basically if you had a big enough factory then it ended up making MASSIVE amounts of certain items, like just a mind boggling amount of em.  It instantly made near billionaires of a few guild members when the sold the items to the bots.  Obviously unintended and seriously game breaking, so we waited for the wipe/reset......


    It never came.  Ever.


    After that we knew that NQ either can't rollback or is unbelievably unwilling to rollback, no matter what.  When cluster**** patch .23 happened a few newer guild members expected a rollback, we laughed at them.  They may revert some changes, but rolling back the entire servers is just not going to happen.


    And it still won't happen.


    So, anybody got an extra warp beacon schematic?  I would like to get that line up and running again for my bro.

  4. The abundance of "fly swatters" on alioth is one of the top 3 reasons we hate going there.  Following 1g gravity and of course #1 "player driven lag".


    So glad our faction moved to Madis.  IF you put a tower on madis then your just being an egotist, no reason for agg towers on madis.


  5. Also remember the rules: 

    1. if you are on a ship that leaves the ground then have scrap in your nanopack or you are just useless when something goes wrong. 

    2. Thrust shoves you forward but LIFT gets you up, UP is where you wanna go. 

    3.  If you think you have enough brakes, add more brakes,  make the brakes as big as you can get away with.  Nobody in our guild has ever said "I think that is too many brakes".  When you are barreling toward a planet 1 SU away at 30,000kmh with several Kilo Tons of Ore and you hit your retro rocket brakes you DO  NOT WANT your ship to say "nah, don't feel like it".

  6. 1 hour ago, StarCrusher said:

    So as the title states I am a new player. I just started about 2 weeks ago. However I have a few questions that I need some answers on. 


    1. Is it possible to use the Thurst Master Flight control System with this game? I was thinking that it would make space flight/Combat really fun as well. It would add better control for mining in space as well. 


    2. What would be the beginners ship for Space Travel/Mining? I would like to build something that I could go to other planets and such on, have a 2 person cap, and be able to mine as well. Any help here would be great. As I have a friend of mine that is plying this game with me as well. Figured 2 is better than one.


    Thanks in advance. 

    1. honestly do not know.  Sorry most of our players are m-KB.


    2.  Traveling to other planets is possible very quickly (and HIGHLY recommended, get tf off Sanctuary ASAP) with the starting vehicle they give you during the "tutorial".  It just takes a bit of know how and an hour or 3 of harvesting surface rocks to get the starting go-cart built into a functional  space ship to go to thades or madis.  It wont be a particularly fast trip but its actually really easy with a bit of time investment.  We talked in chat quite a few times about it and figure if there was a wipe we could probably get back to Madis from sanctuary ~8 hours give or take the time it takes to whip up the chem factory to make the kergon.  Now MINING and bringing back ore is a different beast.  Landing on a planet and setting up a new base is far easier than building a ship that is both planet hopping AND bringing back cargo, that is a significant investment.  Lifting yourself and under 25kt of weight is easy, its just the ship weight.  The moment you start adding more weight than that it turns into a battle of physics.  To get weight off of a planet you need lift (wings/stabilizers/ailerons) and thrust (engines).  That gets you to the magical 9% atmosphere where your space engines start kicking in and the space engines (which are amazingly efficient) get you out into space.  As for seating, honestly dont bother.  You are safer out of a seat than in one.  Know you can die?  Force respawn, Being in a seat that gets destroyed in a crash, pvp explosion.  Thats it.  Standing on the wings of the ship or on in a cabin as the ship goes down in a fiery crash?  Perfectly safe.  Not kidding.  Stick 10 people with empty inventories on top of your shuttle and you can fly them anywhere and they will be alive as long as they stay of a chair and your ship doesnt get shot at in pvp.


    Building your first space capable ship (just practice getting to the moon and back for fun) is a great learning experience.  Talk to other ship builders (more than 1) in discord if you can.  Buying a ship from a creator is easy but it robs you of a very fun and engaging part of the game.

  7. 2 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

    Former is perfectly fine, I do not owe you anything with regards to my cargo and if you allow me to remain alive while you disable my ship I am well within my rights to deny you access to my cargo. Latter is IMO pretty much exploiting a game oversight/loophole which needs to both be fixed and declared an exploit in the meantime for NQ to be able to action it when it is used.


    Honestly if NQ fixes some of the other issues even leading up to the fight (insane resource investment) then I would be perfectly fine with cargo getting locked for a set time period the moment any other ship identifies/targets your ship.  Hell if they made ships cheap enough to build then I would be ok with cargo being locked in place the moment you step into pvp space, no really.   We for the most part are not actually against pvp and have even dabbled into building pvp escort ships ourselves.  We are mostly against how expensive pvp is for the mining side.  Fix that and we will slug it out with a smile on our faces.  Make ore mining give more ore per node and faster, WAY more WAY faster. Or drop the cost of building some of our ships and we can more easily replace them if they are lost and drop the investment cost across the board for all parties.  Suddenly we are not losing our half billion quanta investment in a warp lane after 1 encounter.


