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Old minecrafter

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Hi, everyone.


Long story short, after literaly years of Minecraft and thousands of hours, I get little bored and was wandering to find some new amusement. So I stambled upon DU. Game conquered me by its potential.


As my little boring bio suggest, I mostly interested in design. Ships. Buildings.  It was temptation to make some mock company with fancy name and me as fist and only employee, talk about lot of fantastic things, but... meh. I will probably just work freelance and solo. 


And I made little showcase project. This is light aerospace fighter, sketchy 3-day work.











Made with Blockscape. Game itself is complete crap, but works (and looks) good as voxel constructor. Bad side - process is mostly hand work "sculpting" (little or non instuments), very time consuming. And UI irritating as hell. 


Generaly, I plan use this thread as some sort of portfolio, form client base, so to say. 






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Welcome! im a big minecraft fan also, and was gonna say for a sec there, this doesn't look like it was made in minecraft lol. Have you heard or tried space engineers? I would check it out.  It has the same system of being able to play in survival or creative. 

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