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  1. I pledged back in 2016. It says im a silver founder. At what point can I play. I dont have the DOWNLOAD GAME link on my profile page
  2. http://prntscr.com/l5lffs (thats a screenshot of my profile) Apparently im a 'Silver Founder' I can remember pledging something around the 50 euro mark back in 2016. Im a little bit confused about what I cna do now, what i should have and at what point i can actually get involved. Ive had a good look around the site at all the additional pledge levels and there was an FAQ showing the different levels, but either im a total noob or ive missed something. Please can someone advise? Regards Jon
  3. Theres a RL thing called maratime tracker that requires all seagoing vessels to have a transponder on it. The website is pretty cool, not sure if im allowed to link it here, but you can pan around on a global map and see all the big ships realtime. (heres a sccreenshot http://prntscr.com/cls3ds )You can click on them and see where they came from and where they are going. it also shows photos of the ships and statistics. The point is this. Smaller ships do not need the transponder, but they will still show up on say a cargo vessel's radar. So in the busy shipping lanes the cargo ship can see 'k
  4. Subscription is the way to go with modern MMOs. For people who want to put a lot of time into a game its essential to keep it updated regularly. I do still play some of the games I bought as boxes and I do still play the odd steam game, but MMOs are where the real gameplay is at. The key question is this....... Is the game worth £XX.XX per month? I like the idea of being able to play as a F2P player with a bunch of stuff off limits, but thats really just to get a feel of the game I guess. For people with tight budgets then the 'in game' time credits works well. And the idea of 'gift
  5. Great idea. probably one for a future expansion. Not wanting to sound negative, but its the sort of thing devs put in after a few years to encourage players back into the game or attract new blood, which is not a bad thing. Maybe if you are involved in such an event you get a cool drop or something that allows you to enhance your ship. Might just be kudos or a medal awarded by some galactic higher order. Could be a huge monolith in space with a list of names of participants carved on it next to a giant alien ship wreck. Or you collect X number of medals for events and then you can trad
  6. Id like to see something different to jump gates. The problem with gates is they are fixed points in space where camps can be set up to catch people jumping in. A gateless method would eliminate this, but im not sure if this is difficult to implement. Sorry for the Eve references, but I like the Wormholes that spawn randomly linking systems to each other. Again, I can see positives and negatives to this method. You would need to or have someone scan them down. They would collapse after a period, but I can see opportunities for people to scan them and set up some sort of mobile trade hub th
  7. I dont want to spend all my time comparing this game to stuff ive been playing for years (Eve), but I will now and again. I used to mine my butt off to buy PLEX when they were reasonably low cost (500m isk), but after a while I thought 'hey, this isnt what i want to spend all my game hours doing'. It was no longer fun to play, so I thought ' I dont drink, I dont smoke, I dont piss my RL cash away on horses, so why not pay £50 every 6 months on a sub. Im quite isk ritch in game, but to be honest its all about the game experience and when im on every other night im thinking thats really only
  8. Didnt Star Trek (films and TV) have the ability to detect cloaky Klingons?
  9. Dont most games start you off with next to nothing? Minecraft = chopping down trees with a block of mud The Island = nothing but your hands Eve = a rookie ship with 1 unit of tritanium Runescape = a wooden sword Elite Frontier (the one that came on 3 floppy discs) = a tiny ship and 500 credits I love that vulnerability and sense of scale that you get when you realise you really are a small fish fighting to survive by whatever means. I think the recent 'survival' type games have done an awesome job in preparing gamers for their first 'WTF and i supposed to do here/get there/kill th
  10. All CCP had to do was put a cycle on the cloak module, say 25 mins so people could go for a cig or bio break. But no, they never really liked that idea, regardless of how many times it was suggested. I guess it increases the friction between groups and to be honest it is an easy one to work around in Eve. Ive been a cloaky camper and ive dealt with cloaky campers. There are worse things in space MMOs, I refer to CODE. Hopefully DU will have a better system to deal with people like that. People play games their way, and ive never had an issue with how they play using their money, BUT I
  11. If you think about RL (planet Earth) We are slowly digging, chopping, draining, processing all of the planets resources. In X number of years we will have run out, but by then we should have found additional (off planet) resources, such as asteroids, other planets. I am going to assume that people will continue to spawn (be born) on Earth, so it will be the corporations who bring the resources back to sell that will profit the most. I dont see why it should be any different for a game. I also see that once we have plundered our home planet we should have developed tech that will al
  12. So, im kind of fresh to this forum and in my intro I let on that ive played Runescape and Eve. One thing i really enjoyed in both games was the buying and selling. RS had the 'Grand Exchange' that sort of worked, but was quite limited to the level of freedom players had to manipulate prices. Scamming was reasonably uncommon, which was good for the age range of RS players. Eve on the other hand was a crooks paradise, scamming, manipulation, price fixing, hell, it was almost as bad as RL. What I would have liked to have seen was a row of shops, possibly a bit boring as you may have e
  13. My first post So, my last joystick was a Quickshot II, some of you may well remember it. I got that one to play Elite II (the one that came on 3 floppy discs and had the giant wall map). Since then I have always played mouse/KB, typically on a lappy. Really wanted to get back into Elite, but was put off because of having to use a joystick. Can Elite Dangerous be played with mouse/KB? Should I be looking at honing my joystick skills again for DU? I take my lappy away quite a lot, and when at home im usually in my Lazey-Boy recliner in my conservatory, which does not work too well
  14. Hi, Ive been into MMOs for years. Started with Runescape, graduated to Eve, currently a Goon fighting the big fight. DU sounds like something new, but something familiar. Be cool to see it grow. Mechanical Design Engineer from Sunny Plymouth UK. Got a family, been a teacher, got a tattoo while drunk in Vegas, dont mind a social chat and a laugh.
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