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  1. In most instances the most rare and advanced resources are locked behind a firewall of difficulty and risk. So no.. no plasma until you join that Alliance/Org or you take it for yourself.
  2. Ah yes Aaron Cain, I feel like if they hosted a round table on Chess, the Hop scotch players probably shouldn't be involved much. The PVP round table was put together for the pvpers, and it literally existed for those pvpers to give feedback. Which they did. And the best part is, all of the PVPERs wanted balance in pvp not 'destroy the pacifists'. We understand that over-fishing hurts the fish numbers... we don't want that. And the PVPERs... organized it. You can organize your own round table.
  3. Hi i can speak to some of this. We selected 10 of the most influential PVP orgs, and each other sent a representative to the round table. Members of Novaquark, on their day off came in to hear our feedback, speculation, and direction on pvp. Our suggestions for balancing, things that we just dont use, problems that have arisen and so on. If you don't know who these groups are, thats totally alright but its also likely you are not in the front and Center of the pvp community, nor had your fingers to its pulse. I assure you as well, NQ is not going to do anything to gimp the pacifists. It is suboptimal to grant everything to the pvp community, which may remove our favorite prey for the game. So for us we need targets, for that to occur it must be a fruitful environment for them to thrive. So, we are all on the same page. But much as pvpers cant stand the monumentous safe zones, you will not always enjoy all the aspects of the game either. NQ and the PVPERS agreed on one thing whole heartedly, we want balance.
  4. https://www.du-killboard.com This uses the honor system, if you are making KILLS and want your org listed message me.
  5. Shield leakage would be a good idea, despite shields as they get low more and more damage may flow through
  6. I dont agree with speed change and schematics, these big ships shouldnt shouldnt perform at the same level. But truthfully there is only one truely likely viable meta and that has to be changed.
  7. I actually like that IDEA, I worry though that by trying to convo a member of NQ they would just be more inclined to ignore me XD! I would honestly only like to invite people that broadly represent the Community, not just my friends and buddies that can just echo chamber our same and like minds. That doesnt benefit anyone but us. But I really like the idea of being alittle in your face. I just would have for it to backfire XD
  8. So its launch, some of us have played since beta, since even Alpha and the Meta has changed extensively over time. However as the meta changes sometimes it gets better and it gets worse. So far the changes has gotten better and better but there are some glaring issues right now that kinda ruin any kind of variety. 1. Cannons are just beyond the best, there is almost no reason to use any other weapon in the game. We have tried Railguns, Lasers are meh and missiles have no point. With no ability to truely hold a ship in place, cannon boats can just orbit a target (with alittle help from a script :p) and kill you. 2. Cross Section tanking is not broken, but needs a counter. There is nothing currently that allows you to truly cross section tank, like just doesn't exist. Stasis is supposed to be the counter, but by stopping 'max speed' vs 'overall speed', you can just fly away. It doesn't effect the sig ships as much as it should. Its a good start, but it really needs to effect overall speed, not the max. 3. How to fix? - The Rock paper scissors concept, which like Eve, is awesome, but only if a counter can actually be utilized and presently it cant. Cannons and Cross section are basically the only viable pvp option, which is painful. There should be variation, Cannons don't need a nerf persay, but some way to level the playing field. a. Change stasis to impact either just overall movement, it can apply more and more overtime, and it needs longer range. 25km in a game where we can fight at almost 400km is absurd. So increase range, and allow the stasis to impact overall speed. b. Add a Target Painter, taken right from eve its an element that would not use ammo, would have a cycle time and a cooldown. This element, limit 1 per ship, would inflate the cross section of a ship a percentage. Nothing crazy but enough to give a ship a chance to rock paper scissor... anyone can use this, even cannon boats obviously, but it would go on a seat just like stasis. Range should be limiting factor, so the farther from the ship the less it inflates the crossection as the painter 'fades' strength. This prevents it from being overpowered, but allows it to give other weapon systems a change. Just some ideas, that NQ isn't going to read XD. Cause even if they did we would never know. <-- now slogan until one of you do read me dangit.
