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  1. I think this Game stuck in a way that, “it offers a lot of possibilities” But the Player base have not the “right” tools to get it done. [Allow industry on dynamic cores - so bases / static cores have a unique use.] Yes, for “Large” ships. In a Limited way. (Basic Ore Processing or fuel) But I think the Problem ends with, the Planets would be much faster be “dig out of Ore”. [Allow pilots of a ship to control their own guns - so it doesn't turn into a game where big ships are manned by single players.] I think your thoughts here are, “Not to add t
  2. It's up to us to decide which marketplace to use as our primary trading point. Let's choose one where everything is sold that can be sold. And then the same with the shuttle at Sanctuary Moon. 📦 At the same time, someone can then play a trader and buy up the things and sell twice as much elsewhere. 💲💰🤑
  3. Tag zusammen. Die Probleme mit Login Zeiten sind bereits seit der Alpha-phase vorhanden, deren Server haben öfters Probleme die Daten zu verarbeiten. Es gibt somit immer wieder mal Server Spitzen wo die Abfragen nicht mehr verarbeitet werden können. Ein guter Rechner mit Intel Core i5-7xxx und 4 Kernen sowie Bandbreiten von 20.Mbit Down reichen völlig aus. Wenn deren Server mal vernünftig laufen dauert das Laden weniger als eine Minute.
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