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  1. Radar lock range unification. Can you confirm the new ranges for each radar size please?
  2. Hi, im in New Genesis. We are a PvP organisation. Have a nice day.
  3. The changes that were said in the interview is a great start to balance out pvp. I'm sure when it gets deployed they can see how it does and make more changes if needed. All i can say is better start your trainings for Medium and small weapons
  4. why do call this topic saying there is going to be a wipe at the end of beta. There wont be a wipe. Stop giving out false information.
  5. tbf. if you want solo pvp id say wait for atmo
  6. Its stupid now how all these ex grifers are posting on discord bosting about all the people they killed with exploits because they know they wont get banned and are safe. In the past NQ has banned people for much less and some of these things are now even allowed. NQ have lost players and sub money because of it and they are just letting it pass? HELLO??
  7. So if NQ does not do anything about this im going to pursume that grief is ok. RIP DU
  8. NQ already confirmed they are looking to add counter mesures. so for the time being stay safe!
  9. i pvp for the salt and tears of my victims. does that make me a bad person?
  10. They already stated the way the docking works to other ships is not how they like it and is just the first version. They are already working on changes. For now im afriad you have to make a ticket and wait for a response.
  11. yea hopefully we get a button or a hotkey we press to dock a ship. as much fun as it may be to steal peoples ships its very annoying when you have lots of ships parked at a base or space station of different core sizes and suddley they are all connected.
  12. i could be wrong here, but in the interview they were talking about the safe zone around planets (500km atmo area). Or did they include the big blue safe zone around alioth madis and thades?
  13. If we can change the size of the build area from not being a cube it will allow for more designs. Right now to get the most of the build area for pvp we are kinda forced to make cube like ships. If we get the option have a set ammount of m3 per core and set our own shape. Might solve some issues. Also i kinda agree with gun restrictions but maybe have some leanancy, say maybe M cores can use upto L weapons, S cores can use upto M and XS and use upto S.
  14. Only to purge them of heretical ways. They must praise the all father.
  15. now the only argument is to complain about my spelling? ?
  16. because this is a pvp game? the end goal of this game is blow shit up and fight each other over territory. Not hold hands planting flowers around your base 24/7
  17. lol what are you on about. you use scrap to repair elements. if volxel gets destroyed you have to replace it with new ones. and guns consume ammo. So there is a sink.
  18. right now the only pvp content is camping travel routes to kill people slow bloating to and from planets. Removing this safe zone will make it harder to bring ores back to peoples factorys from other planets without the use of a warp drive. Tus raising the cost of travel to avoid pvp or to make more risk to get the ores off planet. So it will help the economy in a big way. Will raise the value on ores on alioth and sanc that are off planet and give more purpuse to pvp.
  19. Hello, now people are getting more advanced in the game and I’m seeing more people trying to get into PVP. When will the safe zone be removed around Alioth, madis and thades. I presume this is only temporary as the only true safe zone, in the end, should be the sanc moon of course. I hope it happens soon so there is more resource drain in the economy. otherwise people are just going to sit on stacks of materials and the economy will be pointless
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