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Sub-territory units/city plots


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Lets say I am the mayor of a small town on an unprotected planet very rich in certain rare materials. As this planet contains an abundance of valuable resources, plus it just looks cooler to have cities more densely populated, I don't want each group of friends or resident to own or have exclusive building rights to an entire territory unit. Now I could just allow several different groups of friends or people to occupy the same territory unit, but that would make it a lot more difficult to plan buildings, and could result in griefing like people blocking up ground vehicles or just building ugly crap right next to their neighbors construct. I think a subsystem within territory units that would allow the owner of said unit to give control over a specific area to an individual, who could then control who is allowed to build or do other things in that area would be a good solution to this and result in some incredible city planning and building. The sub-territory units could be as small as apartment rooms, where you are not allowed to break the walls but can build and destroy anything within the room itself, to as large as the majority of the territory, which could be useful for different groups controlling separate parts of a particularly valuable territory unit. In my opinion this would not only result in countless emergent gameplay opportunities, but would make the creation of cities and diplomatic agreements between organizations or nations easier.

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It very nice to have. But i think all the building in side territory should build by Org as they can easily city planing. *Borrow a land then build a giant Pen.... there*. But city with same define building then some unique building as HQ of some sort of thing is a good looking one ?


P.s: By the way your avatar make me *bone* *cough cough* feel good @SonEasterZombie

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I would Love this and I am pretty sure they are going to add this Later when some form of this question was asked. I know at one point i also suggested something like this and was told they are doing something like this just for the static cores in some way.


I love this Idea and 110% want this idea to be programmed in

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