    As for the cat-3 exploit (we are so going to play with this and cat-5) , its pretty easy to circumvent.  We don't buy ships, we sell them.  We have an endless supply of Hammerhead (thank you comrade Bright) and other blueprints to work with.  But it would be amusing as heck.


    That reminds me, I need a signature with the HammerHead advert, most versatile ship in the galaxy.

  8. 6 minutes ago, XKentX said:

    And you think that your should continue flying back and forth completely unopposed and having the ability to delete your cargo to make hunting you potentially fruitless. Did I get you right ?

    Oh you don't need to start an argument about it because I agree it would be a purely vindictive act to delete our cargo rather than watch it get stolen.   But you have to expect that when a group has spent weeks for the resources and the building of a m-core 15+ megaliter hauler, a week of a 5+ man group mining ore out of feli or locobus as we are now to fill it and then watch it get lost after slow boating for hours and somebody eases up to us while we are going 30,000kph and takes it after a short and entirely one sided battle.  Those guys are going to go nuts, so that cargo will probably go out the window rather than see somebody else just take it.  Because that might even be the final straw in this game for them, they are likely tat that point already quiting and so will likely rage quit at the prospect of it and just take the last of the inventory and toss it to the winds rather than let some pvp group get it.


    YOU ARE RIGHT, its ridiculous to let some player get away with deleting the cargo that somebody is rightfully stolen.  However the amount of time investment it takes to get to this point is also rediculous.   Which leads to some people (none that I honestly know of yet in our guild or we would mock them endlessly) spending cash (that they have apparently too much of) to just get them back to where they were.  This is a system that I am not happy with and you have to admit neither are you.


    This is the larger issue that we have to overcome, together really.  The time investment is just insane in this game.  If we lowered that to a more reasonable amount (and apparently for both pvp and miners) then believe me I would love to fight it out in the warp lanes for the cargo we spent hours (not days) acquiring.  Hell honestly it sounds like fun.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Warlander said:

    Like I said it costs me around 32mil h to avoid pvp the least PvPers can do is break the encryption to sieze a ship or blow up in the process since you shouldnt be able to take an L core with just one person in a star fighter if it takes like 12 missles to down it.

    32 million?  I frickin wish it was so low.  If the pvpers knew how much it cost us in warp cells they would probably take a fraction of that in "lane tax" just to leave the ship alone and shake their heads all the way to the bank.  As it is it's basically a hugely expensive insurance policy.

  10. 7 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

    As far as I understood, using anything beyond XS guns wil require a separate gunner seat and thus an additional crew member who then has little to do except sit in the chair and do what you mention. It is my opinion that "bring guns of your own" is really not the answer and the options NQ has announced as far as ECM are much more suitable in that regard. hardening your ship (protect core/pilot seat etc..) is an option but IMO not a counter, it is a pre-emptive measure.


    Independent ore runners typically run solo but any of the major haulers run a half dozen crew that is already bored out of their minds (its a long trip jack).  So sticking a couple of them on gunner detail (with low skills though) would be a perk in their books most likely.


    6 minutes ago, XKentX said:

    You delete cargo, no problem. I logoff 5 alts at your ship with inventory full of catalyst 3 until you give me a ride to wherever I want to go. Deal ?


    Oh geez we got Cat-3 coming out of our ears thanks to skill boosting making excess constantly.   We gotta experiment with that now.

  11. 4 minutes ago, blazemonger said:


    I still do not understand why some combat PVP focused players seem to keep asking for access to non combatant players instead of finding and engaging with like minded players. The mechanics are far from ready for safe zones to be removed and right now the chances are severely on the side of the attacker in this case.


    This bit is actually kind of funny because we had a talk about this in discord with some of the "ex-pvp" players who joined our guild from one of the other major orgs.  We were brainstorming for ways to secure our ships beyond the current system (odd lane traffic, warp cells eating into our profit, ect) and one of the things they suggested was merely putting on a couple long range guns.  I thought they meant slugging it out with the pirates which I knew would be pointless.  But no.  They said almost all the pvp'ers are not looking for a fight (with a few exceptions). They just want the ship as an easy target.  They said that if there is almost ANY chance that they might lose their ship in the process (which is apparently extremely expensive on their end) then they would probably back off. 

    We thought that was hilarious but they were dead serious:  "if you target their ships, pop them a couple times with a long range weapon before they get in range, they will probably back off and go wait for somebody easier".  So we are taking that into consideration for our cargo ships.

  12. 5 minutes ago, Warlander said:


    The eigth problem is lack of mini game type things such as if you attack my ship its missle lock which I can do anything and nothing else to slow down pvp or make these $25-100+ ships at least have some kind of security system that requires encryption/decryption that requires multiple people to crack since as soon as you start to decrypt and break encryption the auto security self destruct sequence should begin.


