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Found 17 results

  1. -> Présentation <- CONGLOMERAT DOSFR , organisation francophone active créée au sein de l'association PROJET DOSFR -> Notre Vision <- Notre devise « risquer l'impossible » un groupe solide , organisé, déterminé et légèrement "FOU" Composé de profils divers d'une moyenne d'âge d'environ 20-50 ans . La coopération est la base de Dual Universe Dans cette optique, CONGLOMERAT DOSFR fait de l'inclusion le véritable moteur de l'organisation. -> Pas d'ambitions <- Promouvoir l'univers DOSFR Promouvoir l'univers Dual Universe Avoir de l'influence sur l'échiquier des puissances Développer une bonne équipe fun et durable Lier des relations diplomatiques solides -> Rejoignez-nous ! <- Envie de rejoindre l'univers DOSFR Nous recherchons des joueur(s) pour compléter nos sonnés qui ont une réelle envie de s'investir dans une communauté hors normes. - Avoir +17 ans - Être mature - Avoir un bon micro - Être présent discord - Avoir des bonnes disponibilités - Capable de s'investir sur un projet à long terme Au plaisir de vous connaitre L'équipe DOSFR
  2. Hello, i was on one of the ships crashing the SW pvp event and generating content, was a lot of fun and i really hope that NQ brings more opportunity to do more pirate themed stuff GF AC, and all who attended see yall next time -EL X a statement from our leader: "Hello everyone, Sylva, leader of Band Of Outlaws here. This thread, the official DU discord and the Memeserver have all gotten a lot of traffic and I thought I would drop by and leave some of my thoughts here for you all. I acknowledge and understand that the Star Wars fans who created the event feel that we, BOO and some of our allies, when crashing their event yesterday, "ruined it." And yes, Skilo has it right when he says that we did it because we could. Those of you who are arguing against the Star Wars IP being in the game... well, tbh, I love Star Wars, it has inspired more than one generation of space dreamers, and hopefully, many more to come. That having been said, there is more to this story (and hopefully, for the story of Dual Universe). We originally had someone sign up for the Star Wars event who was building a legit PvP meta Star Wars ship. At the time, I was advised that we were also giving info to the Star Wars group on how to build PvP meta ships, and that advice was generally not followed/heeded. As the date loomed closer it became apparent that the ship, according to our standards, was only about 10% complete, and so our member withdrew from the Star Wars event. We then heard that ATOM was being paid to provide security for the event, and that was when we decided to party crash it. The thing is, when you look at what Dual Universe intends to be, a civilization building game - there should, in my opinion, player made safe zones in which events like this could be held in. This is an event that you would hold in the heart of an area that has an enforced edge of space, so pirate incursions would be few and far between (and not be without repercussions). We very much support this. We expect to be hunted down because of our actions. We will be disappointed if we aren't. We already don't hunt the small fries. We already do not pursue freighters and small ships. We have historically only hunted the larger org tagged ships. Our groups already PvP against each other. We haven't done a PvP event since the End of the World event in December. Since then we have only had solos and small groups go out for PvP, which has still been few and far between. Mostly we have been doing the same as everyone else, recovering from the .23 patch, mining, industry, and building more ships. We got bored. We crashed the party and ruined a lot of hard work, and for what? Some laughs... and hoping to fight some ATOM and some hopefully buffed Star Wars capital ships. As to the idea of waiting for DU to grow more... you may very well get what you request. BOO has diversified our gaming interests. We are playing Valheim, Starbase, and Last Oasis in addition to Dual Universe now. Don't worry though, we're still around and will still be active in Dual Universe. We will sporadically come out and throw down. So try to be prepared for us. Build meta ships. Bring your friends. You don't know when we will strike. Prepare for the changes that are coming. " - Sylva, on page 5 of this thread
