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    _Ieael_ reacted to JayleBreak in Now available: In-game 2D Voxel Planner/Builder   
    Some final thoughts. This tool does not do "voxelmancy" for you - even in the
    limited domain of 2D voxels. In my view, Voxelmancy is much like solving
    Sudoku puzzles: making the right choices early on in the plan is important.
    Unlike Sudoku however, not all voxel "problems" (designs) have solutions.
    To gain "voxelmancy" expertise start out small. Perhaps the most frequent use
    I make of this tool is to fashion single 2D voxels that previously required
    use of an extensive "shape" voxel library or a 3D voxel wedge (which I
    find to be somewhat more time consuming and error prone).
    Also, I want to explain why I started the plan at layer 2. For those
    interested enough to reproduce the truncated cone as I described, test your
    understanding by replacing layer 2 and adding a layer 1 design so that pasting
    the layers together produces a traditional cone ending in a point.
    Finally, I want to acknowledge the encouragement from members of Objective
    Driveyards (ODY - where you can find free blueprints for the planner),
    the tutorials of Tordan, the free voxel wedge blueprint from
    Infinity Corp (also ODY), and Stan of NSD for zero point voxels.
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    _Ieael_ reacted to NQ-Nomad in Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on January, 13th   
    Hi guys, 
    The game is now in Beta 1 r0.21.2. Here's the latest patch note: 

    Added a limit to the fetch construct debug feature to a 4 km range and added a 24h timer cooldown [GUI] Removed in-game language selector in the option menu. The language selection is now only possible via the launcher on the upper right corner  [GUI] Saved email on login screen is now hidden properly after at least a first connection
    Bug Fixes
    [GUI] Quantity in a container is now displayed while doing instant sell order [GUI] Fixed chat channel old messages being unexpectedly erased when someone speaking in another channel Restored missing Natron harvestable rock [LOC] Fixed some missing texts and typos in French and German languages Fixed Small space engine S variations that all had the same name Fixed an issue where a moon could appear pixelated   
    Known Issues
    Image upload feature is not accessible via the website and will come back soon
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    _Ieael_ got a reaction from HG_Dan in Help needed by a noob with containers!   
    Hey mate,
    When in build mode, to pick an element and put it back into your inventory or linked container you need to:
    - Empty the container of all contents;
    - Select the "deploy element tool" (1 by default), aim at the element (the container in this case);
    - Hold alt and click on it.
    The container will go to your current active inventory, be it your Nanopack or a linked container (not the one you are trying to pick up, oc). You need to have enough free space in whichever.
    ps holding alt and clicking reverts the behavior of most of the tools
    pss I suggest you join the discord channels to get just in time help from other players/orgs.
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    _Ieael_ got a reaction from Pseudolukian in Pick up items   
    Hey mate,
    If you are moving to a spot close by, using the maneuver tool (7 by default) is probably a better option than disassembling everything.
    If you want to move to a spot far away, you can blueprint it (in build mode right click any part of the ship and hit "P" of click on "Create Blueprint") and deploy it at the new location (select tool 8, equip the blue print, which has to be in the same inventory as the materials you will need to deploy it, a blue box will appear, that is you construct volume. aim at the floor and click. the construct will pop up).
    When in build mode, to disassemble you construct (pick an element and put it back into your inventory or linked container) you need to:
    - Select the "deploy element tool" (1 by default), aim at the element;
    - Hold alt and click on it.
    For voxels:
    - Select the "Select voxel tool", 7 by default.
    - Select everything and hit delete.
    - Alternatively, select the "deploy voxel tool", hold alt, select an area and click.
    The elements/voxels will go to your current active inventory, be it your Nanopack or a linked container. You need to have enough free space in whichever.
    ps holding alt and clicking reverts the behavior of most of the tools
    pss I suggest you join the discord channels to get just in time help from other players/orgs.
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    _Ieael_ got a reaction from Cougar in Voxel Engineering apprenticeship requested   
    Hey guys,
    Check out this awesome post by @Destrin, it will definitely help.
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    _Ieael_ reacted to DarkHorizon in Eyes & Ears - Search And Rescue   
    Weekly Update - August 10th, 2020
    Six rescues were made this test, that’s 79 for Alpha 3 and 135 overall.
    A pound of feathers vs a pound of rocks. Transporting your desktop in the back seat or the trunk. Moving cargo in your inventory or in a container. @Fynn_Reiher found this out the hard way that it doesn’t matter where you store your goods, what matters is that your speeder can carry them. One early test transport down, probably many more to go.
    Stranded on a planet, how about outer space, on an asteroid, maybe a moon? @Rub3n213 was out of fuel on one of Lacobus’ moons. Luckily @remdawg12 was around and was willing to fly out 11KL of kergon to get one of DU’s more… spicy players back in flight again.
    Only some light building work was done on the outpost this weekend. Intermittent web connectivity issues on my end were stifling things a fair bit so playing wasn’t much of an option when the internet kept cutting out every five or ten minutes. It’s something with the receptacle that the barrel plug goes into that’s causing it to be very sensitive, even rotating the plug in the socket will trigger a power cycle. Then again I’ve had this router-modem combo since connectivity was first installed in this residence almost a decade ago. I’ve had a standalone router now so I really only need a new modem and with DOCSIS 3.1 now pretty much standard, the 3.0s are fairly cheap. Current setup still works, its just another thing on the list I got to manage now.
    This also played somewhat of a role in pushing back an intended meeting that I hoped to have over the weekend. Then there was a PVP event also going on. Lots of discussion and drama in that sector in other servers. I’m hoping to get this all done and taken care of during the final A3 test this Friday, more details on that hopefully by this time next week.
    The rest of my attention went to the whole advertising gig I have running. Two organizations are now advertising, two others are searching for something to put up, while the other dozen or so that are interested got sent an update the other day to drive some more activity and I’m waiting to hear back. Still not ready to go public but there shouldn’t be much more of a wait.
    I and the person coding this are kicking around some ideas on how to improve things once it’s public. It will still be pretty barebones first coming out, but it will improve over time.
    That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone!
    - DarkHorizon
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    _Ieael_ reacted to Agilulf in Novean Almanac - issue 4 out now   
    The Novean Almanac is a fan magazine about Dual Universe and the Dual Universe community.
    There have been three issues in 2018 (as the Novean Dreamers Almanac) and then a long hiatus.
    But finally...
    Novean Almanac 4
    Editorial: Making history in Dual Universe Dual Universe Development Timeline Community Media Overview Organization Updates Community Projects Overview and a shorty story by Kurock  
    PDF, 168 pages, 4.4MB

