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New World lol...

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Sounds to me like they will follow the well worn trail: go to release as PvE (and continue working on PvP) wait until that peaks, then introduce PvP servers as mid-life kicker until that fades. In the end, all is well if the players have fun and the company returns a profit to its investors.
Its important for games to die in order to make room for new games. Kind of the circle-of-life.

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RDR2 and WoW for example has the mechanic, that if you dont want to PVP just set yourself to PVE only.
You cannot be attacked until you attack anyone else.
Its a Gamemechanic that worked already for a very long time and all players are cool with it.
DU will do it another way, that you have sanctuary zones where no PVP will be possible.
Thats fine too...
For this Amazon "We try to make games, cause we got the money to do it"
I really hope this game fails hard. I dont like Amazon and theyr monopol status.
They started with an internet bookstore, fine i dont read books anyways.
Then they became the biggest internet store and push the prizes down so that even local stores had to close.
Half of the retails in my city had to close because of the low internet prizes Amazon worked for.
Then they made theyr own Movie streaming platform and became there one of the biggest players.
And now they want to take over the media i love over centuries?
I dont blame Amazon for throwing away new products just because the storage is too expensive. Sadly were living in a throw away mentalyty here in the western cultures.

I dont blame them to only follow the rules of the markets.
But Amazon for me is the devil in person, with that might and money they own the world.

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The way DU's safezones and Sanctuary moon system has been explained so far, it sounds like non-PVP'ers will have "safety" in less than 10% of the game world (if that much). So they can "play" in complete safety, but in a shoe-box...


I'm not sure how appealing that will be.

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