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  1. Sector Protectorate Sector Protectorate is a militarily and diplomatically focused organization with members of rich DUC background and experience. Sector Protectorate was founded in January 25th of 2017, meaning it is reaching its 2nd year of existence. SP is not active in the Dual Universe Forums as of right now, but is fairly active in the Dual Universe discord servers and Dual Universe Community Website. Sector Protectorate is divided into three divisions: The Army - Led by Wakama This division includes all military personnel in the organization, including ground forces and the navy. Its primary function is the defense of the organization from all threats, both international and domestic. It is currently the largest division in the organization. The Civics/Economy Led by Tristan This division includes all non-military and non-diplomatic personnel in the organization, including personnel such as designers, builders, and miners. It has many functions as it is the beating heart of the organization. It is tasked with the creation of new ships, buildings, resources, and management of trade. It is currently the second largest division in the organization. Foreign Relations Led by DrettTheBaron This division is the smallest of the three with only a handful of members, it is tasked with the communication with the outside world, actions such as Trade Agreements, Non-Aggression Pacts and/or Alliances are all managed by this division with the overseeing of all councelors(Wakama, Tristan, Drett). For its small size, it is the most important division in this state of the game. This is only a brief review of SP, if you wish to know more, visit the Sector Protectorate Discord Server We are excited to see you as either new member or a traveler looking around DU, we are a friendly, multicultural organization with a major player base in Europe. The requirements to join are very simple, (1) The ability to speak fluently English(Non-Native speakers are extremely welcome) (2) The ability to join the SP Discord Server
  2. Welcome All !!!!! And always feel welcome to come visit the city! We are growing, maybe not in direct numbers but every day we get new treaties with new and already established organizations, federations, unions and empires. And although we mainly open sectors, floors and rooms to Organized people we want to show you a small part of what it would mean to live in tranquility. The next information comes from the Manifest chapter "Ranks" And although it is still in the editorial phase we wanted to share it. Ranks There are only a few ranks in Tranquility, Why? it is a city, not a full blown war syndicate. The ranks we have are the following: Adventure Squad One Squad leader Squad Member Tranquility Resident Tranquility Resident This title is the first title you will get and you will have it till you leave Tranquility. In fact this is no title but your acceptance into the organization named tranquility, Thank you for joining! As resident we might ask you to donate materials for the greater good of Tranquility to be able to maintain it and build extra facilities for your use, there will be no taxes. Most of the facilities on Tranquility are sponsored but some we will build ourselves on popular vote, and when these are build we will ask a small but reasonable donation in the building effort. And as a thank you, you will get this Title and all rights to Tranquility and its facilities. Some spaces are restricted to you, that has to do with security and rooms belonging to partnered organizations. A Resident will be offered a small room and a place to park a small cored ship. In the restoration period of Tranquility the materials for building this room and parkspot are the residents responsibility. In time Tranquility hopes to be able to offer fully build rooms and parking spots for free.
  3. Hello, I am Evergreen and I founded the Evergreen republic. The EGR is a nation focused on uniting the universe through trade commerce and negotiation. We are currently looking for government officials and citizens. Citizenship is easy. You can be in any amount of organizations you want and come and go in EGR territory. You have an array of benefits as well. Such as reduced ticket prices on the New Horizon. So what are you waiting for? Join the EGR today! https://discord.gg/9ZBtSZ
  4. From dust till dawn. Technology made simple. For dust becomes dust. We are a growing organisation that aims to fabricates ships, modules, AI and everything that will be needed from the market, so you our customers. Aiming for a better universe, we are supporting you with our newest and best products. Need a transport rocket with autopilot? We are your number one choice. Recruiting Miners, Producers, Designers and of course Soldiers. One important role will be to secure our facilities and supplies. For sure Fun will never come at last. And yes of course there will be beer! Is there even beer in our new home? If not we should produce beer We are allways looking for allys with other orgs. Allready allied with: Dark Star Syndicate Our discord channel: http://discord.gg/wDqxnek
