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  1. ​You Asked For It, Spam Actions Taken Place...



    It's time to take some nessessary actions to further prohibit spam in the community. As we have stated before we appoligize for the spam and now communication is continuing about the spam. The user Sakej99 is now being demoted until he has learned how to behave appropriatley. As I am still suprised about the community and how involved it is getting into this, I am also honestly over it. Is the community too? And those who state Solar Secure has lost its reputation, before you say that, also consider that we are the fastest growing new organization. Go to organizations and set the filter to most recent first. As you find Solar Secure you will notice it is the only organization that has 16 members and is new. I am proud of our organization and am excited to see it continue to grow. It may seem that I am annoyed by the community, but I do understand that it wasn't nessessary to post that forum and I will take full responsibility. Lets end this once and for all. May we?


    Thanks, CEO - mmtheboss - Solar Secure -


    (Banner Coming Soon)



    why are you demoting sakej99 when you were the one who spammed us directly, you were the one who spammed the discords and you were the one who instead of apologizing for spamming decided to shame the community for reacting badly to what would obviously get a bad reaction (or are you the one person on the internet that didn't know people find spam annoying?) 



    You're 'taking action' is simply scapegoating another member for your actions. 

  2. How do you define right and wrong when there is no law and no rules?


    It´s interesting that only a few people understood the poll. I don´t want you to follow a community created law I just wanted to point out a difference between outlaws and "good" players.



    right and wrong isn't some black and white concept that all will follow its ambiguous and will be different for different people or groups. We fully understand the poll but we just don't like the idea.  We don't want is someone stepping in and deciding for all of us what those standards and rules should be, if that was something people universally wanted, every country in the world would have the same laws, and there would only be 1 or 0 religions and everyone would follow that. 

  3. isn't combat a feature.. and one of the things we're meant to test in the alpha? 


    shouldn't we be testing all aspects of game play looking for ways to potentially exploit game mechanics in undesired ways so they can be fixed? 

    if NQ doesnt want us testing those features, fine, but I will not be agreeing to limit my game play and testing based on the moods and desires of self imposed community leaders. 

  4. It is interesting they'd be willing to donate money to fund the game, but aren't interested in actually participating in the community or talking about the game. Maybe they just read the forums, or maybe they fund lots of titles and only participate in the communities of the ones that work out.


    A lot of people just don't care about the bickering over minutia which is largely what this and pretty much every other forum consists of. 


    I fund/play a lot of games, i almost never join the communities because i find the constant arguing and posturing intolerable. This game was one of the rare few i cared enough about to put up with the community for

  5. I hope so too, but they may implement it by using boosters instead of dampeners. Just like in real life, reverse thrust stops forward motion, and as for as in-atmosphere, you should be able to stop/hover by having vertical boolsters.


    that's how it works in space engineers, they just do it automatically when dampers are enabled and they do not when they're disabled.. in SE they're not true dampeners in the sense most would think (you still go flying backwards if you jump while ship is moving forwards) 

  6. I'm in a toss up between deciding to focus on being a builder, or going all combat. But I guess I can always do both when the game comes out. :D


    Don't need to choose even the mostly combat oriented groups will have to do some building. and vice versa. Just find a group you think you'll get along with and most will have ample opportunity for both 

  7. --Going out of bounds will result in immediate disqualification. 


    I would suggest changing this to when you go out of bounds you must re-enter the track from the point you went out of bounds, which automatically penalizes you for going out because it costs you time to get turned around and back on track. This is a very common rule in most types of auto racing, I've never been in a class or event that would immediately DQ you for a single mishap.  even at the pro level off tracks happen and usually result in just at time penalty or warning. 

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