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  1. Yes this is ridiculous. Choose material -> choose pattern -> choose color. Why does everything in DU have to be purposefully unintuitive?
  2. I don't like the idea of a base needing a watch stander 24/7. It creates a situation where someone, or a group of players, can't do anything in the game except to keep watch for attackers. The way Eve Online got away with this was reinforcement timers. The attacking force would attack the shields of a large structure, and then it would become invulnerable for a set time. This allowed players who may be in another timezone to mount a reasonable defense. It worked for that game and it may be worth thinking about!
  3. Bump. I'd like to define where the lower most building limit is, rather than having it at half way from the bottom of the core!
  4. Bump. I guess since players aren't allowed to lay out a runway, Novaquark will have to do this. I wish the starter area would get more fleshed out!
  5. Heavy bump! Shipping vessels would be awesome!
  6. Eh...mining is already tedious enough imo.
  7. Bump, wish they would reverse this.
  8. Bump for flight controller support!
  9. Hello there~! So I am quite new and have just finished making a tier 1 ore refinery, and it works great! The only thing that irks me is the obscene amount of byproducts (pure oxygen and hydrogen) produced by the refinery. It would be nice if there was an option in the refinery to either store them as is in the output container, vent them to atmosphere, or store them in a second container. Even another element that would automagically separate the ore from the byproducts would be awesome! Any thoughts?
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