  3. "The Order of Apophis" est une confrérie qui a toujours mis un point d'honneur à prioriser l'évolution du genre humain quitte à transgresser les lois éthiques et morales de ce monde . Leur dogme est la perfection, pour eux le genre humain doit de plus en plus se confondre avec le divin pour finalement n'avoir comme maître qu'eux-mêmes. Ils veulent constituer un nouvel ordre mondial se caractérisant par un État psionique dans lequel l'unification et l'évolution sont leur maître mot. Langue: Principalement Francophone Note: C'est une organisation qui se veut conviviale et mature, avec un système hiérarchique poussé dans lequel le mérite fera tout. L'organisation se veut un minimum RolePlay pour maximiser l'immersion et pour passer un bon moment ensemble, donc je souhaite à tous nos membres de faire un effort de ce côté-là. Les membres restent toutefois libres de faire ce qu'ils souhaitent du moment qu'ils ne dérangent pas l'organisation. Nos objectifs: Notre principale objective est de créer une nation sur Alioth sous notre juridiction, dont le pouvoir sera concentré sur la capitale et sera en partie partagée entre les chefs d'organisation les plus puissants et influents qui possèdent des concessions sur nos terres. Cette Nation doit être la Nation de l'évolution, une aube nouvelle pour l'humanité, bref un symbole fort de renaissance. C'est pourquoi nous convions toute individu qui souhaiterait une aube nouvelle pour l'humanité à venir prendre place dans notre nouvel ordre. Pour ce faire: ◈ La création d'une administration territoriale ◈ L'établissement de la Constitution Ordorial ◈ La dynamisation territoriale ◈ La création du Sénat ◈ La création de la flotte Ordorial Nous avons donc la volonté de nous imposer sur la scène interstellaire comme une des plus grandes Nations que l'espèce humaine ait fondé. Pourquoi nous rejoindre? ◈ Un système méritocratique ◈ Une excellente organisation ◈ De grandes ambitions ◈ Être au coeur de la renaissance de l'humanité Nous Rejoindre (Discord: https://discord.gg/MpkXdPy) Notre site : https://www.toa-dualuniverse.fr/ Page de l'organisation
  4. To all the poor souls that bought a proprietary design and don't like the seat color: come to us! We'll provide you with an accurate replica, improved with our own scripts and your own individual taste. Everything you buy from us is yours. Feel free to modify, copy, paste or mass produce. We're out there for you to free code and design. They lock it? We break it. They hide it? We find it. They try to control you? We'll set you free again. They want to protect the seller from the buyer? Don't let them cheat you. We'll always find a way to replicate and recreate - and because we don't have to think the stuff up, we'll excel at improving what others first had to imagine. Support freedom. Join us today. No obligations. As first act of revolution I've copied and improved upon this cool looking logo. Join and you'll be free to wave it around too! Or don't join and wave it around anyways. This is based on an image in public domain and I put my creation into CC0 too Apply today - everyone will be accepted and if we feel like it we may rebuild someones HQ at a nicer location, eh? https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/copycat/ Disclaimer Since no obligations, in contrast to everything else, is meant serious, we might never get anything done. Don't let this little note keep us from enjoying the ride tho - there will be enough flamable beverages and other kinds of mind altering substances. Just remember the only serious part: no obligations. Regarding "Free code and design!" Think of free speech, not free beer - although there shall be beer of course. Update 2020-03-20 Since the organization's page likes to be inaccessible at times, here's our discord link. Feel free to join now!
  5. "The Order of Apophis" est une confrérie qui a toujours mis un point d'honneur à prioriser l'évolution du genre humain quitte à transgresser les lois éthiques et morales de ce monde . Leur dogme est la perfection, pour eux le genre humain doit de plus en plus se confondre avec le divin pour finalement n'avoir comme maître qu'eux-mêmes. Ils veulent constituer un nouvel ordre mondial se caractérisant par un État psionique dans lequel l'unification et l'évolution sont leur maître mot. Langue: Principalement Francophone Note: C'est une organisation qui se veut conviviale et mature, avec un système hiérarchique poussé dans lequel le mérite fera tout. L'organisation se veut un minimum RolePlay pour maximiser l'immersion et pour passer un bon moment ensemble, donc je souhaite à tous nos membres de faire un effort de ce côté-là. Les membres restent toutefois libres de faire ce qu'ils souhaitent du moment qu'ils ne dérangent pas l'organisation. "The Order of Apophis" is a brotherhood which has always made it a point of honor to prioritize the evolution of the human race even if it means transgressing the ethical and moral laws of this world. Their dogma is perfection, for them the human race must increasingly merge with the divine to finally have as master only themselves. They want to create a new world order characterized by a psionic state in which unification and evolution are their watchwords. Language: Mainly French Note: It is a friendly and mature organization, with an advanced hierarchical system in which merit will do everything. The organization wants a minimum RolePlay to maximize immersion and to have a good time together, so I wish all our members to make an effort for that. However, members remain free to do what they wish as long as they do not disturb the organization. Nous Rejoindre | Join Us Organization page here