  5. Welcome at the Iridium Cartel Forum Recruitment and Info Center. We strive to be an strong economical player in the DU Universe. While still focusing on having fun and mainly focusing on interaction between people. Pleaes do keep discussions about ingame or forums topics out of this thread. Pleaes don't bump this post without any worthwhile info/ changes or questions (No: Bump~ Just for the sake of it.). WIP: More to come ;3. Just reserving the spot atm. Do mind the rough state of this, just starting this up. Any feedback is welcome, as long as it's constructive. Our main goals are simple: - Setup bases of operation, where members can craft and store their goods. - Setup sale sites for said goods. - Maintain a way for non-members to work for the Iridium Cartel. For an payout in ingame coin. - Maintain a way for members to work for the Iridium Cartel. For an Payout in ingame coin or Iridium Credits. - Have fun working together and enriching each other. If you're interested in joining, you will be required to become a member of “The Empire” too. There's no negative aspects of being an "Empire" member or an "Iridium Cartel" member in a monetary way. No Taxes are levied. No mandatory tasks are handed out. No part of your freedom is taken away. The only negative aspect might be, that in war times ... empire members might be suspect to force by third party military actions. If they end up in the crossfire of conflicts somehow. While protection trough the military of the empire is a given during the whole duration of being a member, in an proportional response to the aggressive nature of what happened. So how will the Iridium Cartel found itself with money and ressources? Quite simple! If you work for the Iridium Cartel without payout in ingame coin, you will be awarded with “Iridium Credits” as a member. These can be used to buy things which are not for sale for the public or you can get a discount on general sales products. The more people work for “Iridium Credits”, the more products and services we will be able to actively hold up for them. Aspects of “Iridium Credits” : (not finalized, might and will change over time) Only 5% above production cost fuel prices! Rent-able transports! Specialized LUA for escaping people in Space! Seminars and Training about Markets / Trade/ Flight ! Conversion to DAC (if resource-flow in the market allows for it) Public Market Sites: - cords ( will be upped when NDA drops and player markets are avaible) Public List of Goods for Sale: -add goods list Public Fabrication Sites: - cords ( will be upped when NDA drops and player crafting is avaible) Public List of wages for labor: - add working wages for fabrication Iridium Points: Explanation. List of goods. Discounts. General Info: If you're searching for a larger amount of goods or a monthly/ weekly recurring delivery of them. Pleaes get in touch with a legate or any of the listed members below. - people to add here Black List: You don't want to be mentioned here ;3. Anyone setup here, will be banned from using any services provided by the Iridium Cartel. AND be fired upon on sight by mercenary/ bounty-hunters or affiliated military if the reason for black listing is proportional to the force applied. bad people to add really bad people to add Complaints: Please forward all your complaints about members or products supplied by us to the following people. We will research and hand out justice if necessary. Imperial Law (which is mostly common law) applies to anyone. Scamming or unprovoked theft are not tolerated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ Section: Here you will be able to ask questions, and gather infos before messageing us for an small application interview. We strive to be open about mostly anything that isn't a buisness secret. So you always will be able to see how many of our membership numbers, actually are active in someway towards our corporation. FAQ: Q: Do i need to be an member of "The Empire"? A: Yes~ We don't see any real negative aspects of being an civilian of "The Empire" and it will make communication between our corporation and others that joined the bigger entity easyer. Q: Will i get an even share if i do a task in a mining group? A: Yes. Regardless of what you're doing, everyone will agree beforehand to handout a equal share to each participating member. Mining, Transporting and Market related dutys will be generic tasks of a mining group. So that someone who flys a transport from A to B the whole time will be awarded the same as the people mining or the people that setup market related tasks (based on the time they spent on the task). But the group can always decide to do things fully together, from start to end. But this is still in a "concept" stage ... we will see how well it holds up in beta times. Q: Will fuel for transportation tasks be supplied? A: Yes and No. You can add fuel consumption into an calculation we will provide, so that an extra bit of the share should cover that extra cost. Do mind, fuel consumption will be calculated on weight moved and the distance. So if you use way to much fuel then a halfway optimized transport would, you could end up with a bit less real wage for your task. Q: What is a public fabrication site? A: An area where anyone will be able to craft. Either with their own ressources that they supply, with only a fee for the crafting building usage = they can keep the endproduct. Or with the resources of the Iridium Cartel, where they will be awarded ingame coin for finished products= they will need to sell the endproduct