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Found 10 results

  1. I would love to hear what some of you are doing for 6 axis or less lateral thrust. I want to build a ship that feels more like a spaceship and less like a space jet. I got my flight-stick to work with joystick gremlin, vjoy and hidhide and I just feel like there are no real good options to use my flight-stick to enjoy 6 axis lateral thrust. I would love it if adjusters fired when I activate the lateral thrust binds; or, I think a better option would be the release of a new engine type that is designed to work specifically with the lateral thrust key binds with less or no warm up time. It would probably take a while before DU implemented a better system anyway, so what are some of you doing now; I would like to Know!
  2. As a pilot, I would like an XL atmospheric engine that is an analogue to the XL space engine so that I can place fewer engines on a ship to achieve similar thrust and dedicate more design effort (and construct space) towards aesthetics and other meta.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the Advanced and Rare Large space engine schematics are missing from the game? I think something is messed up. Side topic: Why do the advanced and rare M space engines require large frames and ionic chambers?
  4. I've been here since pre alpha and not a single change in the choices of engines. I'm so sick of the medium engines with their weird hitbox and unnecessary hump on the back. can we please have multipart engines where they have a central engine like AGs have with thruster parts and possibly intakes? or at least more variety!
  5. About This is a short script that prints base max thrust of linked engines. It can serve as an example, and may also be used to detect which engines do not have a technician buff applied to them. Set-up Place a programming board. Link up to 10 engines to the programming board. In the Lua editor (right-click, "Advanced", "Edit Lua code") create a unit start() event handler with this code: -- detect linked engines local engines = {} for key, value in pairs(unit) do if type(value) == "table" and type(value.export) == "table" then -- `value` is an element and `key` is the slot name if value.getThrust and value.getMaxThrust then -- `value` is an engine engines[#engines + 1] = value end end end -- get engine names local engineNames = {} for _, engine in ipairs(engines) do -- engine name is available in its widget data -- for other elements `core.getElementNameById` would have to be used instead local dataJson = engine.getData() local data = json.decode(dataJson) engineNames[engine] = data.name or "???" end -- sort engines by name table.sort(engines, function (engine1, engine2) return engineNames[engine1] < engineNames[engine2] end) -- print engines and their base max thrust system.print("Linked engines: " .. #engines) for _, engine in ipairs(engines) do local name = engineNames[engine] local maxThrustBase = engine.getMaxThrustBase() system.print(string.format("%s: %.0f N", name, maxThrustBase)) end unit.exit() Click "Apply" in the Lua editor, exit build mode and activate the programming board. You should see base max thrust printed in the Lua chat tab. Change log 2020-09-13. Posted the first version (tested in r0.21.5).
  6. Dear NQ, I would like to request you to publicize some values which would help calculate how many engines and how much fuel is necessary on a design. At max thrust, Force in kn each engine can exert Fuel consumption for each engine (l/s) Gravity in m/s^2 for a couple of planets Thank you! P.S.: this could not harm the game's reputation in any way, as it is just numbers that would be made public. It would not enable anyone to make a verdict on the game, as it says nothing of the quality of anything. The most it could do is impress ppl by the fact that those values actually exist, showing (or at least hinting) that this is a game based off of realistic physics.
  7. No introduction. Just sit back and scream. Fuel is a item that can be put in engines and be used to produce thrust. There are also different kinds of fuels as well, each with different attributes. THRUST/FORCE is how much thrust is produced. MINIMUM/MAXIMUM HEAT is the range where the fuel is stable (below the minimum heat threshold, there is a severe debuff to THRUST/FORCE, and above it the fuel becomes explosive) COMPRESSION is how much fuel can be crammed into a voxel/storage unit. LUMINOSITY is how much light is produced. NOISE is obviously how much noise is produced. STABILITY is how much the fuel can be generally handled (G-forces/acceleration, heat, pressure, has access to oxygen, reactive, ect) FUEL TYPE is where the fuel is liquid, gas, solid, antimatter, hopes and dreams, whatever makes your engine run. ENGINES also greatly influence this. MAXIMUM/MINIMUM HEAT are temperatures where it can operate safely. FUEL TYPE ACCEPTABILITY determines what kind of fuel can be put in (No solids in the gas, please!). Some engines can be hybrid. FEED RATE is how much fuel can flow through it. FLASH HIDER is how much the luminosity is dampened. SILENCER silences the noise considerably. Lets discuss. ^VOID^ FUEL Stats THRUST FORCE is how much thrust is produced. It is controlled by a percentage, 0% being off, 50% at normal power, and 100% at max safety levels, and 200% for overdrive. FUEL TYPE is what kind of fuel can be put in (No diesel in gas, or antimatter in hydrogen thrusters) FLOW RATE is a bottleneck. The higher the number the better. (An engine without enough "feed rate." will not be able to use the thrust at 100%.) GAS/RESIDUE is