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  1. Excellent question! Luckily we have a very wide assortment of droids and much more! Just bring your used toothbrushes to our fleet to receive compensation! this is not a trap
  2. Due to heightened tensions in the Talemai sector. Waste Management will be deploying a capital fleet to enforce the mining restrictions at this time. Any and all space faring vessels without proper documentation will be seized. And held in impound until appropriate fines are honored. Furthermore Waste Management subsidiaries and any outside contractors hired or employed by Waste Management cannot be held responsible for the damage or any loss of property while in the Talemai area.
  3. Joa I specifically thought about doing that as like a ship plow as the GMs are supposed to be clearing the market landing pads but it seems like its just getting worse would love to sneak an L core on there get a bunch of junk on it and slide everything off to the side so people could actually land properly. Just dont have the patience to wait to get enough space cleared for it to work though
  4. I didnt even think about dropping a claim unit for this thats nefarious. But I am glad to see we have different view points on this and glad im not the only one seeing this as a gray area.
  5. So where do the GMs stand on ship piracy? So lets say a ship docks onto your ship.... Either they legit landed on you or you used your larger core to get them docked to you. You than proceed to fly to the pvp zone and pop the ship. Is it fair game as creative use of available game mechanics or is it an exploit? Either way I know it would be a scum bag move but I want to know where the rules are on this behavior as I know several players plotting such things. Thanks!
  6. Awesome corp! Bunch of IRL programmers good builders indy folks pvpers we got it alll baby
  7. Name: LunaticWoda Region/Timezone: AST (AZ time we swap between PST and MST) Language: English What type of Organization are you looking for? Military or Industry however will be wanting to build a lot have some great ideas for bases and ships Desired role(s) you wish to play in-game: Miner/Trader Roleplay interest? Not really a focus of mine Other: Must be an active guild discord and would prefer a guild thats aged 21+ I personally cannot stand "squeakers" as I like to call em Preferred contact method: Can me
  8. Hello All! Been watching DU for the last couple of years and gosh darn had to finally buy it due to the support packs going poof. Am an extremely hardcore players and plan to go at industry hard until I try to wrap my head around building some incredibly detailed ships. But first things first I knew the learning curve was gonna be rough but this is brutal! Hopefully ill find a solid group of extreme players to play with and hit the ground running hard. PS I now really hate hovercrafts kik
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