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  1. AWW so the poor little piwarts wana gank people that cant fight back or escape and are complaining that they are destroying their stuff rather than letting the gankers get it lol good job to the combat trashers denial of loot is and must be a valid tactic the same as a pirate should be able to gank
  2. the rest of the txt should be hear but as you get near it just disappears
  3. someting need to be done about the death twigs before alioth and other planets are taken over by the invasion of the pylons so i posterd a quick fun poll
  4. no building above 1500m high that way people can still keep their AGG landing pads but it would keep the sky clear for flying and a 2 hour parking on the pads after that constructs are compacted and returned to the owners inventory that would keep the pads cleart of all the crap
  5. as you can see in the images same pick just at slightly diffrent times its like somebody just pushes a button then it pitch black it seems to be when the sun sets or is eclipsed as far as i can tell but it only lasts for a while then its back to normal and it only started 2 days ago never had this before then. so im wondering if anyone else has this problem and or any fix for it. i have not changed any settings in game
  6. so we waited all weekend and its monday and guess what its still not fixed f***ing great job there NQ
  7. NQ-DeckardToday at 20:22 @here We are aware of ongoing issues involving linked containers, digging, mining and timeout's while logging in. We are working hard to resolve these issues and want to apologise for the inconvenience, we expect to have a fixes ready for you on Monday. monday f***ing monday!!¬!!
  8. NQ should just set a build height of say 1500 m above sea level problem solved no more stupidly high 1 voxel wide towers with giant platforms at the top players can build their agg platforms and the air is kept clear
  9. cant link to any container i have tried re logging deleting cache placing new containers forced respawn going to vr station and visiting a store then exiting nothing works and all the devs say is "we know about the problem and are working hard to fix it" meanwhile its day 2 of not being able to do sh**
  10. why oh why put tutorial in game if they dont work? i just tried the surface mining one and it starts by saying follow fgreen line to the main roon but i am imn middle of nowhere with no line or any surface mins to mine i have restarterds it 3x still the same . im going to try all of them to find which work and which dont as i have seen many complaning that none work
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