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  1. All they need to do is give us the ability to set a recipe via the API and we could do this with the programming board and screens. I assume it's something in the works since they aren't done with the API. Also, since we have the ability to detect mouse position/state on screens I have to assume it's on the way. Right now there's little reason for that kind of functionality other than creating simple buttons like start/stop/reset for machines and small arcade games. Not that I'm against just adding an element that can do this in a cleaner way, just saying we're close to having exactly this already.
  2. Basically turn the fuel intake element into a fuel tank hub.
  3. Title kinda say it all. I did a cursory search and unless I'm looking over something it doesn't seem to actually exist yet, nor has it been suggested. If I'm missing something I apologize, but ya... this is a must-have for every industrialist/builder. We need an option to "apply" our current skills (overwriting only those stats that are actually improvements) that doesn't require us to pick up, drop, and relink every machine, container, and object we own each time a talent finishes.
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