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  1. How far into the beta are we? Imagine the situation in a years time, this is no way sustainable. The planets are too small.
  2. My favourite part is that you can nanocraft Grey polished aluminium but as soon as you want grey patterned aluminium you need to make a minimum of 300m3 in the honeycomb factory at a cost of 3500 aluminium. Make all colours and variants nanocraftable, I only need 20m3 for a small ship, not 300m3
  3. Probably nothing, leaving markets littered with speeders from people who started the game and decided it wasn't for them
  4. I have a few blueprints of ships I've made, I went to start from scratch but gave up so went to reinstate one of my blueprints. I get the error "you don't have the correct tool to use this item" when I doubleclick on the blueprint. You used to doubleclick the blueprint with the deploy tool active but now I'm getting the error. Tried in all modes but no luck. Users in the support chat said that if you made a blueprint that has a ECU or Autoconfig LUA on it, it corrupts the blueprint and it can't be used. Is this true? EDIT: User error, I needed deploy construct tool selected, not deploy element.
  5. A lot of people were complaining about this in game yesterday
  6. 您可以回到第一顆行星來獲得您製造的高速車。您也可以在市場上購買材料並擁有2
  7. If the icon is a grey square with a circle inside it, it's free for all. Happens when a core is destroyed. As soon as it's repaired, it now belongs to whoever repaired it. I've seen it happen with Dynamic cores, but never static cores. Wonder if you can crash your ship into a static core and damage it that way
  8. I pointed some space engines down and ran the auto config, they only work when I press spacebar.
  9. A mod like TSM in WoW would be great.
  10. As a brand new player who heard about the game when it went open beta, my first impressions were 'why am I sitting off centered in the cockpit' and 'how can I move these fuel tank graphs out of the middle of the screen, I can't see where i'm going. Hopefully in a later release the Dev's space them apart more, without having their user base need to code improvements for them.
  11. How do you refuel in space when traveling 30,000km/h?
  12. What is your wing placement? I couldn't imagine how you put on 8 and not have any glow red
  13. If it wasn't so heavy, it would. The issue here is that on server restart or logging back into the game, the ship you are in spawns back with 0 momentum, so the wings etc are not generating lift, so it just plummets to the ground. Same sort of thing happened to me yesterday, travelling 30,000km/h in space, server restart, spawned back in at 0km/h, not enough space fuel to get back to 30,000 km/h and have enough to reverse burn to slow down.
  14. Alternative is to have your base on Sanctuary, that will never be opened to pvp.
  15. It just seems to be the thing to do, drop a dynamic core down, slap some L containers to it next to the market and call it a day.
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