at a given rate. Q: What is a public market site? A: An market where everyone can create buy and sell orders, regardless of membership status or not. No discounts or controlled rates for products will be in place in these areas and only a small tax will be deducted for transactions. But the main use for the Iridium Cartel will be, buying ressources off non-member players for later fabrication use. - more to be added Affiliated Organizations and Corporations: - The Empire - to be added Discord: - to be added ( when i finish it someday xD) Active Member Count ( last 14 days): 3 out of 4 / 75% Members on absent/ holiday list: - to be added Member Slots filled: 4/xx (not yet decided how many members we will take up as a maximum. But it won't be over 20 probably.) Public Market Sites (with closest planet in cursive + distance): - to be added Public Fabrication Sites (with closest planet in cursive + distance): - to be added General description of what member type we want, or rather what members should expect normal ingame activity to be: - no military actions ( we will hire mercenarys/ guards or affiliated military services for protection. We do encourage members to join more PvP oriented groups for bloodlust fullfillment needs~ We will defend ourselfs too ... but we wont search for fights.) - group mining - transport tasks - fabrication of materials and elements - building of market sites/ fabrication sites - social interactions (chatting and all kinds of small talk) - stocking and checking of markets - improveing LUA scripts for storage/ markets/ fabrication or auto follow tasks - being talkative in either chats or voip If we managed to get your interest i either becomeing a member or a buisness partner, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to talk with people and foster contracts/ friendships. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/iridium-cartel#post_4016
  6. The Didact Development Group is an international organization specializing in real estate development, construction, and acquisitions to raise the bar of residential, hospitality, and mixed-use projects in Dual Universe. We are dedicated to providing the best services possible, for affordable prices. Put your trust and money in us, and we'll deliver 100% of the time. Didact Development Group will be working with both internal and external staff, using primarily our own assets to provide services but also utilizing preexisting organizations with more skills. To apply for a job visit our Discord, drop your name, preferred position, and your DU Portal profile link in [#applications] and we'll get you verified and in a position. OPEN POSITIONS: 1. Real Estate Agents 2. Construction Worker 3. Acquisitions Staff 4. Office Staff 5. Logistics Staff Portal Link: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/didact-development-group Discord: https://discord.gg/PEWyzCY
  7. Welcome fellow DUdes and DUdeens to the Free Racing Community! We here at the Community we strive to be a great Cooperation of talented People, that like space sports, especially racing. Introduce yourself, show us your ideas and most important, have fun at the game, you create^^ Currently we are searching for: -Mining Operators -Architects -Ship-designers -Pilots -People with Management experience -LUA-skripers -People with fun ideas -Diplomats (-evtl. Lawers) ?
  8. We live only fort the fight, for the next war. We focus on extremely well-trained soldiers and special unites, and we specialize in warfare. This will be our main focus. The Neo Crusaders are lead by Mandalor the True, under him will serve the Leaders of the other Divisions. We want to prove ourselves as the most feared and respected warriors in the Galaxy, and to reach that Goal we need capable and motivated individuals that are completely dedicated to that Goal. Are you such a warrior? Military: Our Military will be the most elite in the Galaxy. Thus is complete Discipline a very important aspect. This means if you officer Commands you to shoot you will shoot, if the Commander assigned you and your Team to a certain position you will carry out this order instantly. Our Military will consist of various sub Divisions and teams that will provide us with everything we need to land an successful attack. The details cannot be described here because they are a secret and will only be shared with true warriors who will join our ranks. The Academy Training: The training you have to undergo will be the harshest in the entered Galaxy. You will learn the basic tactics, all the Commands and various other things you need to know when communicating with other soldiers. The Combat training will be overlooked by the most capable of instructors whose job is it to form you into a true Warrior. You also have to undergo various Testes to prove your ability, be it alone or in your Squad. When you have passed the final exam, you can call yourself a Neo Crusader! High Council: The High Council will consist out of the various leaders of the Divisions and Mandalore The True. Together they will discuss the progress of the Neo Crusaders and they will be the ones who will overlook the final exam. The High Council will meet every week the discuss the progress of the Neo Crusaders. The Code of The Warrior: Honor in Battle, cheating Death and the Code of the Warrior. There was once a time where we dominated the Galaxy, but that Time is gone. Many of us still remember the past Battles and the Honor that came with them. We remember every warrior who fell in the past Crusades. But we have to rise again, to once again claim our Rightful place as the greatest warriors. But one can only achive that by following the Code! The Code is Live and the Code is Death! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/neo-crusader