  6. Name: The Church of the Holy Wreck AKA: "The Wreckers", "Oh Heck, those Guys" Type: social group, PVP, Roleplay, Pirates, "non practicing believers" Membership: open and non exclusive Timezone: Open Language: English, but other language Branches welcome Website: under construction Discord: under construction Tenets of the Church of the Holy Wreck Wrecks are sacred. Make as many as you can. The Steel hungers. NQ staff are the Angelic crew of the Holy Wreck, and are there to help when you lose your ship. (After PVP is introduced) Join in Holy battle once or month (or more regularly) at the sacred Wrecking grounds. You don't have to come to all of them but you should try to make some of them. The Sacred Battleground will be designated once we know where the safe zones aren't. Try to convert others to the Holy Wreck or into holy wrecks, whatever is easier. Souls who flee Blessed combat are weak and their craft is not worth emulating the Holy Wreck. Traders may pay a penance to avoid their souls burning amid the steel. W! Greetings, my fellow Star Souls. (Makes the sign of the Wreck by describing a w shape denoting a ship bouncing off a planet followed by a closed fist opening indicating an explosion. W! is the text of this.) I am here to tell you about the Holy Wreck that crashed to save our souls and free us from our skins. Blessed be the Holy Wreck! W! The Wreck careth not about your base connections to other orgs, for the burning steel of the saviour loves all that lie in its screaming trajectory of peace. All the Wreck asks is that you recognise it has your one true God and you, from time to time, come and join us for family picnics, charity work and heretic burning. Being a forward looking Church, we have created several heresies for you to belong to, in case you are struggling to feel the dread love of impact. Each last Sunday of every Month, after Holy PVP has been instituted, Mother Church and the Heretics will meet at the Sacred Battleground to create Holy Ruin and litter the ground with our offerings of blood and ships. It's basically a free for all, demolition derby battle, (if only two sides show up it will be a miracle w!). Come and hone your combat skills in ships you don't mind losing. The only stipulation is that you leave at least one ship wreck behind on the battle field. The Official Heresies include; The Explodists: wicked folk who make the explosion symbol before describing the W. Their symbol is !W. The Graviticists: these infidels believe the important part of the faith is the gravity that caused the Wreck to hit Alioth. G! The Mechandrites: these philosophically feeble upstarts believe they are honouring the Holy Wreck by repairing the ships of strangers to ensure the Holy Wreck is the only wreck. Madness! M! The Wanderer Cult:. Thus frankly insane sect believes the holy Wreck bounced off Alioth and wanders the Galaxy looking for souls to crew it! W. Feel free to make your own cult, or stick to the Orthodoxy. It doesn't matter. The Holy Wreck knows all Star Souls and loves you all, even if you are burning on a stake. From time to time there will be an Holy Crusade where we convert non believers into wrecklets. Practically, this means we may decide to join in the wars of others on either side, or both. Donations to our Orphans and widow fund may sway us to one side or the other.
  7. DICE is the Dual Universe gaming commission. We are made up of individuals from a variety of different DU organizations all with one common goal: to organize and officiate gaming and sporting events within Dual Universe. Events we will be organizing include but are not limited to: Hovercraft racing and leagues Star ship racing and leagues Arena sports and battles (player vs player- imagine halo or counter strike) (Construct vs Construct- Hovertanks?) (1v1, Teams, Free for all) Treasure hunts Mazes Gambling hall games DICE will not own its own land but intends to use facilities (tracks, arenas, Etc.) built by other organizations. Entry fees for the events will pay for using the facilities and go towards the prize money for the winner of the event. Events will be further subsidized by sponsors. DICE members may not participate in DICE events. Do you have an idea for a gaming event you would like to see in DU? Then feel free to drop us a message. **DICE used to be Interstellar Hovercraft Racing Committee(IHRC), but has now expanded to cover all organized sporting events in Dual Universe.** Here is the link to our community page. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dice#tab-description Here is the link to our Discord (Open to all Refs, racers, fans) https://discord.gg/DSqKRjj Thanks for checking us out!
  8. DU community is growing, and the game is being developed properly. But, by now... What is or will be your main focus of fun in DU? If more than one, choose them. Thanks for participating (see the poll above these lines).
