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Bladesin Mercenary Corporation - Recruiting And News

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I would like to wish everybody a nice weekend from us in BMC :) 

If you´re interested in joining, send a message to Father or our founder Jack_Blade, or send an application trough our page (click on the pic below) :)

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Keeping the discussion consturctive I see

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Hello Everyone!


As an update, for everyone who like to stay updated on happenings and such. We have not been inactive, just busy with getting new members and getting to know each other!

We have a  Youtube channel where we will try to fairly often upload videos of BMC members projects, and we plan on releasing gameplay vids of DU when that becomes available as well.

If you like that kinda stuff, head over and subscribe, like our vids if you like them, and toss a comment.


If you want to join BMC to play DU in a great organisation, you should send us a message and apply!


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCro_HGm_dnk5QTZOK8Vnp3A for our Youtube Channel

https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/bladesin-mercenary-corporation for our DU Org page

https://discord.gg/vUAscwU  for our Discord


With Honor

Jack Blade

Founder of Bladesin Mercenary Corporation

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