  9. Hi, I'm Ever_green. I've always shown an interest in space games and about four months ago I found dual universe. I loved the idea of a virtual civilization and I think dual universe is going to achieve that. So I bought a contributor pack. I cant wait for this game to come out its like a dream come true for me. I alsoi created two organazations here they are: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-alliance https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-industries
  10. "Don't distress, call wayward express" Have you lost your way? Perhaps you simply overshot your destination, perhaps you flipped your fighter, or perhaps you got caught in cross fire of some battle - no matter. Whatever you reasons, we'll get you where you have to go. Where do you fly? We fly everywhere permitted, all public stations and cities, or as close as permitted, for a fee. We cater to your needs, and attempt to give everyone a cheap and affordable method of space travel should you be unable to purchase/build a ship, or simply lack the desire. How do you handle politics and safety? Wayward Express is intended to be a fully neutral transportation business and will not get involved in any conflicts. Since WE fully intends to provide indiscriminate services to everyone regardless of their ideology or political affiliation, there is little incentive attack WE. We will very obviously benefit all those locations we travel to, with bringing tourists and their money to your locations, pay taxes to cities and stations, and indiscriminate employment and travel options. Its very easy to remove such boons and benefits if and where need be Are you hiring? Wayward Express offers employment to everyone seeking to make extra income, regardless of their ideology or political affiliation. It matters not what org you're apart of, so long as you intend to follow our policies and not endanger any of our travelers. What are your requirements? For travelers: Listen to all safety instructions. Pay your tickets prior to boarding. Find your seat, and do not disturb or otherwise interrupt the flight Do not attempt using our services as a way to ambush or attack travelers or other Noveans at destinations. (you will be blacklisted along with other possible consequences...) For pilots: Know your destinations and how to get there safely. Get there in a timely fashion, reporting any problems to your superiors. Do not make any changes to your flight plan mid-flight, unless you are in immediate danger, this can greatly inconvenience other travelers. Return your WE shuttle at the end of your shift. (stealing WE shuttles will result in blacklisting and other consequences) For Gatekeepers: Process payments and board travelers. Actively check blacklist. Report problems to superiors. Interesed in other services and employment opportunities? Other employment opportunities such as security, construction/maintenance of shuttles, etc will be provided by FEC, and IAI. Wayward Express is a joint venture by FEC, and IAI TO APPLY- Wayward Express
  11. Hello! Are you looking for a free and democratic nation? A place where we dont decide your fate? well that's the Evergreen Alliance a free nation where you can be who you wanna be. We dont dictate your gameplay experience. We let you chose that. What we do is provide protection, a stable economy, freedom and the ability for anyone to run. Anyone can run for any position we let the people decide. who they want to protecting, building and providing a sense of community. The Evergreen Alliance focuses on uniting the universe through trade peace and negotiation we want to unite the universe peacefully. We hope you will join us! If you have any questions please join our discord or leave a reply below. Discord: https://discord.gg/GaP8eQM Community page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-alliance
  12. Hello all. I’m a memeber/recruiter/soon to be council member of the Dark Star Imperium, the 11th largest org in the game, soon to be 10th. Any questions about the org, ask me. If you want to join, dm me or reply to this thread.
  13. What is the Foundation of the Ancestral Flame (FAF)?The FAF is a organization is a semi-serious organization. We are aiming towards being a small-medium organization. Roleplay is welcome. Our focus is mostly gonna be trading early game but will change in the late game when we established a base (space station,city,etc). The FAF is a neutral organization.Will we be open for all kinds of people?Yes, atleast most of them. We don't really want people that constantly want to kill or rob other people or cause trouble within the organization.But we welcome anyone that thinks the same way we do.How do I apply?You can send your application to this site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/foundation-of-the-ancestral-flame or join our discord: https://discord.gg/xXC7gcJ and write it into the applications-channel.
