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  1. It seems reasonable to have this mechanic in the game, I am just begging that this is expensive as all get out. I'm fine with a big city hub here and there being shielded, but I really hope it's expensive enough not every little outpost can be protected. I would be disappointed if everywhere you looked, every outpost, has a shield.
  2. Reign Empire Reign: An Empire in pursuit of power, and more importantly, fun within Dual Universe. We will settle the stars, and provide safety to our citizens. More than that, we're a group of friends hanging out and playing a game, building a world, together. How we operate: This is an empire, but the citizens still have a say in most major decisions. Unless by universal vote of the High Council, major decisions (laws, declaration of war, policy changes, etc) are announced to the Empire, but not put into effect for at least a week. During that week, all members of the Empire are welcome to contact the Emperor or a member of the High Council and speak their opinions. There are no minimum activity requirements to join the Empire, even as military personnel (though we do ask that you show up to anything to promise to be at). However, officers and personnel with more duties will be expected to be fairly active. Non-military personnel are free to do as they wish, as long as they follow Imperial Law (the Law will be rather detailed, but citizens are not expected to know every facet of it). Above the law, is the Imperial Code of Honor. This code defines how we can operate, what actions the government can take, as well as some of the more obvious rules for citizens. The Code will never be broken by the Empire, and there are severe punishments for citizens who break it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ygiHoZNgnh9DLpvlxG_HJ6UtXiUOz_KaE--wyz45PuM/edit?usp=sharing Goals: Reign pursues Power. Power can take many forms: wealth, might, respect, authority. Reign aims to achieve all, through its Citizens. We want our citizens to grow, develop, expand. Become the greatest in their specialization, be they a gunner, merchant, industrialist, officer, or politician. To attain this power, we have a few more concrete goals at the launch of the game: First, our Citizens will consolidate together, and create a temporary home on Alioth. This will only remain our home until we can bring the Empire to space. From here, we will search and find our true home, and settle. Our next goal will be the creation of the capital city, as well as the industry and infrastructure needed to build our navy. Much of the city will be left to the personal tastes of the Citizens building it, but the capital building itself is in design right now. The true sign of our power will come as we construct our Mothership. As soon as our infrastructure is established, we will begin constructing our navy. At the forefront of our fleet will be a grand Mothership. Reign began with the idea of building a truly massive, powerful ship, and that dream has not gone. Recruitment: Reign is always welcoming new members. Whatever you aspire to be, we want you. A grand admiral, fleets of massive capital ships following your orders, entire wars swayed by your decisions. A captain, your ship and crew renowned for prowess on the battlefield. A miner, trader, industrialist, designing and crafting the greatest quality goods, great wealth in sight. A marine, pilot, gunner, wielding the great weapons of the empire against our foes. The only requirement to join: you want to have fun. We welcome you, Citizen. Discord: https://discord.gg/Kdzcdqb
  3. From what I understand of the current system, there's a sort of tab targeting they're planning. I completely understand the reasons for this, with all the processing power needed. However, there is one major concern I want to see addresses in some form, if possible. Let's say you build a fighter craft, with a lot of thrusters along the sides. You script a way to fire them all at once, then balance yourself out, as a sort of side step will flying. In very traditional tab targeting, this will have no impact on the hit. If, however, in this game it has no influence, then that takes away a whole aspect of design intelligence. Now as I said, I'm aware of the technical restraints they have to deal with. However, I'm wondering if they have thought of this particular issue, and if they have any potential solutions to it. For one possible solution, say missiles are coming toward the craft. Perhaps some system could keep track of eta to target, and the closer they are to the target, the more sudden velocity changes of the target will reduce the chance of the missiles hitting. So a sudden side-step, while guaranteeing nothing, could still actual do something. Mainly, I'm just curious if the importance of maneuvering is even being considered XD
  4. A member of my crew, Coded, had the idea of boarding parties and hackers interacting. The boarding parties could bring an item that allows access to what its placed on, giving the hacker players a chance to get in. This would make boarding even more useful, and give hacking an actual mechanic that needs completed. What do you guys think?
  5. Reign is a massive Carrier class ship. We are recruiting the crew needed to operate it. Players of every interest and specialization are welcome aboard. No matter what your play style, there will be a job for you aboard the Reign. We need pilots, marines, traders, programmers, designers, engineers, logistics operators, miners, and many more. Our first priority within the game will always be to have fun. We will not require minimum time commitments. If the idea of working on a massive ship in any number of roles appeals to you, we welcome you. Discord: https://discord.gg/Kdzcdqb Community Site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/reign
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