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Recruiting new Minister of Research and Development!


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Are you the next Marie Curie or Elon musk? Then the Terrian Union needs you to help build the next great human civilization.


Terran Union council of ministers has a vacant seat. If you have the ambition and drive to rally the brightest of our engineers, architects and scientists a like to move the Terran Union forward into an innovative and promising future? Then you could be the next Ministry of Research and Development!


Please send a 1 paragraph application letter to MuadDib (acting Minister of Research & Development and Head of Design & Development). Tell us why you think you are the right person to lead the TU’s Research and Development, and your take on the development of Dual Universe.

You can find the Terran Union and MuadDib on Discord






For more information about Dual Universe the game: www.dualthegame.com


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I mean, I'm not trying to judge or anything here ... but doesn't it make a bit more sense to recruit the ministers from within the Terran Union rather than just looking for anyone who happens to pass by on the forums? 


You have over 400 members, aren't there any qualified people there that could be promoted?

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Assuming there is different levels of messages and communication within statements (science, n' all), I of course can't judge the underlying intent of the previous or initial posts.


I basically mention this because even if one were to assume the disposition was unfriendly or opposed (in short, someone asks to criticize rather than simply gain knowledge about a topic), the question itself appears to be valid and I like to inquire, too.


Organizations advertising elevated or special positions (to outsiders)? Nothing new. But in mass organizations or large ones you could generally expect that existing members get internal preference and internal offers rather than also opening external applications. Of course one could assume you also did that internally, but it still seems to be somewhat odd given the aforementioned reasons. If you opened both internal and external applications this puts your members at odds with external applicants.


In the end, any approach can have pros and cons depending on what you look for, so I'm not necessarily saying "this is bad". Just wondering because the two raised the initial question.


What could use some work was the public response, however :P




If I may add my 2 cents:


Even if I miss some context here or those who posted so far are at some level of odds, in terms of PR and whatnot it would be better to address the stated concern rather than to "throw the ball back".


It almost seems like a partially emotional response (those could damage the public image). Don't get me wrong, not telling any group or sub-group how to run whatever, just my feedback or view on it.


I would have said something like "Thank you for your concerns, as diverse and large group ... [blah blah blah] ... and we also want to open up these opportunities to the broad community and outsiders, while of course also allowing internal applications and vacancy notes so that more people may benefit."




E: Good luck, I suppose.

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None of your concern. Please move along, none of the questions are about the actual advertisement.


Okay, then may I rephrase?


Is this advertisement open to everyone or only to members? 

Does membership in other organizations affect the chances of getting selected? 

Are you an equal opportunity employer or do TU members get preference?

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Cool I love a bit of role play. So this is goodys verses baddies, pirates verses commerce.


Arrr jim lad my hearties, shiver my timbers arrrrrrrr, let me put this telescope against my patched eye, arrrrrrrrrr I see no ships. There be ship on de horizon capin. Man de rigging set topsels and garnets arrrrrrrrrrr. Eye eye captin. errr I mean eye capin, There be a mining ship ahoy to fill my swollen Chest with pices of eight and the golden ore from under de ground arrrrrrrr.



Look sir it's a pirate dread ship and it's heading for us. But we are an unarmed mining vessel, they must be after our ore. We can't out run them or defeat them in ship to ship combat, what can we do..... sir pls sir what is your order?

Set self destruct 10, 9, 8, sir I don't want to go like this, 6, 5, 4, if we can't have what we sweated and dug out of the ground with our own

bare ha BOOOOM

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I am the right person for this job because:


- I know how to code (C++, LUA, Fortran95)

- I know a lot about this game

- I'm a very active user

- I love hard to solve problems that involve math, physics and game mechanics

- I dig deep into game mechanics to understand them and to use them in a proper way

- I can speak three languages fluently (german, french, english)

- I love write-ups of technical topics to educate members


Hereby I, Lethys, declare my intent on applying to this job.

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My appologise for the confusion this announcement has created, we thought it is a good idea to put the message that this position is available out here to spark interest.

As you might be able to see on Muad'Dibs responses he is rather stressed out and has difficulties in real life because of which we search a replacement for him as Minister of Research and Development. Because of the troubles currently surrounding him he also sadly forgot to include the requirements for this position that are already fulfilled by most of the TU members, as i state them here now:

- Being a Member of the Terran Union

- Having no affiliation with another organization besides the Terran Union

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