  9. Hey guys, it may or may not have been done yet (couldn't find it) but lets have some desktop shares.. I'll start off with my desktop and a bit of my friends one: The Battlestation With daylight The inside Alright, so, what's in it you say? - Corsair Crystal 460X RGB case - Intel i7 7700K 4.9ghz (overclocked) - Asus ROG strix z270h motherboard - 16 GB RAM (3200mhz) ( 2x 8GB ) from Corsair - Nvidea GTX 1080 Ti (11GB Vram) from Asus - NZXT RGB Watercooling - 27" Acer Predator 1440p 144hz (165hz overclocked) monitor - Logitech Z906 5.1 speakers - Razer Mamba Chroma Mice - Razer Ornate Chroma Keyboard - Razer FireFly Chroma Mousepad - Razer Kraken V2 Chroma headset - Saitek x56 Rhino HOTAS (for them ship steering) What I would've changed is the Ram sticks since they are not RGB (wanted to make a full RGB build, maybe next time) How does it run? it runs Battlefield 1 in 1440P with 140 fps everything ultra ^^ I have not seen how much FPS I had on the Pre-Alpha, will hopefully know later on. So... let the sharing begin!
  10. Reign Empire Reign: An Empire in pursuit of power, and more importantly, fun within Dual Universe. We will settle the stars, and provide safety to our citizens. More than that, we're a group of friends hanging out and playing a game, building a world, together. How we operate: This is an empire, but the citizens still have a say in most major decisions. Unless by universal vote of the High Council, major decisions (laws, declaration of war, policy changes, etc) are announced to the Empire, but not put into effect for at least a week. During that week, all members of the Empire are welcome to contact the Emperor or a member of the High Council and speak their opinions. There are no minimum activity requirements to join the Empire, even as military personnel (though we do ask that you show up to anything to promise to be at). However, officers and personnel with more duties will be expected to be fairly active. Non-military personnel are free to do as they wish, as long as they follow Imperial Law (the Law will be rather detailed, but citizens are not expected to know every facet of it). Above the law, is the Imperial Code of Honor. This code defines how we can operate, what actions the government can take, as well as some of the more obvious rules for citizens. The Code will never be broken by the Empire, and there are severe punishments for citizens who break it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ygiHoZNgnh9DLpvlxG_HJ6UtXiUOz_KaE--wyz45PuM/edit?usp=sharing Goals: Reign pursues Power. Power can take many forms: wealth, might, respect, authority. Reign aims to achieve all, through its Citizens. We want our citizens to grow, develop, expand. Become the greatest in their specialization, be they a gunner, merchant, industrialist, officer, or politician. To attain this power, we have a few more concrete goals at the launch of the game: First, our Citizens will consolidate together, and create a temporary home on Alioth. This will only remain our home until we can bring the Empire to space. From here, we will search and find our true home, and settle. Our next goal will be the creation of the capital city, as well as the industry and infrastructure needed to build our navy. Much of the city will be left to the personal tastes of the Citizens building it, but the capital building itself is in design right now. The true sign of our power will come as we construct our Mothership. As soon as our infrastructure is established, we will begin constructing our navy. At the forefront of our fleet will be a grand Mothership. Reign began with the idea of building a truly massive, powerful ship, and that dream has not gone. Recruitment: Reign is always welcoming new members. Whatever you aspire to be, we want you. A grand admiral, fleets of massive capital ships following your orders, entire wars swayed by your decisions. A captain, your ship and crew renowned for prowess on the battlefield. A miner, trader, industrialist, designing and crafting the greatest quality goods, great wealth in sight. A marine, pilot, gunner, wielding the great weapons of the empire against our foes. The only requirement to join: you want to have fun. We welcome you, Citizen. Discord: https://discord.gg/Kdzcdqb
  11. How did everyone's Halloween go? Mine went well. I hung out with some friends and we binge-watched some Netflix. Only problem is my stomach hurts from all the candy...
