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SUBSCRIPTION - Please don't make the game Free-to-Play.

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As Einstein said, and this is true story : "Pay-to-Play is the only thing keeping the Universe together ~ George Washington"

Please don't make the game Free-to-Play, because as the industry has proven, every game going free-to-play ends up being ignored after 3 months of its release because it's consider another rip-off "generic koean MMO big-boobs female models" MMO that came out Korea's MMO factory-assembly machine.

As we are lucky, their crank on that machine has broken as of late and the flow has halted. Thank you Black Desert for that, perhaps you put the nail to the Korean MMO genre coffin. Lineage 2 kept you one foot out of the grave for all those years.

So, make the game Pay-to-Play.  Why? Because, as our adversaries on the Free-to-Play front have done, I'm going to providei inaccurate statements that may seem legit.

a ) Pay-to-Play helps NASA : Have you ever looked into NASA's budget? Neither have I, but I can tell with certainty, that they have aliens found and locked up in Area 51.

b )Lizard poople ruling the world . Have you seen one? EXACTLY, they hide very well.

c )
Who let the dogs out? UH?! Woof, woof-woof woof-woof!

d) The fact 15 USD is a researched price of subscription that in 2004 seemed affordable and on this day, with all the inflation goin g on, is actually costing more like 8 dollars in 2004 money. But hey, don't stop economics science stop you.

As you can see, my years in drinking beer over my blood-alcohol level capacities, lead to some pretty constructive criticism of the Fre-to-Play model.

In all seriousness though, we need access to Area 51.

If any Free-2-Play people has anything to say, see this video first. Spoiler alert, I'm a Honey Badger.

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