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  1. I guess the following cite of the devblog is the key reason for getting those schematics into the game: "Mass production is a key element here. If you need just one or two items it should not make sense to build a factory to produce such small quantities. You should instead go on the markets and buy it from a specialized producer. This is the basis on which we can hope to see a healthy economy strive in the game." The current state of product prices on markets is that prices are very low. If u r a player who needs some products for himself only, as described in the cite above, then you have no reason to produce it urself because with ur skills u cant produce anything and beat the market prices. You will have more products/money if u just farm some ore, sell it and buy the products. Therefore the schematics have no sense in that way. The only thing it will do is lifting the prices a bit for a short period of time until all valuable producers bought those schematics. After that point it will be like now (without schematics). Also there will be players which will buy schematics and produce the stuff needed by themselfs anyways. The same thing is happening right now without schematics. Players are producing stuff instead of buying it even if buying it would be much cheaper. And thats the case in the current state. The products on market are much cheaper as a (non-factory-skilled) player could produce it. But they produce instead of buying it. This is not logically but it is what players do... and no schematic will change it. I suppose: Forget schematics!
  2. you could just use transfer units to get it into another container
  3. I guess the reason for that performance issues are the hundred little ships which are parking all around the landing pad for days just to have a vehicle if the player arrives one day... If you ask me then there should be restrictions for those little vessels.
  4. No, I mean to update other people constructs. I think thats not OP. Its the intended gameplay as you can see how it works on fuel tanks, engines and so on. The difference is that a big factory has thousands of links which could reach from one outer corner to another. To re-setup a single part of such a factory is at least very chaotic to almost impossible. Therefore the above described gameplay (sell skill updates or as you told help your org mates with it) is not playable as it is for now... thats the reason for my suggestion.
  5. Hello, my following suggestions are related to skills with the "...when put down ..." note. I'm referring me to factory related skills but it could be useful for every skill with that note. One could decide to learn factory related skills as much as one can and then offer to sell the skill advantages for factory machines to other players by just putting down his machines. In a big factory with hundreds of linked devices this could be frustrating because that player would have to build the whole factory again just to set up those skill advantages to the machines. My suggestion is to get a menu entry by right clicking a device to set those advantages without to have to put down that machine again. Maybe there could be a cooldown timer for that action to get a delay between those skill advantage transfers but I think those menu entry is needed to get those gameplay working... What do you guys think about?
  6. as mentioned already, no need to improve the detector. with the right technique you are able to find the ore pretty fast...
  7. Hey, one of my other favorite games Arma established a scripting section in its forums. Such section in DU forums would be very helpful for LUA beginners and advanced scripters to get support with scripting by other players and to discuss different solutions. I would very much like a exclusive place to ask and answer scripting question. regards...
  8. https://www.dualuniverse.game/legal/eula Nur damit Ihr wisst wofür Ihr bezahlt habt... Ansonsten einfach Tutorial abbrechen, ohne geht es auch. Ihr solltet nur in den Räumen des Tuts alle Knöpfe mal drücken um die Startausrüstung zu erhalten.
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