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DEVBLOG: NEW FTUE IN ATHENA - discussion thread


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1 hour ago, blundertwink said:

I still think they underestimate the impact outposts will have on performance -- 20,000 new players is 20,000 new and permanent bases. 


Have they really and truly tested how things will scale on release should they attract tens of thousands of players...?


I see it more like that if NQ/DU can't deal with this, then the game is so fundamentally flawed that it is better to know now so that we don't have to waste any more time on the game.

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So when I started this game with the original FTUE I almost quite. I stuck with the game because I had a friend in the game who had play longer and was able to help. The new FTUE is a major improvement and has come a long way. Few things I would add for a better FTUE. 

1. When you get the screen to pick your Haven tile. It would be nice to have the ability to search for another players tile. It would allow people to work together and help each other out. Plus it might make Haven tiles more appealing and not just a place for players to start then never come back to. 

2. If I missed this one disregard. In the old FTUE it explained the Talent system and how you should start training talents. In the new FTUE I didn't see anything on this. Granted I knew to start my training que as I've played the game since open beta. 

3. I was hoping for updated Achievements. When I looked on the PTS is still had all the Achievement dealing with the old Mining mechanics. Hopefully this game doesn't release with these old Achievements. 

4. Finally I know others have mention this but when it comes to Schematics there shouldn't be T1 schematics. Even with maxed out Industrial talents T1 items sell below ore cost. I understand and agree with schematics with T2 and above, but I if I can build it in my nano pack I should be able to set up Indy for it. 


I will try the PTS on April 14th. 


Thank You 

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Also wanted to note that, while not directly related to FTUE, I love the change to ore location after calibration (directly under MU - although check the outposts as it can be difficult to get under sometimes), I love the new textures, and that the surface rocks only "glow" when you have the tool enabled.

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