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upgrade engine option


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hello, I think it would be a very good option if you could upgrade an engine by right-clicking on it like replacing a broken engine.

for example I have a basic engine on my ship, and I want to replace it with an advanced engine.

I put the advanced engine in my linked container and then when I right click on the basic engine, it offers to replace it with my advanced engine which is in my inventory.

without cutting the links to the tanks :)

that would be really great as an option, wouldn't it?

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I can imagine following upgrade variants:
- right-click to change basic to unusual, unusual to advanced, etc.
- right-click to upgrade a normal basic to enhanced basic (flight hours give continuously upgrade points that can be spent on engines, wings, etc.), to enhanced unusual, etc.
- adding an extension into an engine slot to improve some engine stats

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a good ship builder should design the original ship in away that an engine change is simple and easy to do.. if you bought a ship, where that is not easily possible, just feed that comment back to the builder and ask the question the next time before you buy a ship... than the builders will adapt and try to make it possible as it becomes important for selling their ships. On most ships i sell, i pay attention to allowing easy engines swaps. but do we need a mechanic for that.. not really.. just some more buyer awareness


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yes, it is necessary, when you start the game, usually you create your ship or your industry with basic elements.

It would be so easy to click and choose an options to replace an elements with one of its superior version... but no, you have to empty it, remove it and then put the upgrade back in the same place, refill it and reconfigure it... just really laborious for nothing.

in many others games...  right click "upgrade" and it's over (in our case it's obviously in condition of having already created the better version and that one be available in inventory or container).

it should already be in game ^^

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