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  1. What if there were two kinds of SafeZone generators? One for ConstructSafeZones and one for Construct-PlayerSafeZones. Construct-PlayerSafeZones would be used in cities and industrial buildings. Construct-PlayerSafeZones would be unable to move. Because having Construct-PlayerSafeZones would make pirating impossible. ConstructSafeZones would be used on big ships, these safe zones would be movable, but only protect the construct, not any players. So pirates would be able to infiltrate a ship and fight for it, but not be able to just blow a hole in it. It would make for more tactical pir
  2. Here's something to think about with safe zones. I don't think anyone has talked about this yet, just ignore me if someone already brought this up. No one has really talked about how these Safe Zones work, I'm not talking about how they're powered or anything, I'm talking about what happens when you enter one. So I think there's two things that can happen. When you enter, you can't destroy constructs, but you can however, damage players. This would be my preference and the most realistic thing to do. With this we could have PvP arenas, where players can damage players, but cannot damage th
  3. Twerkmotor just thinks everyone works around his logic, even if his logic doesn't make sense.
  4. You really like to blow things up, don't you
  5. PurpleAnt


    So I was thinking, where would we respawn? In the book it says that we would respawn on the Arkship thanks to the Resurrection Node. So if we respawned at the Arkship, we would pretty much have to start over unless your friend can pick you up in a ship. I was thinking, what if there was a Resurrection Node element that you could add to a base? Now, I know what you're thinking fellow forum user. Well, to counter this argument. Building a Resurrection Node should be decently expensive You should have to build one Resurrection Node per person You should have an option on death to either "Resp
  6. I like it. I think it will also decrease the amount of people starting wars for no reason(we all know someone is going to start a war for no reason). And in SE, what people would do is store all their materials and fly over to someone's base to scout it out, not caring if they died because they would just respawn on their ship.
  7. CaptainTwerkmotor just went into more detail.
  8. Now you're starting to give valid arguments
  9. That's not what Falstaf said. I think that's just what you want to happen, not what's actually going to be implemented in the game And that's actually a good idea ^
  10. Thanks! This is exactly what I created to thread to know/talk about.
  11. I don't think some of you guys got what the point of this thread is, and maybe that's my fault for not being specific. So here I'm going to be more specific about what I want. So I do actually want hijacking to be a thing in this game. I just don't want it to be as easy as jumping into a cockpit and flying away. And like I've said before mrjackobean came up with a system that I think is very nice. So while I do want hijacking in the game, I want it to be somewhat difficult and require a bit of a high skill in hacking. I don't want it to be impossible or semi-impossible to hijack a ship. And
  12. I like how you made that reference to the book by mentioning a guy on the roof, also the whole thing is just as good as the book good job. SPOILER ALERT FOR THE BOOK BELOW For a second I thought the guy in this story was the one who killed the main character's friend in the book, maybe he is. Only you know that.
  13. Maybe I should already know this, but is the Aether a cult? If it is, that's cool, it adds something to the universe.
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