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Parvisian Empire Recruitment

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hello noveans, I’m the Great and Noble Parvis, leader of the Great Parvisian empire. I’m looking to recruit new members for a variety of positions. Our group is small but we are continuing to grow in strength. I set out to conquer the known shard in the name of protecting the worlds of the shard in the mission to protect its people from those who oppress and wrought destruction and death against them. I’m actually in the progress of building a superweapon capable of destroying entire enemy fleets in the far reaches of the org territory possibly near several enemy territories. I want to make something clear, that if you oppress the innocent and wreak against others who can’t defend themselves, you will be brought to justice. If you approach any org with hostile intent, know this all benovent and neutral sysems and planets  are under my protection. 


If if I hear about unprovoked attacks against anyone, you are In deep trouble. For the Parvisian Empire is the true protector of the Shard and it’s people.


Now I don’t attack anyone anywhere out of the blue. I only seek out those who wreak death and destruction against others. I only want to prevent the Great planetary destruction our planet Earth endured. 


if you seek to conquer the known enemy worlds of the shard and save the lives of fellow noveans join the Parvisian Empire.



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We are the Noble and Great Parvisian Empire. I the Noble leader Parvis sought to conquer the worlds of the Shard for resources and Planetary Conquest. For those organizations who stand in our way, we have crafted secret technologies, vehicles, and super weapons. One particular one will the most weapon in the shard with the power to obliterate all enemies. For those in other organizations who chose to join my organization will rewarded greatly. You will have access to vehicles and weapons privately made by Parvisian Scientists and Myself. Now join me on the right side of history and wield the flag of the Noble Parvisian Empire and be rewarded for your loyalty and devotion.


The Great history of Parvis


Back before the great tragic planetary destruction of earth and the ark ship evac, a powerful family known as the Visian sought to ensure complete domination throughout the universe that lie beyond. Their son Parvis was only a child in the last weeks of earth, and couldn’t travel by himself. So his family gathered all the technology and advanced knowledge of the Visian database into their sons arkship including plans for top secret and experimental technology and super weapons. His family was expected to join him but sadly they perished before the ship took off. In his Cryogenic tube, Parvis sought vengeance on those who would eventually oppose him and vowed to never let the same tragedy befall any other planet by destroying those who wrought destruction against others. For those who seek to protect what we all lost all those millennia ago on earth, join the Great and Noble Parvisian Empire!!

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Hey ! Over here Emperor ! Follow me quietly...


It is not safe for you to claim high and loudly such things ! Wanna attract some BOO, and became the next "accident" ?

No, no ! You need to lay low... Observe and learn, as you are not the first to try to unit the people.

And for the one who succeed before you, you may became a nuisance.


Look, and listen. This world is already building itself, and some forces must be taken seriously.

Now, about those... "Secret plans" as you called them... I may be able to keep them safe for you... What do you say ?

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Greetings Parvis from the City of Tranquility,

As a neutral City i greet thee to the DUniverse and wish you great Prosperity.

We as neutral city welcome you to visit us and feel free to place an embassy in our city that never sleeps.

With this i do need to sent out a warning as well, all Neutral states,  companies, religious groups and other organizations that are in the InA or C.A.T.S are under full protection against oppression and conquerors by openly known and unknown mechanisms and we urge you to keep the friendly peace we all love with all our members.


With that said, we as City would love to discuss any treaties you are willing to take and we again wish you all the best in DU,


In friendship and respect, Aaron Cain

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