  14. Alpha_


    EQUITEM means,, Rider ” in Latin. We are an army maily focused on pvp, there will be other Branches but this will be our main focus. We only accept members who are not in any other organization ( Neutral ones are fine ). Because the information that is discussed here is not for the public and must remain secret. The Riders of the Apocalypse have come to build an organization to maintain the balance in the Universe. Many secrets surround the riders, secrets they will share with the galaxy bit by bit, but if you like what you hear, you have to decide for yourself. Our organization focuses on extremely well trained special units which have different tasks and operate with deadly precision so that they reach their target unseen and do what must be done. We are not a nation but an army, dedicated to maintaining the balance in the galaxy, no matter what. The army of EQUITEM will be the best in the whole Galaxy to finish what Death has started on the Earth. There will be different areas of work such as Development and Construction or Logistic and of course the Special Forces that perform most of the operations, there will be 4 different units all having their own area of specialization. (To read more about the 4 units, see in the description) If you want to join write something about yourself and your goals here. Also if you are in another Organization you have to decide if you want to stay with them or join us. If you join us you will resive the best Training avalible. We will create Academies where you will train and grow along others. We have 4 different unites War,Famine, Conquest and Death. Each one of the unites have there own are of specialization. We are also creating a Quest line for every Rank, you will discover secrets that involve EQUITEM and the Riders themself. After you climbed to the Highest Rank you need to put all the Information you have discoverd together, so that you can see the full extent. Enlist today and be part The Riders army.
  15. Spartan Logistics is proud to announce it's first community project, Outpost ΣΠΛ. Outpost ΣΠΛ will be a hub for any logistics organization to utilize and profit from, which we hope will make transportation easier. Outpost ΣΠΛ will be home to a storage area for resources and constructs waiting to be shipped, docks for cargo freighters to refuel and restock, as well as a centralized hub for visitors, staff, and clients to mingle and relax. In light of this announcement, Spartan Logistics is looking for a few more types of players. While we still have positions open for pilots, traders, and military-enthused players, we are now also looking for players willing to do very time-consuming tasks that require a lot of concentration or the "hard-core" players; people who don't mind spending their time working on logistics networking, standard asset management, etc. If you would like to apply for any of those previously mentioned positions or just wanna come check us out, you can here: https://discord.gg/BjMNNvu. Spartan Logistics has also had the privilege of hosting a podcast which is recorded most Fridays at 8pm Central, in which we also are trying to connect with as many community members as possible, through guest appearances and callers. So if you want to apply for a position, check our org out, or possibly join in a session of our podcast, feel free to join the Discord server above and ping one of the higher ups. Outpost ΣΠΛ Preview SpartanCast Community Page SPL Community Page Podcast YT Playlist
  16. Hello fellow inhabitants of Dual Universe. I am looking for an Organization to join that intends to have a serious approach and mindset for Dual Universe. Some of you may know me, and already know what I am capable of doing. For those of you who don't know me, I'd like to change that. If by chance you wish to inquire more, or are interested in a 1 on 1 conversation, please feel free to send me a message, or contact me on my provided discord username below. Thank you. - My intention is to become a cutting edge developer in constructs, and a prominent industrialist who knows how to handle business. - I have extensive experience in management, general Dual Universe information, as well as various other skills that, upon request, can be discussed. - The interest I have towards an organization is that it's goals are very apparent, lofty, yet obtainable. In attempting to avoid causing your eyes to glaze over, here is a short LFO info list: Region/Timezone: EST, US Language: English What type of Organization I am looking for: Anything that can put me to good use, more can be inquired upon in a private conversation. Desired role(s) I wish to play in-game: To be fair, I don't intend to be a grunt or a line member forever, so with that I'd like to be able to stay incredibly busy without becoming a drone. Role-play interest: Of course, though I'm not limited to it I am capable of doing RP activities. Other: I'd like to add that even though I may not accept your invitation, I am more than happy to be able to create ties with you and your group should it be in, or out of Dual Universe. So please even if you're not trying to extend an invitation and just want to chat and get to know me, I'd be more than happy to oblige. Contact Methods: If you don't want to message me here on the Dual Universe forums then please add Assimilate#6625 on discord. If you've made it this far, I appreciate the read and your time. As the community grows, I feel it's important that ties be made early on and I hope that this post can be used to inform, or guide people on taking the time to create ties with other players, and organization. Should you just wish to chat with me, I can offer some advise and help guide new members in our large community on their way to finding the right organization for them. So once again, I appreciate your time and I look forward to stepping into Dual Universe with each and every member of this community.
