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  1. ENJOY THE WEEKEND !! ON AIR - NOW !!! http://esound-music.com/ PLUG IN to ΞSOUND | P L A Y E R (bottom of the site) and enjoy !
  2. Hello Everybody, i wonder if there will be a way to upload own mesh stuff to this world? And when YES, what kind of format it will be. Is there any info right now? Many thanks for now =) Floyd
  3. H A P P Y N E W Y E A R around the world!!! eSOUND | electronic music - NOW onAIR by Floyd A. TUNE IN: http://esound-music.com
  4. OOH MAN of course, i understand. I think i was some tired too as i wrote this question. It makes sense now. Thank you Lights =)
  5. HELLO TO YOU ALL, i hope you had a great christmas time. NOW, i have another question about upgrades of the pledge. example: I got the pledge GOLD 120€, it contents 23 DACs. If i upgrade my pledge to SAPHIRE with 50 DACs, means that i get the DACs added to 73 DACs or it will then just 50 DACs like the latest step of the pledge? Sorry if i ask too much, lol ... but ... i am a newbie ...lol =) Thank you for now .. Floyd
  6. Let's leave the year 2016 and i'm ready for ... a new year full of expectations, excitement and the first opening for some user of dual universe. Woo! To the new year 2017. MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR
  7. Yes ATMLVE, you answered my question. Maybe i should take my hibernation now. Thanks =)
  8. WOW, YOU GUYS ROCK !!! Thanks for so many replies =) That was in my mind the Gold Pack for the Alpha Access. Many thanks again ANOTHER QUESTIONS: Has someone of you guys here already access to the inWORLD UNIVERSE? Or have you all to wait till the first half year of 2017 ?
  9. Hello to Everyone and to all first Immigrant of Dual Universe A half year ago i found some information about this great project. Yesterday after a long search i found back to this insane project. But unfortunately a little too late to participate in the kickstarter campaign. It has changed alot here. Now, however, I am a bit unsure about to get the right ACCESS to this early phase. I would like to support this project with buying a pledge, but i am not sure which one of these offers would give me the right access to dive in. Do you have any recommendation for me? I would be so happy. Many thanks =) Je vous remercie =)

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