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Download directions -notification?

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I am a silver kick-starter, I am expecting to begin playing this game sometime in Nov.2018. I have not received any notifications at all, do not know where to download the game and do not possess a key of any kind. Is there a general communication I missed? What is the next step?

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^^ the next step, after you get acess.


Go to your profile page on the official DU site (not the forums) and see the "download game" link on the bottom corner below your profile pic.






I guess this isn't something that is NDA covered as it isn't related to anything viewable or mechanics type of the game.

But generally, any "reminder/ info" e-mail that might come with the Alpha should point newbies to this i guess.


(somehow this forum doesn't like my snapshot site of choice... doesn't accept the urls of the images xD)


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3 minutes ago, Raza157 said:

Thank you sir

You're welcome.

Asking nicely is always a good thing.


Many just shout around how this or that sucks and how other games do it xD. Before even looking for the info themself or asking people when they can't find it.

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1 hour ago, jonnyhicks said:

I pledged back in 2016. It says im a silver founder. At what point can I play.

I dont have the DOWNLOAD GAME link on my profile page




Looks like you will have access at Alpha 2 -- currently scheduled for first half of 2019.


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1 hour ago, StarCoholic said:

Yea i know that now.
Thing is that it's stated no where that you not only can't play, you also cant download ;)

If you think about it, then it's clear because of the NDA but yea :D

Otherwise people not under the NDA could ... data mine the downloaded files. :3.


And trust me.... people would do that.

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On 10/20/2018 at 11:58 PM, Greenfox said:

It seems so hard for people to check that one news post xD.


I hope NQ spams a roundmail to all people about that on Alpha1 patchday ... or close before it.




I'm a Kickstarter Silver. Shows I should have access. but alas, no download link for me.

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6 hours ago, Cymril said:

I'm a Kickstarter Silver. Shows I should have access. but alas, no download link for me.


Not everyone is getting day 1 alpha 1 access. Instead, access is being opened slowly by backer tier.


On the 29th (today) Sponsor Supporters will get access, it is likely (but not guaranteed) that on the 6th of December that Silver founders will get access, but that also depends on when you bought your Kickstarter pack. Were you backer #100 or backer #5000, basically. 

So there is no download link available right now for you, but you will be getting an email probably in the next 1-3 weeks notifying you that your access is ready. 


Don't worry, it will be here before you know it. 

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