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  1. So, after learning more about the game, it looks like mechs will be incredibly difficult to make happen. I say... do it anyway. It will require a few very specific Elements as the voxel system doesn't look like it can do joints, so Elements would need to be created for shoulders, necks, waists, knees, ankles, elbows and wrists, all taking into account the physics that can come from various sizes of legs and such. That's a lot to ask, so not really seeing mechs happening at launch, though it'd be nice. Further, the question of super structures, where multiple structures can 'form up' into one, even if they aren't meches, if they're just ships or soemthing similar. It'd be interesting to see how 'saucer separation' might work in Dual Universe.
  2. Not just entitled, that's everyday bananas, but, then to also consider the P2P model, which brings in less money at a more stable rate to be the "greedy" option, as though playing 5-10 per month for absolutely everything over paying 5-10 per meaningful purchase is a bad deal. And then, for the trifecta, not realizing that F2P turns the game into something that is all about getting more money, putting all the fun behind paywalls and constantly reminding people why they need to pay much more than 5-10 per month. It's a crazy world we live in.
  3. I'm down for this. The problem with making Voltron is that it will require a GOO-GOBBLE of resources which will reward just a few people who get to pilot it? Perhaps a better model would be Vehicle Voltron, or more feasibly, a Bipedal Capital Ship that involves a number of characters. After all, I think the FTL drives and energy sources require maintenance during conflict, which means that making a bipedal mech will reduce Voltron to a glorified fighter, a frigate at best, not a world class powerhouse, since it has nothing to generate that kind of power. Clever engineering might allow someone to make a 5-person ship with the same offensive capabilities as a large capital ship, and then further to implement that as bipedal mech, and then further to implement that as five separate fully operational fighters that can link together and function as a whole. I am, in short, a huge, huge fan of this idea, and would be fully invested in making it come together, but even then, you have to ask, what kind of organization or economy would support it? Perhaps have a city, perhaps purported as a safe haven for newbies that has Voltron as a planetary defender. Of course, then it's not so much Voltron as Power Rangers, which, imho, is also awesome, sue me. Honestly though, I'd love to see something like this. Because really, as soon as you see someone's Capital ship unfold into a giant mech, you'd flip all the way the F out, because geez... what? Alternately you could create a mech Industry, selling blueprints, but then you'd need to create a market for mechs, which means something that ships cannot do. Land Warfare is great, but also perhaps consider Mech Arenas, where people bring their best bots and fight to the finish in a Colosseum. That kind of thing could also work as a great economy base for a Voltron. Having a giant badarse mech be that organization's defense kinda adds to the spectacle and popularity. Let's do it!
  4. Yeah, let players 'stream' their own audio files, heck, do full VOIP.
  5. How about non-playable robots? Programmable guys and mechs and stuff. That could be a lot of fun, depending on how it's done.
  6. All this talk of Starkiller Base makes me wonder about the maximum potential of range (again, considering ridiculous manpower and time) of weapons. Can I target someone a world away. Can I snipe from a ship orbiting a planet? If two planets are close together, can we battle them like Pokemon? These are my questions now.
  7. Jean-Christophe Baillie created NovaQuark, URBI and DualUniverse. He's gone on record describing the background technology for the game, and it sounds just like URBI, the language he created. So, in short, hell yeah it'll use URBI.
  8. I think people should be able to make so many different kinds of ships that classes will be very general. We'll know what a fighter is, or a Frigate or a Cruiser, but that will be determined and popularized by players, and honestly... a lot of ships won't fit inside those roles. After someone makes a Destroyer, which is to a Cruiser what a Cruiser is to a Frigate, someone's going to make a super-Destroyer, what will we classify the 'deathstar' as? What's a Destroyer that's used as a mobile habitat and has no weapons? Do Carrier ships have different classes based on their size? What about modular designs? What about Voltron? What class of ship is that? No, seriously guys, I'm making Voltron. Holla at your boy.
  9. On lack of hype: There are a lot of games that have this same kind of look. Proc-gen and dynamic server loading are just kind of hitting a stride where they can do a really cool space setting, and so there's a few games out like this, and DU is kinda lost in that shuffle. From what's been seen, it's not necessarily more interesting than NMS, based on the marketing alone. And NMS looks prettier and is out sooner. Once this game can show something that's fresh and new, it'll start to take off. I'd strongly suggest using this hype to get the most ardent and creative followers into the Alpha to actually build some stuff so they can show it off, and build hype further from there. On Bluedrake: His rants actually got me interested in this game, because he was pretty repulsive and pedantic. If you pick up a smoking gun and beat someone mercilessly with it, eventually, I feel kinda bad for the shooter, particularly if they didn't kill anyone. That's kinda what happened for me watching his videos on Dual Universe. Using the idea that they used store-bought assets instead of building an impresive capital ship in game on systems that are not finished as unequivocal proof of incompetence and immorality is silly, especially going on for an hour about how the promise that everything will be made in game not being fulfilled yet is just the worst and anyone who disagrees is a bleeding idiot, or decrying the immorality of hyping a pre-alpha game, which, for an indie, is kinda necessary to get it done. Perhaps he didn't know about the server-tech-first mentality when he went on his rant about server tech. Doesn't matter, I suppose, I didn't watch him because I thought his research was top-notched, I watched because I wanted to hear someone be passionate about something, and someone passionately against the game would tell me more about the game than someone passionately for it, honestly. I'm glad he was proven wrong, and not surprised it didn't 'take.' He's a shock jockey, and he serves a purpose and I appreciate that as that and nothing more.
  10. I'm thinking Melee should be super-basic, and mostly there to sustain realism. A simple swing is fine, with the ability to craft weapons that are swung that add modifiers to that attack, though adding block would be really interesting to add on there. That's probably all that they should do, and spend more time focusing on other things.
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