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  1. Heh, i'd be up for zeppelins too. Could be a cheaper alternative to atmospheric thrusters to get something airborne. Then let the bombs drop...
  2. I'll be fostering relationships and making new friends so when some griefer decides its a good idea to blow something of mine up.....
  3. Well hey, there is also costs involved in here. No matter how many upgrades are done, it could be that using stargates when possible is the cheapest method of moving vast distances in a short amount of time. Using the warp engine, while it could get faster in the future, could be really expensive power wise and only get more expensive as you try to push the warp engines to go faster and faster.
  4. Could work, though could just make it normal cargo space too and have sort of slots where the cargo containers go and are stored on a ship.
  5. I'm hoping for them to show some more plans on anything, but if i had to say anything specific i would say information on the mining of resources and buildings would be nice. I'm curious as to what a factory producing everything will look like since that'll facilitate any combat. Can't shoot someone if you don't have the bullets or tanks for it .
  6. Looking forward to this, but I do share other's concern that it might be a waste of resources unless built in an area which makes it invulnerable. If structural Integrity is a thing, then a few well place shots will cause that tower to come crumbling down . Of course if it can be built in a safe area then i'd like to help if i can.
  7. While it shouldn't be overly complex, i hope it can be as complex as this still and set up huge factories like in Factorio. That'll be a blast
  8. Sorry, double posted. please delete this
  9. Well said, though I hope this holds up in any galactic wars that might happen in the game. Wars tend to change people, and usually not in the good way.
  10. Never Know, inner parts of the system might already be taken up forcing people to try mining the Oort cloud for resources. That or the inner parts of the system are depleted of resources.
  11. I wonder if the first Death Star will be made out of dirt
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