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  1. I never said nq promised not to wipe. JC said he did not want to wipe in interviews. And you missed the point of the post completely.
  2. I have held back on my thoughts on this as a statement but this is how I feel. Unfortunately we are playing a Beta game. the developers did say there wouldn't be a wipe after alpha and there have been leaks and loose statements about a potential wipe since then. This has caused more harm than good. Personally what I would like to see is a very direct statement when its time. either we are not going to do a wipe or we are and this is how. then list the reasons why technical reasons not social and List how this will help the game in the future. we all know sometimes in development wipes are important and have to happen. Some times when the devs them selves do not particularly want it to happen. while they are not public I know all of the devs do play the game and have invested leisure time into the game. Also I know the NQ staff are personally vested in the future of the game and its success as they rely on it for income and providing for themselves and their families. I do not think the developers want to wipe. If they did WANT to wipe it would have been a very clear statement from the beginning. they would not have invested the time to help us save cores and dig out structures. Or give away warp beacons as rewards for events. While there has been post about pros and cons on wiping their actions in game have shown that they want to world we have built to continue on. I think wiping for the reason of player balance is not a good idea. There will always be player balance issues. You will always have new players who have to catch up and old players who seem to own the stars. Its part of an on going universe. the difference is that in DU you have a community of people who want to help new players. Streamers who are here to support the game and help build up the player base. I think personally a wipe would hurt that. One of the biggest draws to du for new players is the creativity and seeing the things people have built and done in game. but to wipe because some players have to much is not a good reason. Every game has those who have more time and drive. Who will always do well. there will always be things that are exploitable. Utilize those who have in game to help the game at launch. the existing server cleaning system is going to clear a lot of content when the server goes live due to players not paying for beta and alpha accounts monthly. Let that aspect of the server do its job. That just provides more content for players. We as a community have to stop jumping onto what ever story we hear. Have a little faith in the NQ staff. Im not trying to fan boy them. But at the end of the day we have to realize. This is fun time for us. Its work for them. This represents their income and life. The last thing they want to do is to harm that. The developers are on our side. but first they are on the games side. And even though we might not like their actions at times. We have to acknowledge they will only do whats best for the game and company. And if there is a wipe. In a few years it will be like it never happened. We will all be laughing about the stupid crap we did during beta while the nubs are looking confused
  3. For those of you who were in stream last night. This is a good middle ground of what they wanted and what we wanted. I think this post coming so soon after the fact is amazing. Thank you for the quick response NQ
  4. I agree to jump the gun and say your done and leaving is counter intuitive. If you want things to be fixed you have to be part of the solution not jump ship the moment it smells funny. We all have to be willing to lug a few buckets of water off the ship. If every sailor doesn't pitch in the ship will go down and we only have our selves to blame.
  5. My biggest concern is this. As a creative ship designer. People buy my ships because of aesthetics. I know this. I have people who collect my ships. My ship sales and income in game will dry up quickly. This is going to tank my income. And because of the large amount of cores being taken down its going to tank the element market. So the other system I was setting up for income will also tank. I was building a factory to produce ship parts. Then I have the Castle on Alioth and the city on Thades. I will have to choose which one to keep. I am most likely going to close the castle on Alioth.
  6. There are a lot of important details missing from the post. 1: player skills. How many personal build slots per level per players. what is the max core count a single player can contribute. 2: is it required for players to give thier slots to the org or is it an automatic increase per player 3: Org slot skills. How will these effect things or are they being removed? 4: are players required to be active for their core slots to be usable? 5: How will this effect ship builders and designers? or people like my self with the Castle or Ember City? What about IC Spaceport. These are all huge community driven setups that will have to come down if players don't choose to give core slots. 6: Auto Miners. This is going to destroy small org industry. They will no longer be able to have any reasonable number of miners to build up with, Now this also depends on 1 - 4 in this post. 7: This also kills the ship market. Players will stop buying ship designs because of this. 8: Will this mean existing orgs will have to destroy the things they have built in order to comply? I would hate to see what orgs like mine DIA or IC or others will do with this. These variables can change the way this patch is taken by the player base a LOT This
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