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  1. Yes, many of my ships also have internal brakes. I play since a year, but only very recently heard about the brake situation. Was totally shocked. I think, not all players know since long, a good many might get surprised coldly.. I do not have problems to use the changed rules when building new ships, but for the old ships I believe NQ should follow - in this as in many other cases - the psychology of "smooth, slow, gentle changes". There are some more possibilities that would satisfy both sides, but I do not want to talk about those, yet. For now, I truly hope for what I suggested here in this thread.
  2. ? And even better, since PVP players are always so loud saying that they would love the risk, such a self-destruction would also tear into nearby ships, usually PVP criminals. Yes, PVP is risky, as they say - so be it!
  3. THE SUGGESTION Many of us brave, daring ship builders with a face that has the deep marks of the rays of many distant suns carved into, have the wish to be able creating holograms of the own ships designs. May it be for decoration, or to place it on top of a ship blueprint giving dispenser. Here's how it goes: - Each existing standard hologram of any size from the market can be used - to change/individualize the content, place the hologram somewhere on your ship or base and create a link from the core to the hologram, this will create the new content - then do with the individualized hologram what you want to do But while standard holograms can be sold on any market, once they are individualized, any market rejects them. But they can still be sold (if that is the wish of the owner) through dispensers and bartering. It remains always possible, to change the contents again. There would be a setting that restores the original content, and then the hologram could be sold again on any market. ADDITIONAL IDEAS - Hologram, though remaining translucent, could show the real colors of the ship or base - Holograms could be made to allow switching between showing outer hull, atmospheric propulsion systems, space propulsion, rocket propulsion, decorative elements, storages, to make them ideal for the sales of ships or bases as blueprints
  4. I like what I was reading about Athena. Curious about what was not said, ha ha ha! Especially the Space Market(s?) are interesting. Would love to see screenshots! Will they be in Safe Space, too, or only in PVP Space? Also excited about the graphic improvements. Greetings and best wishes to the entire NQ crew!
  5. NOT A GOOD IDEA. PVP lives from the challenge. What you try to do, Shaman, is to cripple one important element of PVP. If there is a spy within your PVP group, it is part of the gameplay, the gam experience. Also, friends cannot copy get and copy your coordinates again, how can they organize to come and help you? Sometimes, more than one pilot might be needed to come, especially during battles. Copying and exchanging coordinates of hotspots and/or friends is mandatory.
  6. Some of my ships have a problem: some scripts don't run on them. In particular, the Damage control script aborts always with the error "CPU Overload Shutdown". I suggest, that a player can request a GM to come and inspect that ship, and assign just enough CPU that the scrip the player ponts to, will function. Of course, the GM also looks what this script does, before making the decision to allocate a bit more CPU to that ship. NQ would have to make some rules and publish them, what kind of scripts would be supported with such a CPU request.
  7. I think, there are two ways of "stacking" we need to talk about: - elements reaching out INTO another element - elements bordering each other (surface touch) I am getting warnings about a number of elements. But when looking at them, in all cases it is just the second case that applies: they do not go into any other element, but they are just direct neighbors. And airbrakes are yet another issue, as it was been possible to place them behind voxels. Here, too, like in the second case, I would suggest to allow that for all ships that existed before these said new rules come into effect. From that moment on, any new ship must comply entirely wit the new rules, but "case 2" ships should have those elements to continue functioning though no new copies of these ships can be made, only repairs by hand or by repair units (that's the only exception blueprints of those ships still function). As for "Case 1", those elements need to be disabled with inception of the new rules, of course. This way, we can keep the pride of ship builders (each of us, actually, likes the ships (s)he developed. We need to prevent that thousands of players are getting frustrated and angry again. And "Case 2" ihas never been any form of wilful or even unknowing cheating. I want to play DU in which a big player community exists, and not a small number of hardcore players - that would be the end of the Dual Universe project. I truly hope, I can reach the ears, eyes, and minds of our great developers. Psychology needs to be applied to how to implement new game rules. Smooth, soft, gentle changes, that is always the best way, even in real life when new rules, like for cars and thir engines, come into effect.
  8. Hi, I got the idea to post this suggestion, when I saw someone's screens at one of the Alioth markets. An obviously very frustrated ship builder (but not me). My advise to the glorious, tough, daring, hardcore programmers of Novaquark is, when the new ship rules go into effect, apply them to any and all NEW ships only. Existing ships, to avod player frustration, should not be affacted by disabled elements -after all, many ships are the pride of their developers. So, make a transition easy. Old ships can be rapaired by the avatar or by a repair unit. But no blueprint of these old ships can create a new ship. So they cannot be multiplied anymore. As a bonus to make teasier to build new ships, create some sort of new element that can be placed only inside new ships, maybe an engine booster module or cargo booster module. This way, over time, old ships might get phased out without thousands of angry players. A rule in gaming is, that any change has to be coming in a gentle way, to avoid frustration of too many players.
