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I agree with Yamamushi here, where does it say you can't have a party place in space? I bet it would get together a lot of people RP wise, and i have no idea where you have read in the guidelines that people cant do that Kuritho.

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Now, that's an interesting concept. Even though I am not a Second Life - eerrr person? cause player ain't the exact word I wold go for - kind of guy, I admit some of the ideas from that game make the virtual world a lot more lively.

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Look at many (popular) games where clubs (or bars) of any sort become known distinct places because tasks or the plot takes you there. And then, look at reality of course.


It seems obvious to me that these things will have a place in such games where players can create worlds, civilizations, cities, etc.


You just need to have the right tools from the devs to do this. G-Mod is a good example with all the plugins and modifications you can add to a dedicated server.


I can literally join my (somewhat custom) HL2 community, place a radio, speaker, etc.  anywhere on the map and play any sound file I can upload to specific places such as dropbox, enjin files, etc. while I can set the range and volume.


I once simulated loud music droning from behind the closed doors of a club there. In another case, I set up a construction site that looked like one while playing very loud construction site music or sounds with heavy drills, hammers, etc.


That. Is. Immersion. As simple or small it may seem, if you compare "Before and after" the effects become noteworthy - then again in G-mod you can also heavily add to maps with props you can set up. If we get that level of customization for player controlled areas with props, items, furniture and then maybe music, then players can really shape and customize.


Sadly I still wonder if NQ will go that far. Implementing it technically may not be the most tricky issue, I assume. It works already with other server structures. The question is whether the potential abuse does not outweigh the benefits.


To me the answer is clear, but I'm not sure how the developers or customer support sees it - long term, that is.


But that's a topic for the other thread that covers the topic already. Just saying it can be a great benefit to many.

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