  17. Greetings Everybody! I am writing this post today in hopes of inspiring you all to recruit respectfully and efficiently. As of late I have been targeted for bad recruitment practices so I'd like clear my name of all that. Before getting into recruitment I would like to say there are some steps to increase your groups reputation, which in turn will increase your chance of having a successful recruitment session. 1. If you have a Dual Universe supporter pack then the first thing you want to do is create an organization page over at https://community.dualthegame.com/organizations 2. Setup a group discord and BE ACTIVE on it. When a member sees you being active in your group, doing events and working hard to build up your organizations then they will want to be part of the group even more. 3. Create some content. If you've never made videos or artwork I would recommend taking some time and learning a little bit so your group can have some content to attract players (or you can ask some of your members for help, you'd be surprised at the level of creativity of some of your members). For the best example I would look at the Band of Outlaws organization page. They do a lot of parody work but it's still successful in reaching out to players and enticing them to join their organization. These are just steps you cant take to make your group more attractive. Try to be creative and I'm sure you can come up with more ways to make your organization appealing. Now getting into recruitment practices... There are several different sources you can go through when recruiting. In this post I'll be covering each area of recruitment that you can go through, as well as, describing how you should be getting your message across in a positive manner. Dual Universe Forums This is probably the most obvious method of recruitment. When recruiting from the forums there are two things you can do. One is to create an attractive post for your organization and the other is to message new members to the community individually. Make sure that when you create your forum post, you make your group's intentions clear and attractive as possible. When you message someone try not to bombard them with too much information, but give them enough to have a quick overview of the organization and the best way to contact you. What you DON'T want to do while finding new members is to message people that are already part of existing organizations. Always check the players profile and ensure if they are part of a group or not. Even check their past posting history. You might be looking at an old post that's been bumped so always be on the lookout. If you do happen to message someone that was part of an organization by mistake and they respond to you, just apologize and try to move on. Discord Recruiting from discord can be very tricky and disrespectful if the place your recruiting from doesn't know about it. If you find a discord community the first thing you want to do is check if they have an advertisement section. Always read and abide by their rules. If they don't have an advertisement section then message the discord server's admin about your intentions and see if it's ok to do recruitment from his/her community. Try to offer incentives so that they will agree to it. You can ask them to trade players, if their discord is for example a Rust community then tell them that if you have any Rust players that you will send them your way and they should do it vice versa. Maybe even offer something of monetary value if you think it's worth it. But I want to say I don't recommend doing that. In my experience I have not been super successful at discord recruitment but maybe you guys can do it better than me. If your going to message members individually then make sure the server admin knows that and DO NOT send a spam recruitment messages. When messaging someone about recruitment always start a conversation, "hey, how are you?" and then gradually proceed to talk to them about your intentions. Steam Groups The first thing you want to check of course is your friends list. Check any past communities you've been apart of or talk to some old friends. Some of them might be interested in joining up with you. Other than that, your best bet is to check steam groups that have connections to games with similar aspects to Dual Universe. My military is ran by Arma 3 Milsim guys so I regularly check out several Arma 3 Milsim steam groups. That and other games that has similar aspects to Dual Universe such as Rust, Ark, Space Engineers or Empyrion. Now alot of these groups literally have tens of thousands of members so there really isn't a shortage of people to contact. What you want to do is start sorting through profiles that are interesting to you. I have my own criteria of contacting people and you guys should make your own as well. Try to add as much people as you can when going through the steam group member lists, but I suggest only contacting people who are online at the moment. Whenever I add someone I usually give them a nickname (for example, "Space Engineer Player - 03/31"). I use nicknames because if someone eventually adds me, I want to remember where I added them from and if they don't add me in two weeks then I just delete them. You also want to be using "Steam Tags." This will help you separate your actual steam friends from people who you are contacting for recruitment. Just give them a "recruitment" tag after they add you. Now once people start adding you back, you want to start messaging them. ONLY message them when they are online, not in Snooze or Away mode (it might annoy some people). You