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  1. Even a mag lock landing gear that you can stick your ship to another with would be cool. If people are trying to build massive carriers and are worried that their fighters might become pinballs in the worlds most expensive pinball machine, such a thing might help them.
  2. I like the idea of a certain level of randomness to the elements stats, but I think the best way of implementing it would be through researching various stats specifically, for instance, if I research fuel efficiency I can make progressively more fuel efficient engine schematics as I spend time researching it, the same with other stats. Therefore if I spend a great amount of game time researching all the things, I will be able to create an engine schematic that is pretty awesome. The amount of improvement from base to totally sick can easily be tailored by NQ, but effectively, you would have certain schematics that are sought after for different applications, and the system could be designed where you can only change three of five stats from whatever the default base stats are (just spitballing on the number of stats here). This would allow a player who's dedicated their game time to being an engine manufacturer a viable source of steady customers, as well as recognition as a good engine supplier, much like GE or Rocketdyne in today's world.
  3. discordauth:IuXNmABvEpMqVGLfms4iZhuWnXoTwnApjiKOTdyVsCw=

  4. Is Novaquark open to suggestions for the names that are not yet finalized?
  5. I posted something without realizing that it was already covered by the NQ backstory
  6. I've been playing Vendetta Online for about 2 years now, it's a tiny indie game that's been online since 2002 and has the best twitch combat for spaceships in any game I've ever played. It's available on every conceivable platform but IOS and has full VR support.
  7. Someone needs to make a track with a huge version of one of those mini-golf windmills that you have to get through. Think Speed Racer and pod racing with perhaps a slice of rallycross. I'd like to see jokers too, like they have in rallycross.
  8. I like the "IKEA" idea, however I think you will have to have access to the right kind of machinery to make larger ships. One could conceivably offer this as a service on a market hub, for a fee of course, but that might be problematic when it comes to pirates and other unsavory types hoping to jump you and take your stuff after scouting who's building what in the public shipyard thing.
  9. I think this idea is great except for one thing, we already know all that stuff. Everybody just got off a spaceship that spent 10,000 years getting there. If we have the tech to navigate properly and accurately for 10,000 years, not to mention have all the machinery on the vessel function for that long, then I think we have advanced enough tech to know what's in that rock. In fact, you can right now buy an X-ray spectrometer that will tell you what elements are in whatever you point it at down to something like 5 parts per million, and it is a little bigger than a hair dryer. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, however I think the research thing needs to be applied to the skills and element improvement rather than materials and resource gathering.
  10. Any space elevator needs to be on the equator to work. My if you're using a magnetic propulsion system you could launch from anywhere, if you don't mind a weird orbit. However, if you do have a space elevator you get fee trips to Mars and Venus.
  11. As someone who has a lot of experience in rl animal husbandry I can say that it is not hard to raise livestock if you know what you're doing. I would suggest a system where you could leave the animals out to forage in the surrounding area. If you want them to breed you might have to feed them something rare that might cost a bit, but to just raise them it should be fairly simple.
  12. I think that the name of a planet should be a randomly generated alphanumeric (HS4-RD) that is only changeable once. The first person/organization to get say ten claim units and hold 80% of the claim units (whichever comes last) should get the right to name the planet, and a mod or Dec can review the name and approve it. There won't be that many new planets being discovered.
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