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4 things to REMOVE in this game


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1 hour ago, FrigoPorco said:

1. schematics

2. hope of the 'safe zone' being removed

3. slow travel only options

4. 'leave it up to the players' game making theory 

schematics definitely were implemented poorley, but that doesn't mean they weren't needed. I still think that people need a way to compete with mega corporations making absolutely everything.


I do agree that we need less slow travel. The speed limit should be much slower, (like 5k-10k or something) to make pvp more balanced, but then add something like a pulse drive from NMS which takes a few seconds to warm up but can make you accelerate to super duper fast speeds but can be intercepted.


The whole 'leave it up to the players' thing should stay. I think what shouldn't stay (and has probably been thrown out after JC left), is the mindset that players have the tools (and content) to do so already .

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1 schematics that can only be bought, is research or any other means of getting them is added it is an improvement

2 needless limitations, so in short: all

3 unrealistic impact damage on both sides, if i want to crash into someones build it should be damaged

4 Cores, cores is so empyrion and so limiting. Better to go with the Space engineer approach that is totally coreless building and with that kills the limitations on build size

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Oh, another one of the presidents rants? How quaint! While I think you're being pedantic I shall indulge in your trife discussion.

1. That'd wretched Link Container function, why must I always press CTRL+I each time to link to a container properly? Also, why must I change my linked container option in the trade window? *sighs* just let me be able to use BOTH containers? 

2. People that complain about schematics. it only takes 100 meganodes to pay for warp beacon schematics/production, with 8ish hours to mine each- that's nothing! I blame the president of Alioth for not forcing Aphelia to sell it at cheaper prices- he is in cahoots with that evil AI.

3. The docking system (and ship physics)- seams like every update I'm sent on a magical journey to find out how they changed their inertial matrix calculations and docked constructs.

4. Alioth. It's no longer needed(along with any presidential candidate that may be in power) due to all the ore being mined for said warp beacon schematics- see above.

That just about covers it, really though all of our issues can be traced back to Alioth. Without it the servers would run so much better!

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The game needs :

1) Rules that will not change  back and forth ... (org changes and pvp changes will wipe up planet side industries and maybe players and mega corps) Settlement first <-

2) Implement the game and finalize even with bugs  so we know what is the cost of stuff... (missions introduction boomed prices changing the whole market )

3) Keep updating the game and fixing bugs without changing basic aspects of the game after you finalize the basic rules of the game .(Final Release ?)

We know it is still a beta game that is why we are here to help and support the game.

All of the above and all that you proposed i am in but please dont change it back and forth... Do it and be determined about it. FINAL RELEASE the game ( i think we are getting close)



Habitants Organization

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