    Old stuff from 2018:
    Hello there.
    This is a magazine about the Dual Universe community.
    You should read it, like all the cool kids.

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 1: Cities, the Press and intergovernmental organizations

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 2: War on the Battlefield & War in the Arena, Non-English-speaking communities

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 3: Espionage and Counter-Intelligence, the Service Industry, and a stupid map
    Website: Spaceship Drama
    Discord (Agilolfing#8694)
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    _Ieael_ reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in New Character Model reveal!   
    Hi everyone!
    The new character model is an artistic re-imagining of the original design, and is one of many steps we’re taking to update the look and feel of the game. The goal of this redesign was not only to create something functional and realistic for interstellar travel, but also come up with something memorable, appealing, and instantly recognizable.
    The Novaquark team.
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    _Ieael_ reacted to NQ-Naerais in Twitch Stream #3 : Thursday July 23rd @ 11 am EST (3pm UTC)   
    Hello Noveans,

    It’s been quite a busy month for us over here at Novaquark, with lots of important announcements and information. Did you catch everything we released recently surrounding the Beta, NDA lift, business model, our latest PvP demo, and the month-long super test? We felt that it would be a good idea to host another Twitch Q&A to get everyone on the same page, as well as give our members a chance to ask their questions once more to JC and the team.

    The livestream will air on July 23rd at 11am on our Twitch channel, or you can tune in live on YouTube or Facebook. This will be our third livestream, and will be hosted by me, NQ_Naerais (aka Space Mom). I will be joined once again by NQ-Entropy and JC as they answer questions in chat. The topics of discussion will include: the Beta pricing model, PvP discussion, Lua scripting, and more!

    Also keep in mind that we’ve uploaded our two previous Q&A livestreams to our YouTube channel. Click here to check out our Live Developer Q&A playlist now! We’d like to also take this opportunity to thank the community once more for their support. Let’s DU it!
    The Novaquark team
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    _Ieael_ got a reaction from Supermega in Need for more Voxel Brush shapes, and options.   
    Fantastic ideas. Hopefully we will see some of them in place soon enough.
    And, since we are asking and asking is free, it would be amazing if we could get a Voxel Slicer Tool, like the orange planes in this image.
    PS not sure if its doable from a technical perspective in a Voxel/Vertex environment though.

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    _Ieael_ reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Apology from Slaxx to NQ and the Dual Community   
    All right, this topic is going to be locked.
    Surprisingly all these "TheSlaxx" defenders are fresh new accounts.
    Apparently some think it's okay to create accounts just to try to strongharm Novaquark's decision, even if this was already discussed and explained in private many times.
    Making it public will NOT change Novaquark's decision. If someone opens another topic on TheSlaxx to try to change Novaquark's mind, expect your account to be banned permanently from the forum without further notice. We don't have time to waste on this topic anymore. This practice of coming back again and again on a decision made by Novaquark will only make the situation worse.
    TheSlaxx hasn't been banned for the shady practices regarding the Organizations.
    He has been banned for what he did after.
    "He has changed now" will never be a valid argument to rehabilitate him.
    If we make an exception for him, we will have to make exceptions for everyone else that has a toxic behavior. 
    That's not gonna happen.
    Best Regards,
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    _Ieael_ reacted to Supermega in Need for more Voxel Brush shapes, and options.   
    Disclaimer: All ideas are based on the publicly available info, not under NDA.

