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  1. Did a whole thing on that in the ideas page, decided against it after a discussion in the comments.
  2. Letting everyone know I'm changing this quite drastically. It will still remain Technological Robotics & Gear Testing. But it will be more of a augmentation and less of an AI design. As I've kinda realized the idea I had was..well..bad. So I'll be changing it to more of a way human players in the game can augment themselves with synthetic additions. It will no longer consist of AI and robots. Thanks
  3. Yeah, was only trying to add onto Megadd said earlier, never really thought of it as a good idea. Just began thinking how it was gonna work and just kept going on about it.
  4. Hey c'mon, it's an idea page! It's for ideas. Even if they don't happen or are not possible in the game, we all know that the function and game itself have to come before features. But people should be allowed to express their dreams for this game on here. Not trying to dis you or anything, just saying that what we're talking about would be much later in the game, or at least something as a possibility.
  5. Yeah I'd support that, a way to cyborgify yourself. I'm beginning to think of a more human character. Though I'm still thinking through all the kinks. Probably just gonna delete the lore thing.. now I'm thinking more about it..
  6. Ah right, well if I'm in a suit the entire time then I could just roleplay, Im not against that. Just would love to see some crazy (yet realistic and respectful to the lore_) customization such as pale skin or similar things. Though like I said if all I can do is roleplay then I'm not complaining.
  7. Yeah, I was just thinking of where the races originated, as some ark ships would surely launch from China where most people would be Asian, and one in America would be mainly Caucasian, I know they wouldn't be entirely one or the other but the majority would be.
  8. Yeah that was my idea! I was planning on roleplaying no matter what but I'd just love to see some way of being synthetic, be in skin tone or attachments to the skin or something similiar. Thinking more about it I could simply be a British fellow who was seen as a 'gentleman' but also augmented himself with a number of adaptions making his skin pale and becoming half robotic half human. But yeah, the forming of the lore is what I'm interested in, I'm nuts for it! Oh and yeah, I don't wanna have a body like EDI, I'd just make all the others jealous of what Joker's got!...not to mention I'd be a dude...xD
  9. Well my name on almost everything is the robot gentleman or RoboGent. (sprung from my interest in steampunk) so I was thinking of a RP way for my character to be called RoboGent, hence TRGT (The Robot GenTleman). Easier than renaming and more unique than being a human in my book.
  10. Yeah, was just an idea, thought it could further explain why there are ships flying themselves that kinda stuff. They wouldn't really be npcs, they'd more just to a body for your programmed AI scripts that's what I was thinking. About the customization, I believe there could be a way to customize your character in such a way to make them appear as an android? Pale skin etc. My idea for TRGT AI could appear more human, that was my initial idea in fact. Similar to synths in fallout 4 where it is difficult to distinguish them from a normal human being. If robots are not in the game then I hope there is a way to appear synthetic at least in some way.
  11. Yeah the eve models are quite cool, would be a nice idea, perhaps from different continents? Although different human 'races' could go into other race starts as obviously there are Asians in north america and Caucasians in Asia. Though it would still be interesting to see! Perhaps a year after the games release the devs could do something which allowed sectors on the galaxy to form into a 'race' of sorts.
  12. Playable Robots? Since my backstory is that of being a robot artificial intelligence, could we see robots as a playable race? With their own unique requirements, such as requiring a recharge station or similar things and not requiring food and water (if that's a system in-game). They could also have the ability to upgrade their body with more advanced equipment, such as a sensor for sight or an alien robotic arm to enhance building or something similiar. I'm attempting to write a backstory on this, found in the TRGT series in the Libary of Mankind found here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1080-the-trgt-ai-series-p1/#entry12218 The idea I had in mind would be that TRGT-14 somehow managed to replicate himself with variations. To create new AI. So, do you think this could be a good idea? Just a way to implement AI into the game. These AI robots could also be programmed to manage your ships in the way they plan to auto ships, mine, refine etc, this role could be fulfilled by TRGT robots. I accept this would be a great deal of work for the developers and also could strain on the server and generally just be a pain, but would you like to see TRGT robots as a playable race? Or something somewhat different? Let me know your ideas! Cheers, RoboGent
  13. The TRGT Series...(ignore the 'AI' in the title, changed the plot of the story, found below in comments) The TRGT (Technological Robotics & Gear Testing) program was initiated during the times before the ark ships, a more barbaric and gruesome time where humanity saw fit to augment their soldiers and manual laborers with synthetic augmentations to enhance their capabilities. Spotters and snipers within the military were given synthetic eye implants to improve their sight and accuracy. Assault troops and miners were given synthetic arms to have greater strength at carrying heavy objects and fighting in close quarter combat. These augmentations were given to many people during the horrific time before the days of the ark ships. However, shortly after the wars ended and people accepted the long peace. Further augmentations were made illegal as they were seen as a "threat to the peace". And to uphold this law, they hired 'Justicars' which would track down anyone found with an augmentation that did not show signs of being implanted during the times of the wars, and mercilessly remove it. No matter what it was, be it an eye implant, synthetic legs, whatever augmentation an individual had, regardless of whether they needed the eye implant because they were blind or needed the synthetic legs because they were a cripple. The Justicars abducted these people and violently removed them in surgery at their 'Offices'. People rose up against these violent acts but their cries for mercy were ignored. And thus the memory or even presence of the Justicars or their supporters vanished. Guaranteed they still violently removed augmentations of anyone found with them, or at least anyone not rich enough to pay them not to. But at the times of the ark ships the Justicar and old world views were abandoned as the governments were torn down as people fled into the ships. And as people emerged from the surviving vessels, a few had brought augmentations, others the knowledge to create them. So as the restrictions were no longer present, all sorts or augmentations were invented and used. Some individuals even affecting their entire immune system and bodies with entire new limbs, making them almost half synthetic. But has humanity gone to far...? Or is this just the beginning of what they'll accomplish...?
  14. Yeah, cheers for the link dude, but yeah. Totally agree, just would love to see different factions look differently for variation etc etc, but yeah would definitely be a lot of work, but I'd say it'd worth it in my mind. But what CaptainTwerkmotor said about having various gear for jobs, I mean that could be done by NovaQuark and also create at least some diversity.
  15. Yeah I know :/ Still, would love to see it, even if it strained the server.. I hope they'd find a way to implement it without straining too hardly on the server.
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