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Quality of Life and beyond


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In this post I'm going to list (in some detail) what I think should be top priority for an update that focuses on a few pillars: intuitiveness and documentation. In these two pillars, this game can make a lot more sense to newer players (thus keeping more on board), while also helping the pre-existing community from becoming discouraged.

Other things you must assume, as is for most games. This game should not require 3rd party tools to play, as MOST players do not use any outside tools to play games. Even if this changes in the future, it is still a good idea to take things from the ground up, assuming they do not understand how to play this game.

Starting with actual Quality of Life features:

Complete overhaul of Maneuver tool to indicate with proper HUD
a. Create durability for the Maneuver tool. This durability amount directly correlates with the amount of meters a player can move ANY (dynamic) construct. This is not tied to the construct, but the item itself.

b. Increase range capacity from 50, to 150 meters. This is because of making it a unified meter for all ships, while also adding a bit of QoL by allowing players to move their constructs a bit further.

c. This durability would recharge at 2m/s* while the durability is not gone, while if it is gone, it recharges at 5m/s*. While the bar is recharging from empty, the tool is not usable until durability is FULL.
*Since we're measuring the durability in meters allowed to move distance, using m/s indicates the rate of which durability is recharging per second

d. Add a status bar tied to the durability, of which would function similarly to most durability bars (see Minecraft). This would be a visual indicator on the tool itself, like the image given below, which allows the player to understand how these mechanics work in an intuitive way.


Allow cores to be swapped out for larger ones
Similar to how Mindustry does cores (see gif), allow players to replace the current core on a ship with a larger one (not vice versa). If there is ANY other element in the way of the core, then it would collide, and not be allowed. In addition, the core must entirely envelop the previous core in order to replace it (like Mindustry). Lastly, the previous core is destroyed upon replacement, and all data tied to the previous core is transferred into the new one. 


Better Item/element descriptions

a. This one is purely documentation, but a static table with groups you can choose from a dropdown menu next to it would be much more intuitive and better working than a scroll bar. Examples of groups of these would be "resistances", "basic info" (HP, tier, mass, unit volume), "unit specific info" (fuel consumption, thrust output, just related info for that specific part). I'm sure a dev team could make better groups than I can, but that is the idea.



b. Review EACH and EVERY item description, and make sure that it is neither generic, nor is completely forgotten about. For example, there are a LOT of items that just don't have descriptions, or have copy pasted descriptions that don't really tell the player much.

This is not a chair? At least it doesn't have a lot of generic text...                       So a bunch of generic text, with a generic description afterward. What does this element do again?

image.png.fd370d9c5aaeab22e7af40697eeac091.png                   image.png.621b4f589d7d277a1969f666a031daa5.png

For a lot of functional elements, the game nails the proper description. However, I don't see a reason to have a copy pasted description on EACH tier of EACH engine, because if a player is buying a higher tier engine (than basic), it's quite clear they understand how engines work, because they've played the game enough. In addition, reminding a player each time they look at a decorative element "they do nothing but make your construct look cool, but they do add mass", instead say "this is a decorative element", or something similar, of which shortens descriptions, and makes them more rich in content. In addition, less need for that annoying scroll bar...


Increase documentation in, and OUTSIDE the game


a. The codex's information, while sorta useful early game, is extremely outdated. There hasn't been a single time in my entire DU playthrough where I've looked in the codex, and genuinely found something that is new, and USEFUL. The sort of things needed to be documented inside the codex are things such as tutorials, how an element works, such as how to use Anti-grav, or warp drives!

Uhh... so how does one use this? How do I control the AG unit?





b. Increase external documentation on the DU wiki. Even if it's community run and made, encouraging, and/or working on the wiki is a MUST. Perhaps encourage users in some way to update the forum. Anything to get proper documentation. In addition, tying in the wiki with the codex (as in, it's edited on the wiki, then the codex syncs to it) would be very beneficial by having both be updated *dynamically*, cutting the work in half.

To be the face of knowledge for this game, it seems quite old. As the background suggests, this seems sunsetted.


Developers dedicated to fixing smaller issues


This isn't really a list, but as a lot of games have, having DEDICATED developers that play the game and from there fix these minor issues and gameplay elements is a good idea.

This would be beneficial because you'd only need 1-3 devs total to work on something like this, and they'd be able to do things such as these QoL changes in game, and fixing these minor bugs or inconveniences. In addition, having devs that do this will also increase involvement with the community. This is because these minor changes makes a big difference when playing the game for a long time. In addition, being able to fix minor issues on-the-go means that they won't build up, and instead will be maintained much more efficiency, due to being at a ground level.



I hope you guys enjoyed my post, I plan to update it with more ideas in the future as time goes by.

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6 hours ago, Mjrlun said:




lol this page is actually quite new, I edited it a few months ago? . But yeah, basically everything else on that website is completely outdated. Every page was made before beta release, and lots of stuff is speculation or unconfirmed, even on released features.

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I uderstand the desire for but honestly don't see the benefit of NQ wasting time on documentation that is likely to change again... Imagine if they had documented production, only to have to wipe it all in the face of 0.24.

They can barely get out a patch as it is. it is obvious that they are struggling ENORMOUSLY to release anything at all, let alone on time.
Now add to this, customer facing documentation and we'd be lucky to receive anything at all.


With regard to your manoeuvre tool suggestion;

It is clear that NQ are far more interested in wiping out edge case misuse by the 0.1% that abused them than delivering solid, useful tools to the 99.9% that actually need them.


The tool was originally unlimited and you could theoretically drag your ship several km with enough patience.

Apparently some ingenious folks were flying a tiny ship up into space while dragging their 100kT L container battery up with the manoeuvre tool, bypassing gravity and fuel expense....   Thus NQ created these onerous and thoughtless restrictions that made life for the other 99% worse than it had been.

Same with the preventing building > 100m  because some people were building spires or  removing HTML and CSS from screens because some are making stupid adverts... Or curating the image library that can take over a week to get your images accepted... because someone somewhere might upload a dick pic....   when they could have just used a "report this" right click menu like the rest of the world.


Then there's the weird half-assed PVP "balancing" like core / weapon restrictions because of tiny deathcubes


and removing chunks of genre beating originality and power from LUA functionality, like nerfing radars.... because someone somewhere was automating things a bit too much...

Then secretly turning advanced mining efficiency from +25% yield to nothing yet keeping the 2,000,000 skill points that some people had actually paid real cash subs for to earn... to help slow down mining...


And suggesting the nerf of linked containers to 100m to help slow down mining...


All of these things were kneejerk reactions to the 0.1% who found loopholes or outright bugs to exploit... But NQ's response was to hammer the feature into the ground at the expense of their more mainstream players, often without even thinking things through enough, first.


And let's never forget their crème de la crème of an indescribable implementation of schematics to help slow down industry....

before adding a freshly squeezed turd to the punch when they allowed a bunch of insiders to purchase enormous quantities at a 99% reduction... WITH ZERO REACTION AT ALL....


There have been literally thousands of useful ideas posted here but almost zero chance of them being implemented since NQ were already nearly 18 months behind their roadmap schedule just two years after they posted their roadmap...


I just don't see the point of posting suggestions or ideas or "how abouts.." anymore... pretty much everything that can be, has been said. there is nothing new to add that NQ havent had the opportunity to see before. and all you'll get is a "some good ideas in there..." from a community figure and that will be the last you'll hear of it.


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Sadly you have to deal with the 0.1% because they soon become the 99%. Just the way the universe works. Of course you can go the other route and just ban people for exploiting but that has its own pitfalls.

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