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Tainia Prospecting and Exploration Company - NOW HIRING

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Tainia Prospecting and Exploration Company



Mission Statement:
This company was founded by Allen Tainia to serve the other passengers of Novark as they grow and expand on Alioth. The former passengers will need raw materials to begin building a new society. Our services primarily include exploration, prospecting, mining contracts. Under the right circumstances we may also take on  design, construction, or transportation contracts.





Allen "Velenka" Tainia - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

(Vacant Position) - Chief Operations Officer (COO)

(Vacant Position) - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

(Vacant Position) - Chief Personnel Officer (CPO)

(Vacant Position) - Chief Diplomatic Officer (CDO)



There are four sections, each with a section chief:
Prospecting - Dedicated to locating and mapping materials on planets, moons, and asteroids
Mining - Dedicated to the removal of valued minerals
Exploration - Dedicated to the mapping of anything of interest, including planets, moons, and asteroids
Logistics - Dedicated to the support of the other three sections


Just apply on the community site to join!
PM me on forums or discord if interested in a legate position


Three simple rules:
Golden Rule for inside and outside TPEC
No extreme shenanigans (mild OK)
Do your job


Discord: https://discord.gg/9g2Sxg8
Community: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/tainia-prospecting-and-exploration-company


Note: For those of you wondering about Phoenix Initiative, wonder no more. PI is TPEC; that is, PI is being relaunched, rebranded, and refocused into TPEC. PI is now TPEC. That's all.

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