    We actually don't need that in the game since you can just delete items out of your cargo hold.  Thats actually a discussion we have had for our corps cargo haulers and we are thinking about implementing it in the event that pvp becomes unavoidable.  Simply deleting our cargo the moment it looks like we might lose one of our M-core haulers.  They can get the elements (now with all at least 1 strike against almost all of it) but the 4 or 5 mega nodes in the cargo hold will be deleted into nothing and the pirates will assume they attacked an empty ship as we respawn back at base.  Why would we ever allow them to have the ore we just spent weeks acquiring?  Let them enjoy the elements they cant sell on the market instead.

  13. Right now we have massive amounts of resources tied up in our major mining operations and factories.  A truly mind boggling amount of quanta is tied up in all of it.  The idea of even tempting to risk some of it to pvp is laughable.  You are insane if you think we would risk a 300-500 million quanta operation on an outskirt planet to pvp if there was any serious chance of losing that much investment to a handful of bored lane campers and their cheap gank ship.  It's just not going to happen.  We probably would never trust a pvp org to guard us since they are notorious for turning on their benefactors for the lulz alone (and i'm sure guard duty would be even more boring than gank duty).  Most would rather quit playing than lose a fleet of haulers and prospectors every time they go out. Take away safe warping and at best you would drive us to using cheap throw away mining ships that are bringing back a mere 5KT of ore at a time on some slow boat lane, and thats going to get boring real fast for all parties


    Right now the cost of moving ore in significant quantities is just too expensive ship wise.  Too much to invest to ever risk losing.  Thats not even speaking about the dozens of hours spent mining out all the ore over several days.  All down the drain.   Make building our mega haulers a bit easier and cheaper to replace and we might consider riskier tactics in getting it home.  But if you make it common to lose all of that on a regular basis without some way of getting our ships up and running without a massive investment, then the pvp orgs will have to take turns being the miner in the barrel  because the major mining orgs will just go find something else to do with their time.  Nobody is going to put up with that.



  14. lol seems about right for sanctuary.  Take that as your warning, get off sanctuary ASAP, do not stay there for any reason.


    If we had known at the begening what we know now we would have plopped down our S-TU in any random hex, mined just enough rocks to build a barely space capable puddle jumper and flown it to Thades or Madis within the first day to set up a permeant base. 


    Sanctuary is the roach motel of planets.  So little ore it traps you there if you try to do anything other than immediately leave.  That place needs to come with a warning to all new players showing up.

  15. Our little corner of SLI recovered way better than most from patch .23, in fact we probably ended up stronger since it forced us to work together on a single factory and logistic operations instead of everyone on separate projects.  From what we are hearing from new members who are coming from even some of the larger guilds though we were one of the lucky ones.  Or as one of our new members mentioned last night: "I didnt leave my guild, my guild left me" (members all quite).  This game has barely survived patch .23.  Imagine how many players NQ is going to lose with the power system nerf, then the mining nerf, then atmospheric warfare so nobody but BOO and EMPIRE can keep claimed tiles on pvp planets and they push everybody else to the safe planets.


    Good luck NQ, you are going to friggin need it.

  16. @Underhook

    If the shuttle is built SOLELY for warping cheaply and lightly (only >25 tons of cargo carried preferably on the player) then you should be able to warp virtually everywhere and back for less than 6 warp cells round trip, 40 would be for multiple excursions.  The cost goes up exponentially for adding more honeycomb than you need, heavier materials for looks and every element added past the bare minimum needed to get you and the warp drive off a 1g planet and into the warp capable zone and then land again after warping.


    My lightest warp shuttle with 2 small containers can make the trip from alioth to madis on 3 warp cells, 5 warp cells with its max carrying capacity of ~60 tons.  I have seen shuttles without any cargo boxes and bare minimum elements/voxels do the trip on 2 cells.  However my MUCH beefier medium cargo container warp shuttle takes at least 5 warp cells for that same trip but can get off Alioth with a bit over half a kiloton of cargo and then warp (for a much higher warp cell cost due to weight).


    I have heard a container for the warp cells is not even necessary, that if you keep the warp cells in your inventory then it will deduct them from your nanopack.  


    But what do you want?  To move just you and your handbag?  Or are you planning on going on shopping trips and coming back with a few hundred tons?

  17. 35 minutes ago, SSampson said:

    I am starting to think that I am the only one that care about docking ships. 

    It really is horrible and was way worse after the patch.  Blew up Snow White trying to dock the dwaves on it, took a support ticket to even repair it.


    With a lot of trial and error we came up with the 3 docking rules that seem to work:


    1.  Stand on the ground while docking with the maneuver tool, DO NOT stand on any dynamic construct. Space station docking is rough.  Turning off any ECU's is usually a good idea.

    2. You have to see the surface you are docking to (its apparently client side). Plopping down a ship like a basketball through a hoop onto a deck from the ground is no bueno.  Dock to the side or a slope you can see at least part of.

    3. if it fails, it should slide off or move a bit when you let go.  IF it sticks solidly then it should be good.  Pick up the bigger vehicle with the maneuver tool and give it a test spin and pray.


    We think it might have always required these steps but pre hell-patch it didnt blow up your ship when it failed.

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