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Refinery Byproduct Vents!

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Hello there~!


So I am quite new and have just finished making a tier 1 ore refinery, and it works great! The only thing that irks me is the obscene amount of byproducts (pure oxygen and hydrogen) produced by the refinery. It would be nice if there was an option in the refinery to either store them as is in the output container, vent them to atmosphere, or store them in a second container. Even another element that would automagically separate the ore from the byproducts would be awesome! Any thoughts?

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A simple toggle on the refiner of "Vent byproducts" would suffice. No need to fuss or muss with any other logical system or controls. Toggle it on keep O/H, toggle it off to vent (on by default).


Kind of like the toggle button for keeping the basic dirt/soil you mine up. It simply is, that simple ;) 

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