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  1. You are allergic to cats. Astro the Cat God induces more sneezing. I climb the hill to join mrjacobean. We are Kings of the Hill.
  2. I tickle your nose with a feather. You sneeze. You have lost your balance. Aetherios fell down the hill. I am now King of the Hill.
  3. I noticed the section about the four political movements of the [uMF]. Are these "classes" or "factions" actually going to be implemented in the game? Or are they purely for lore purposes?
  4. Shocked. Truly. God forbid Twerk use Discord! Honestly, where has the right to privacy gone? DU =/= NSA
  5. The Cinderfall Syndicate is a hybrid democracy, not a full democracy. Leaders are not directly voted in by members, as they need to be carefully interviewed for their qualities and weaknesses; however, our Syndicate policies are proposed and voted on by Senators in the Senate.
  6. There is no coin. Only cash. And cash doesn't lie.
  7. That's pretty amazing. Well done! Love the story, except a slight detail in that IUPAC doesn't allow scientists to name newly discovered elements after themselves. But really fantastic fantastic work!
  8. Looking forward to that lore release!
  9. No no noooooo Stick with the stuff you know If you wanna be cool follow one simple rule Don't mess with the flow no no STICK TO THE STATUS QUO
  10. I always like logos that are very regular and will fit into a perfect circle. It makes for easier formatting especially. I very much like the octagonal one above this post, very well designed. Cinderfall's logo is rather symbolic (perhaps not so much as the Aether's) but keeping to a relatively minimal style at the same time: *Also, @Cybrex I've always found the BOO logo somewhat difficult to see, especially on dark backgrounds - and the honeybadger is virtually invisible. A lighter and more contrasting color scheme would be helpful in visibility. Suggestions for the design team.
  11. Presenting: The Phoenix Class, beautifully designed by Objective Driveyards, a member organization of the Cinderfall Syndicate and one of the premier shipyards of Dual Universe, but first and foremost a friend in the universe.
  12. That'll be a real joy when you find yourself needing to flee from spooky scary marauders. "Oh wait a minute, pause. Let me enter my six passwords first before you continue chasing me."
  13. On behalf of Cinderfall, I'd like to welcome the Universal Defense Force into the Cinderfall Syndicate as a member organization. As a diverse yet unified team, the Universal Defense Force, led by PurpleAnt, has a focus on escort defense and security, accompanying merchant ships and cargo carriers on dangerous trade runs and protecting valuable assets from pillage and plunder. UDF may be small now, but it has the potential to become something huge. Check them out here for an opportunity to jumpstart and co-found a close and unique organization! --> https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/universal-defence-force
  14. Thanks for the shout-out! It is true that we at Cinderfall do embrace all forms of playstyles. Our primary purpose is to be a hub of civilization and promote cooperation throughout all of Dual Universe. We've brought together many of DU's most prominent organizations together as a team and family, but of course we do need many motivated builders, soldiers, and of course Exploration Prospectors to help us reach that vision as well. Plus we have catnip cookies.
  15. So many fun things. Our first Senate meeting was quite successful - thank you to all of the representatives who attended the session.
  16. As he has mentioned himself, Halo demonstrated excellent qualities, including calm and effective action under pressure and an inclination to help others out, which made him the best choice for the Admiral position. All of our leaders within the Administration were carefully selected based on holistic consideration of their qualities and experience. Our Chief of Defense, for example, has considerable experience (15+ years) in leading guilds previously in MMOs, while a potential Chief of Commerce has extensive background in Economics. Unlike as some may have insinuated, we do not judge based only on personality or charm. While attitude is an important factor in determining competence for a certain position, it is not the sole determininant.
  17. Oh nothing. Just wars being won and the sweet smell of victory.
  18. Let's all unite and give one final push to support Novaquark as one: the DU community. Viva la Novaquark
  19. O7 Honorably fought. I commend all on your bravery and shenanigans.
  20. Good luck and good luck Of course this would be ideal, except it wouldn't be ideal. First, it could absolutely never happen, because chaos and evil will always emerge in some form as long as we're talking about humans. Second, wouldn't a perfectly peaceful world be sort of...well, boring?
  21. The answer: It's not. Yes, of course playing politician and filing legal paperwork is fun (?) for some (our High Magistrates at Cinderfall are rather aficionados for this), but it generally does weigh down efficiency and doing what really needs to be done. While perhaps our principles and values may not align with BOO, I have always admired BOO's down to earth manner and way of doing things.
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