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  1. To have a functioning economy, DU will need to have faucets and sinks. I am personally of the opinion that NPC buy orders for ore are probably the worst faucet, and that market fees paid to the arkship during market transactions are probably the best sink. The reason I dislike ore buy orders so much is that ore is inherently valuable by itself, regardless of the value of quanta. In fact, with some time and effort, that ore can be increased in value by orders of magnitude. I would rather see a faucet that requires high end manufacturing and effective resource management. One idea I liked was for territory claim units to generate a small amount of quanta per hour, like maybe one or two. This would give concrete benefits to claiming land, and also make for an easy way for NQ to regulate the economy. Since anyone can acquire and place a TU, it democratizes the faucet somewhat, while still rewarding those that do the work necessary to turn ore into TUs. In the end, the economy is still built on the harvesting and transport of ore, however, it allows manufacturing to be more than just a necessary parasite to making money, rather than the vehicle by which ore is turned into money. As far as having a finite amount of money in the game, that would rapidly evolve into a barter economy using various ores as commodity trade items, and clogging up everyone's inventories with random crap.
  2. One thing I would like to see is an ingame design space that lets you make a blueprint without building in actuality. This could bu used during long travel times where you would otherwise not be able to build, or to be able to plan a build with all the trial and error involved without wasting resources on stuff you ultimately end up not using. This would be a build space entirely ingame and require you to be logged on to use, perhaps even a special element that can simulate the build space in VR or whatever technomumble you want to use to explain it. This would also respect any skills you have ingame, dis-allowing you from making BPs you don't have the skills to deploy.
  3. Another factor is that newbros in DU can be more effective than newbros in Eve, since I don't think there's a limit on what you can fly in DU. Also I believe that weapons will require crew, at least on alarger vessel, and manning a gun on a battleship or flying a small fighter or gunship from a carrier to target specific weapons systems on an enemy battleship or dreadnought would be a great and helpful activity for newbros joining an established group once the game is in full swing.
  4. I think it would be great to have pharmaceuticals/stims in the game. I'm not sure how you would make it illegal, since there won't be NPCs, and having debuffs to other skills aside from what you're buffing won't really make most orgs outlaw them. I think the way to make them worth fighting over is to put them behind a large skill requirement and make them use very small quantities of a lot of rare resources, as well as potentially requiring the cultivation of exotic plants or animals that could be found about the verse. Perhaps adding a way to water down the pure stuff for more, weaker stuff would add to the possibilities. This would make the first people to get the skill requirements and materials necessary quite wealthy, but also paint a pretty big target on their bases. Perhaps make a requirement for some plants needed for different stims to be grown only on their native planets, and require multiple such plants from different planets to make any particular stim. This would require either specialization in farming a certain plant on a particular planet, or having a base on each planet to grow stuff. Either way it becomes logistically complicated and prone to pirate raids or competing organizations blockading your base, thus creating a reason to smuggle the cargo out.
  5. Even a mag lock landing gear that you can stick your ship to another with would be cool. If people are trying to build massive carriers and are worried that their fighters might become pinballs in the worlds most expensive pinball machine, such a thing might help them.
  6. I like the idea of a certain level of randomness to the elements stats, but I think the best way of implementing it would be through researching various stats specifically, for instance, if I research fuel efficiency I can make progressively more fuel efficient engine schematics as I spend time researching it, the same with other stats. Therefore if I spend a great amount of game time researching all the things, I will be able to create an engine schematic that is pretty awesome. The amount of improvement from base to totally sick can easily be tailored by NQ, but effectively, you would have certain schematics that are sought after for different applications, and the system could be designed where you can only change three of five stats from whatever the default base stats are (just spitballing on the number of stats here). This would allow a player who's dedicated their game time to being an engine manufacturer a viable source of steady customers, as well as recognition as a good engine supplier, much like GE or Rocketdyne in today's world.
  7. discordauth:IuXNmABvEpMqVGLfms4iZhuWnXoTwnApjiKOTdyVsCw=

  8. Is Novaquark open to suggestions for the names that are not yet finalized?
  9. I posted something without realizing that it was already covered by the NQ backstory
  10. I've been playing Vendetta Online for about 2 years now, it's a tiny indie game that's been online since 2002 and has the best twitch combat for spaceships in any game I've ever played. It's available on every conceivable platform but IOS and has full VR support.
  11. Someone needs to make a track with a huge version of one of those mini-golf windmills that you have to get through. Think Speed Racer and pod racing with perhaps a slice of rallycross. I'd like to see jokers too, like they have in rallycross.
  12. I like the "IKEA" idea, however I think you will have to have access to the right kind of machinery to make larger ships. One could conceivably offer this as a service on a market hub, for a fee of course, but that might be problematic when it comes to pirates and other unsavory types hoping to jump you and take your stuff after scouting who's building what in the public shipyard thing.
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