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Planet Resource Deserts Are Not A Good Experience

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2 hours ago, Emptiness said:

That's not the reason for t1 ore prices going crazy.

The topic below covers the real reason.


Actully i already covered that in the second half of the paragraph you quoted. I.E mega nodes are drying up on alieoth. So mass production is becoming less viable as it takes longer to mine regular ore deposits or to truck it in off planet. I.E the easy bulk supply is drying up.


Its supply and demand 101. Supply is getting more expensive to produce and demand is going up as more and more people figure out how to abuse the bots. Ore prices are spikeing while profit is going down. That doesnt mean we have used up all the ore on the planet though or have even gotten to a dangerious level. Just that easy supplies are gone.


Edit for spelling after coffee kicked in

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