    Hello, so one of my biggest concerns with the voxel building tools so far, is the lack of support for curved shapes. I really think it would be sad to see an amazing game like this, filled with only Minecraft Box spaceships. Because curved shapes are so impossible to make. So here are a few basic additions I think could really improve on the current voxel building system. I know, more advanced voxel editing are planned like being able to edit control points, and a Voxel Element Library for more complex shapes. But, there are other, more simple things I think that can be done to get curved shapes into the game sooner rather then later. So, the basic idea is to make curved voxel shapes easily available so players would be encouraged to build none box shaped ships and constructs. I did some artwork to help illustrate my ideas. Please feel free to discuss and give feedback on this thread in the comments. Ok, So lets dive right into it.
    These pictures are examples of designs that can be made with these shapes.







    Starting Primitives
    So, there are several shapes to begin with when using the voxel deploy tool. Here are some important primitives I suggest should be added as voxel brush shapes. Those shapes are Oblate Sphere, Prolate Sphere, Cone, Torus, Elbow Joint.

    Why these shapes?
    The reason I chose these shapes is because they are nearly impossible to make with with the current tools. An even with advanced editing options, they would still be difficult to get right. So it seems like a no-brainer to have these shapes as starting primitives for the voxel brush. It would make it much easier to start creating curved shaped constructs, and encourage more creative designs.
    This picture is of the voxel shapes I think should be added to the voxel brush tool.

    Voxel Shape Options
    So the next thing is an a expansion on the voxel shapes, by adding parameters before/after the shapes is deployed. For example, having an option like size, and diameter of the TORUS shape before/after you deploy it, or option to set how extreme the elongation is on the SPHERE or CONE before/after you deploy it, and even maybe set the angle of the Elbow joint. So, the way I imagine it would work is, when you select a starting primitive shape, shortcuts like arrow keys, numbers keys are used to set the value of the shape options, then you can deploy it as normal. Also, having an option box that would stay on screen as long as you're using that shape could work too, so that you can continue to change options and deploy new shapes.

    This pictures give an example of what changing the options would look like on each shape.
    Bevel, Fillet, sharpen edge tool
    So, we currently have a tool that allows builder to smooth edges, but to expand on that idea, I think we should also have the option to Bevel, Fillet, or sharpen edges as needs. The issue is that most times the smooth tool does not give the desired result, or maybe you only want to bevel an edge but not smooth it, or maybe you want some edges with a fillet and some edges sharpen. I imagine it working exactly like the current smooth edge tool, except you would be able to Bevel an edge, Fillet an edge, or Sharpen an edge.
    This pictures below illustrates how the tool would effect the edge. This is the current smooth tool.
    Additional Ideas
    Scale Axes
    I think this is a simple, but vary important option that needs to be available. Basically we have the option to scale the size of voxel primitives, but we should also have the option to scale voxel primitives on a specific axis (X, Y, Z). This I think would definitely add greater control to create the desired shapes, as well as enhance the freedom of creativity.
    Hollow Primitives
    So, this thought came to me last minute, but I think its something that shouldn't be overlooked. The ability to start with hollow voxel primitives. Either a voxel brush option to deploy hollow voxels, or solid, and set the wall thickness, or have hollow voxel shapes as a standard starting shape to choose from. I know that there is an option to cut out voxels using primitives shapes, but the main issue is that cutting out voxels gives a very ugly looking result, most times the edges don't look right at all, or you need a hard edge but the cut out has a rounded edge with a messy texture. Also, hollow primitive shapes would improve the speed, and ease of use when building constructs. Especially when working with curved shapes. Trying to hollow out a curved shape would be a nightmare, so starting with a hollow shape would be great.
    Voxel Elements
    So my last suggestion is in regard to Voxel Elements. Novaquark mention in this DevBlog that will have a Library of detail, or complex voxel shapes that players could use in their constructs. They mentioned a spiral staircase as an example. Well, here are a few shapes that I think should be included in that database of Voxel Elements.

    Pictures of suggested Voxel Elements to add to the Voxel Library.


    I know that a voxel point cloud editing system is in development, list on trello Here. That will really open up lots of possibilities for builders. But, in addition to that, having a variety of voxel brush shapes to start with is still needed to give builders alternative options, because sometimes doing things one way just may not work out how you need it to, so having other ways to create shapes is a big help.
    I think that covers the general ideas I had. My overall goal is to see more spaceships and constructs that aren't just limited to boxed shapes, and enable creative builders to really unleash their imagination. An I feel adding additional shapes to the Voxel Brush tool would be a good way to accomplish that goal. Please feel free to give feedback in the comments.

    Thanks for reading, see you in the next thread.
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