how much greenhouse gases is produced (for potential future updates.) Fuel Types Classical ELECTRIC is considered a fuel for all electronics. Used for most engines (Steam-Punk lovers don't need them) GAS is a type of fuel type that has a loveable flow-rate but is generally more violent when it explodes. LIQUID is a fuel type which has a normal flow rate, but generally burns quickly instead of exploding. Usually has the most Thrust:Cost ratio. SOLID is a fuel type which has very little flowrate, but has sheer power. Usually resistant to burning/exploding. PHOTON is a fuel type which involves directing photon to produce thrust (photons have mass). Overheats somewhat quick. GRAVITATIONAL is a fuel type which is extraordinarily dense, which is controlled by electrical currents. (Similar to Space Engineer's gravity drive.) The fuel and electricity is used up to produce thrust, preventing voiding the Law of Thermodynamics. Much more effective for "slingshot maneuvers" and known for it's usage in artificial gravity. Biofuel Biofuel is fuel that can be grown in vats, requiring immense amounts of sunlight and nutrients extracted from soil. ALGAE can be used for compact fueling, and certain types can be eaten with extremely high calories:volume ratio. Must be put in a type of liquid to be mobile. FUNGAL is much more potent than algae, but can grow almost anywhere (space-fungus anyone?). Produces harmful spores that can be protected from. BACTERIAL is the "Mix" of Algae and Fungal. Can grow in most places, and quite compact. WASTE/METHANE can be harnessed from various animals. Antimatter ANTIMATTER is a fuel which completely decimates any Avatar close enough to it. ELECTRICAL ANTIMATTER produces shockwaves of EMP out of it's thrust exhaust, but does not need energy to run and will never overheat, staying at a frosty 0.0001 Kelvin. Sometimes put near supercomputers due to the sheer cooling power, if one is careful. GAS ANTIMATTER (Anti-Hydrogen for example) is a fuel that has no limit to flow-rate, but causes faster overheating. LIQUID ANTIMATTER warps the looks around the engine, and still has the highest thrust:cost ratio. SOLID ANTIMATTER is actually needed for Warp-Drives and Stargates. Using it on an engine causes constant "teleportation fractures" (random warping from a few meters, but never hitting anything) if it is overheating. *removed ANOMALY FUEL due to well, it's a shit idea* ENGINE Stats OVERDRIVE EFFICIENCY indicates how long the engine can run before overheating. FUEL TYPE is what kind of fuel can be put in. ENGINE TYPE also determines what must be done before the engine can start/go above 50% power. NOISE is generally how much noise is made. Components NOZZLE decreases FLOW RATE but increases THRUST RATE. COMBUSTION TANK increases the amount of fuel that can be loaded. COLORIZER allows the trail to be any color you want.
  8. EDIT: I just noticed that there was already a post on the same theme... However I don't feel that bad because it was a year ago... and now I want to see what people think about it since we are starting to get a more prescise idea of what the game is gonna look like... Hello there, So I recently started to take a look at From the Depth, and they had a turret system that looked really cool! Basically, to make a gun you have many components wich act like "blocs". You have to actually place them on your ship, facing the right way so they do what you want these to do: for example, the loading system of a shell is basically ammo inserters facing a rack, the number of block of rack you have aligned determines the ammo clip, or buffer your gun has, and the number of loader on the side (wich can for example load a shell of 100mm caliber in a few seconds...) determines the ammo loading rate you have, and you can synchronise your gun firerate to be able to acheive a constant firering... Again, the caliber of the gun, the length of the barrel, the barrel type , the number of barrels (you can make a gatling gun) all of these and much more can be customized, there are no identical guns... (Even though I know that DU isn't going to simulate the projectiles, that wont come in the way, you can compute the statistics of a weapon and apply them in combat) and they have a similar mechanic for missiles wich are composed of "compartements" wich can be used as propelant, seeking, explosive charge, fins, ... and the longer the missile, the less agile it gets, the more reload time you get.... and the more space it actually takes in the ship... This way you can't met two exacte same misiles, and that would allow much more diverse defending methods They didn't used this system for propulsion, however, that's not a bad idea either, I'm already seeing different types of fuel injectors, mixing chambers, combustion chambers... That would of course be a lot of work, however if this ever become a thing, I already see people asking each other's confing, and actual skills in engine manufacturing... perhaps some part will require a better prescision, and can't be made everywhere... Some parts could end up being really rare... and others easy to make... anyway I'm really tired, I got exams tomorow so there probably are a lots of mistakes, and beeing French doesn't help... Thank you for your consideration!
  9. Example: one thing I don't like about Space Engineers that breaks immersion is that you can cover the intake of an atmospheric engine without any negative effect. Also you can completely enclose any thruster inside of a ship. Would it be possible to not allow this on constructs in DU?
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