  9. I have no other means of communicating to them, and the more fanfare this gets the more likely they are to read.
  10. Well they dont seem to be. So this is a way to make sure they hear us.
  11. It doesnt need to be for secret things... Literally NQ can talk to a group of people and see how many issues we find with the game, and then give reasons back and forth over why somethings are clearly borked or help us better understand their methodology. Frequently that sort of communication absolutely can resolve an issue, and puts things in better perspective. Like the calibrations are obliterating the market... they think its a benefit at some cost in the long run. This is such evidence of how out of touch they are with the actual current status of things. OR they can show us some sort of math that makes it more clear, and then we could accept that.
  12. Yeah dude in videogames having representation makes absolutely no sense, you are right. In every other facet of life we go so far as fight wars for representation. But i mean maybe those duders are right. I'll just keep reading them talk sh*t about the game and down NQ while offering no other solutions. But you right.
  13. No im dismissing what I believe to be the pessimistic bitter vets. The naysayers with no solution that merely shoot all ideas down because, and I will paraphrase 'NQ is bad', 'DU is doomed'..... ' let me log in about it.'
  14. I mean at this point any representation or casual acknowledgement would be helpful. Its not like if the largest groups of DU leave the game will die..
  15. For the most part NQ shouldnt tell the council anything that if they release would jeopardize the game... but if they lets say wanted to make some Autominer changes and talked to the council to solicit feedback that would be awesome, or laid out like 3 different fixes to bounce off the council
  16. Having a group of people that try to drag the issue the players face isnt trash, and if thats what drives you to leave, you were always going to.
  17. You guys have given up on this game, thats fine, I appreciate your perspective.. but being thats the case just let us who remain work on it kthanks.
  18. Hey NQ, I'm sure not everyone will agree with me but there is a fair amount of us that really want to love and believe in this game. I am worried however, I like to think I'm one of your biggest supporters, and i am working hard to keep that positivity alive. I try to look to the positive every chance I get... and I try to give you guys the benefit of the doubt because I can't imagine the strain and difficulties you guys face. Despite my dedication has been shaken a few times, I'm still here. I still am a supporter. Proudly. However, I am asking/begging you to give the members of this community the voice they want to talk to NQ and know that they are heard. CCP did this with the interstellar Council.... give some of us the chance to be involved to represent the player base.. to give our teammates the answers they want and desire, to raise the concerns we have to you and know they are being addressed. It's one thing to say these things and occasionally get an answer or a side step, but we could do so much better. Admittedly without someone even acknowledging our posts in here we don't even know if you guys read them. I want to believe in DU... but the relationship between NQ and the player base is becoming more like a tumultuous relationship between management and the employees. The player base isn't going to feel represented by a Shamsie.. or someone who is out of touch with most aspects of the game. I mean, when asked about issues regarding pvp a rep of NQ seemingly had no idea how pvp even occured. I don't mean that disrespectfully... but let us help! We want to... and if this game is going to succeed we can't be treated or be made to feel like employees who are gonna stick by the company. Which we are not. My solution. Implement a 5 person council of sorts that meets occasionally. Has a direct line to NQ and you can ping your updates/changes off. Like for instance you guys are talking about tactical map... I'm concerned as far as what that could mean or be used for. It makes me concerned over a pvp disconnect here... This council would be active members of the community or are apart of larger organizations and bring thier perceptions from those organizations to NQ. This may mean some more secret new directions being revealed but also could be a saving grace if the plan is absolutely terrible and not going to be well received. It may help to have insight from those of us who actually play. We want to help and support you. I beg you to take this request seriously. We are still in your corner.
  19. v0v NQ is doing the best they can, I elected not to be a whiney Karen complaining about what I don't have and be happy with what I have for as long as I have it. Is it perfect? No. Could it be better? Maybe.
  20. Where do you think that Material goes next? You think it materializes in the safezone? And what happens when and if we get.. interdiction.
  21. No reward without risk. Join an Org with a strong hand and sadistic killers.
  22. Im telling NQ, if you can attack people in the PVP zone clearly it is a bug they must fix!
  23. I dunno the dismay over conflict and risk is rather... intoxicating.
  24. Cross section Calculations are basically keeping us all from building Voxel Hulks again. Maybe a hit reduction modifier the smaller the core. Otherwise Kent is 100% accurate. Also 'pirates' or merely just us pvpers are always going to win, pvping is all we do. So a rando dude who 'shows up to carebear with claws' will never stand a chance.
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