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Community Proposed Core Limit


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This topic is too suggest core limit neatly so NQ can make adjustments.


Core Limit Proposal: 


Core Limit Proposal: 100 
Reason: shall be slightly increased due to demand

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Personal can stay the same, dont like extra personal slots because i like to choose where my slot can go now and in the future. If it be a personal org or 4 different group build projects.


Personal cores - Same


Org Slots after talents - 100

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Charakter-Slots: 2 (unskilled)
Charackter-Core-Limit: 275 (full-skill)
Expandable: +10 Core-slots a 5,-€ ingameshop
maximum: 1.000 slots

Org-Slots:  0 (unskilled)
Org-slots: 1575 (full-skilled)
each Member +75 max


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