  12. Reign is a massive Carrier class ship. We are recruiting the crew needed to operate it. Players of every interest and specialization are welcome aboard. No matter what your play style, there will be a job for you aboard the Reign. We need pilots, marines, traders, programmers, designers, engineers, logistics operators, miners, and many more. Our first priority within the game will always be to have fun. We will not require minimum time commitments. If the idea of working on a massive ship in any number of roles appeals to you, we welcome you. Discord: https://discord.gg/Kdzcdqb Community Site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/reign
  13. This is Elector Cale(wars) bringing up some economics again. Lets say there was a DU mechanic where you could model small objects like a bobble head. You could sell them by producing them on the DU player market for fun and make profit. Instead of modeling with blender and having so much more mechanics to have to add and deal with. Why not make a in game model system similair to blender? Lets say you had 1 block worth of material to sculpt something. If you wanted to sculpt something that was the size of 10 cubes it would take 10 cubes from your invintory. Once one if made you could save it and it could be made with small factory units or it could be super scaled with more materials. Instead of having to use blender, skecthup. or something to that sort and go through the trouble of uploading it through the market. This could also bring more mechanics such as modeling chairs or tables maby even some sort of lighting systems to sculpt or buy. These would be able to be placed for decoration mainly. Some might say its a stupid idea and its usless. In real life toys are usless. Theres no point for toys or bobble heads. We do it for fun, or just to make a profit off of people who like stuff like that. People are doing this Now! People are already modeling various ships for dual later on. You can find them on various posts. If you liked this idea find a Opean Federation post off the community and give them a like! Even follow us on discord. We offer many jobs!
  14. Hi, first of all correct me if this thread has already been opened somewhere else. If not, well one thing came to mind. What if there could be some in game activities, such as Chess, Texas Hold'em and 8 Ball Pool in the game world. They could be pre-defined models you could purchase or craft in the game. This would bring more reasons to come to play. I don't know if you guys have heard of a game called Puzzle Pirates. If not well it's pretty much what the name suggests: Being a pirate and sailing while doing various puzzles etc. anyway in that game I think this was implemented brilliantly. If I wanted a break from sailing and pillaging then I could just go to the nearest tavern and play some game like Texas Hold'em among few others and relax, completely away from the sailing stuff. This would also bring meaning to some of the buildings in a city or a colony. For example there could be a community hall, where players could gather between their travels, sit down and play together. Some variety to the game + at least something as a heritage from planet earth. Well this is just one idea among others and could obviously be implemented later as there are 1000 more important things right now, but anyway.
  15. You have your own family and as such you have worries associated with that. Chuckling Casket is not a family. We don't need the family drama, neither do you. We're a bunch of people who have become friends over time, with a common play style. Piracy. Piracy is love. Piracy is life. That being said, we do not confine ourselves to that singular play style. We are carebears, we are industrialists, we have a few (or one) complete assholes. We are an all-around "do what you want" type of guild. We do not limit ourselves to the boundaries of a single play style. If you want to play a certain way, we likely have people who feel the same. We also have people who like to branch out and try it all. Regardless of your play style, we protect our own. We help our own. Anyone capable of fighting will mobilize to protect a single member. With that being said remember this, we are pirates and as such there will be people looking to get back at us. The key is not to do anything stupid, that’s why we win and they lose. So if you are moving any kind of material, always have others with you, if you constantly run alone and then ask for help. We will let you die, we don’t deal with lone wolves being idiots here. We believe in a sort of "military citizenship". This is not to say that everything is rigidly structured to demanding military specification. It means that everyone who is able to fight will fight when the need arises. Regardless of whether you are a miner, or a farmer, or collect some other resource. Maybe you build or design, but if you want to fight, there will be plenty of opportunity! There will also be times where we must fight to defend our members or assets. Chuckling Casket operates on the PMP (pronounced "pimp") system. This is Prowling, Murdering, and Plundering. If we are not actively engaged in defense or internal building pursuits, we will likely be out PMPing to make some fun cash on the side! Or maybe someone has a beef and we get up a group to go help that CC member be a general nuisance to those they have beef with. These aren't mandatory attendance activities. They're completely for fun! In most cases, we do not dive into any venture we make without investigation. For in knowledge lies power, and knowing when and where the shipping lanes will be used, provides profit! Chuckling Casket does not have a charter or a constitution. What true pirate has a document such as those? A pirate's life is free, yarr?! While we do as we wish, we do show respect to those we are allied with. Without your word, what are you worth? We stand by our alliances, but if a single member has an issue with any of our allied groups, we do discuss it. In some cases, we have had others break the alliance, therefore, we obliterated those former allies. In a few cases, we parted on good terms. We believe in all of our allies working together and knowing where they stand with one another. We don’t have time or patience for petty drama. So if you are looking for something out of the norm, a group that is drama free, loves to have fun and make money, then you have found your new home. If you have any questions, you can post here or you can also message myself, or the GM Bernarr.
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