  9. This is my suggestion: Selected honeycombs could be transformed into a "group". Such groups can be copied and pasted like regular, ungrouped voxels into any construct. But the difference is, if you have such group of honeycombs inside your ship, and want to cut out a circle just from them and not from any other voxels outside this group even if neighboring directly, this is now possible. Also, by pressing a key, instead of selecting a voxel now the entire group would be selected to which that honeycomb belongs. And if honeycombs need to be removed, it would help a lot if the entire group can be remoed without removing any honeycomb that is not part of that group. Naming of groups is, I think, not necessary, but maybe other players would prefer that. The honeycomb type of the entire group can be changed at once, too - even if some of that roup's voxels are otherwise out of reach for selectng. As a group, all honeycombs are selected. Of course it is still possible to select and alter a single honeycomb inside a group, too. Also hoping, that such a group of honeycombs could be stretched along one or more axes, same with rotating.
  10. Well, my GF and me know, what activities to do best at and after sunset. But those are nated to Dual Universe... ? ?
  11. Yes, I am aware of those concerns NQ had, thus I added a suggestion to prevent air collisions.
  12. Well, let's see. There is no ingame problem that cannot be solved through programming. I am optimistic.
  13. Hi, sometimes, when cutting rounded voxel surfaces, the cutting edges look horrible. It would be nice if there was a way to smoothen the edges. In my case, I cut through a sphere above its equator, that gave me this horribly fuzzy edge. Needed that partial sphere for the front of my ship. Can a new tool do this trick?
  14. What amazing cockpits and buildings and agricultural domes could we build, if only we had sufficient transparent possibilities... Various Glass Panel Suggestions: - additional XS glass panel (for all gaps) - glass panels can merge into each other when overlapping, no blocking, no borders in that case, mass goes by merged volume of the merged total shape - glass panel edges snap to the edge of other glass panels, and can be angled that way (like building a ring) - glass panels can be "tinted", the player sets color and "matte", "glossy", "metallic", "mirror" and transparency level Various Glass Honeycomb Suggestions: - glass honeycombs can be "tinted", the player sets color and "matte", "glossy", "metallic", "mirror", "luminescence " (replaement for luminescent white glass) and transparency level - glass honeycombs can be made "thin" when they are surrounded by other honeycomb types like a frame (even when being a rounded/curved surface, poor Deckard) ? - when placed with no other honeycomb type bordering them, as a safety measure they have ultra high reflection/aura so they can be seen easily from a distance, avoiding air collisions
  15. The revamping of the taxation and mining system saved me from bankruptcy. We can be lucky to have game developers who read our suggestions and casual alerts. My compliments to them. After the taxation system had been revamped, it feels easoer to financially maintain a number of mining tiles. In my case, this is the amount of 11 tiles, of which 4 tiles are claimed just for the benfit of the percentual mining yield bonus. The change in taxation amount was a good decision. My own opinion is, that this does not need any futher change. But I am asking for the opinions of you all players here. Pease add your own feedback. The mining system had been revamped, too. It is not very close to what I self and surely other players suggested. And yet, despite that it is so close to what I self have suggested, I feel that while it allows now to exist, it is feeling in a certain way like a cumbersome job in some ways, or like a permanently recurring duty, to always have to recalibrate, despite that the mining units stay now 3 days on 100%. I do not dare to propose a change to that, as it was me who made all these suggestion. I can now understand so much better, how complex such a game development is - not only to make a game functioning, but also to make sure that he game is fun to play, fun to immerse one self into. If I could make one final suggestion in regards to the mining units, I would now suggest that the loosening of the calibration (once it has reached 100%) does not begin after 3 days, but after - don't get shocked - one month. Or not at all. This would be a change not for the matter of functionality, but for the matter of removing the feeling of strict duty to always having to recalibrate, and to infuse more game fun. That would be the only needed change I can think of. A change only to reduce the "duty" feeling. DU is not a job, it is a game we play to enjoy our time. Here, too, I want to encourage the other players, to add their experiences in regards to the mning units.
  16. If all planets rotate around the central star, at different speeds, and the same with the moons around their plants, that would be sooo nice! Some orbital space stations, if not in an stationary (locked) orbit based on their location, would also have to rotate in orbits around. But maybe here, through the advanced technology of the future, they can still remain "anchored" in stationary orbits, meaning, they would not move. That would be up to the developers. Distances would change dynamically instead of being dead and static..
  17. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your input. The reason for my suggestion is, that sometimes a player might simply not have the honeycomb or element type, especially if it is a very precious honeycomb type or a very precious element. But sometimes, I simply don't like the color that an assembled blueprint would have, and for that reason I would want very much to change the honeycomb before the ship is assembled and changing honeycombs then will be hard or change some areas into a worse shape. Well, and sometimes, if a ship comes with basic engines why not to exchange them with advanced or rare ones? Those are my thoughts, my scenarios. -)
  18. During ground works for our base, we have unearthened a strange artifact of possible alien orign. None of our instruments was able to penetrate this object or to get any data. You can see it first-hand, when you VR to "Tropico". Please see the video coverage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSoo8O2kQdA
  19. A window where the player can see all cores owned by the own avatar or organization. From here, it is possible to change ownership of any construct without need to be where the construct is (and in dependence how many cores can be supported by the receiver). Since Demeter, such a Property Manager would make a lot of sense. ?
  20. Hirnsausen

    Fact Sheet

    A window that has at the top a select box where the avatar or any of the member organizations can be selected. The fact sheet then displays the most important stats, like how many cores can be or are deployed, etc. Talents listed by categories (categories can be selected), all with achieved levels.
  21. Suggestions for more sar systems? Cool ideas wanted!
  22. I suggested that already. here. So, yes, I support your/my suggestion. ?
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