want to do recruitment as respectfully and efficiently as possible. So I suggest that when you message someone you start off by saying something like "Hey, how are you?". Then you will get either a positive or a negative response, you know how steam players are . If they respond in a positive manner then tell them you have an offer and that you are hoping that they could hear you out. Then proceed to tell them about the game and your group. If they aren't interested then tell them thank you for listening and to have a good day. After that just remove them from your friends list. If someone responds to you in a negative manner then try to twist it around in your favor to make them interested. If that doesn't work then once again delete them from your friends list. I usually add around 20-50 people whenever I do a recruitment session. You'll probably get a 20% friend acceptance rate and out of that you'll get 20% that might be interested. That's just what it feels like from my experience. I also want to recommend upping your steam profile. If they see that your profile is an empty page and your messaging them about an offer then they might take it as a scam. Whereas if you have a decent looking and respectful steam profile with some artwork then they may listen to your offer. Reddit/Other Communities Now I only did reddit once so I can't help you be too successful at this, but I can tell you just be respectful of any place that you may recruit from. Try to go into subreddits that can somehow relate to Dual Universe. Read the rules and make sure your posting in the right place. The same goes for any other forum/community that you may recruit from. Always read up on the rules and if there aren't any then try to contact the admin. When I do go hard on recruiting I usually spend around 2 hours a day recruiting on steam and talking to people about the game while at the same time being as respectful as possible. If your trying to recruit a lot of people then you'll have to spend a lot of time on recruitment. If your building a small group then I just suggest sticking to the Dual Universe forums and see what you can find here. There's tons of time before the game get's released so if you just want a small group then waiting and contacting people on here every once in a while might be your best bet. Thanks everyone for reading. I hope this clears up any confusion and hopefully the group that is actually ruining recruitment for everyone can follow these guidelines. Have a great day!
  18. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/volant-transtellar-incorporated https://discord.gg/5yb2zna A Firm Foundation Empires. Armies. Nations. The ambition of the Novean population leads them to lofty goals. But from the moment they're awakened from cryosleep, those goals will be as distant as the stars they've just traversed. Volant Transtellar approaches this new world with the humility of our situation in mind. As a company, and as a wider populace. Our immediate goal is to provide the foundations of Novean society. Resources, infrastructure, training. Before mighty vessels can ply the spacelanes, trucks and buses must ply the roads. Simple aircraft must deliver citizens to their duties. A strong economy must begin at the bottom before it can rise. A Vanguard to Dreams VTI needs you. It needs your drive, your creativity, and your spirit as a builder. Before the lofty dreams of a new world can grow the simple work of sowing its fields must be done. VTI has no aim to be at the forefront of armies, or atop the halls of power. VTI, and you with us, will be the pavement on every street, the wings of every flight, the strength of every tool and the comfort of every home. Where other organizations strive always to be at the top, VTI strives always to be at the bottom. The underpinning that holds aloft the dreams of our peers. Angled Ever Upward If you are an individual with a need to build, and a passion to hold aloft your fellows, then Volant needs you. Whatever experience you bring will be welcomed with open arms. If you bring nothing with you but the spark of a creator, Volant is here to give you the tools and understanding you need to succeed. If you're the leader of an extant Organization, Volant can use you as well. We are always on the lookout for new leaders and new potential. Your Org could be welcome into ours, and retain much of your autonomy and flexibility as we strive towards our common goal. We're also always on the lookout for subsidiaries to aid our endeavors. Volant Transtellar. Rise with us, wings outspread. And lift the world behind.
  19. Spartan Logistics is a organization that deals in escort and transportation services. We are willing to do business with any organization; military, construction, resource gatherers, it doesn't matter to us. We currently have numerous staffing positions to fill, from general staff to potential branch managers. If you are interested in obtaining a staff position, or you are interested in one of our services, feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/J9ac5Ab or portal page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/spartan-logistics and talk to an admin. We look forward to seeing you there! Services: -Transportation -Provide cargo ships for carrying resources. -Provide cargo ships for carrying constructs. -Provide VIP transports for a max of 5 people. -Escort -Provide military escorts for freighters carrying resources. -Provide military escorts for freighters carrying constructs. -Provide VIP escorts for a max of 5 people. Open Staff Positions: -Escort Staff -Pilots -General Staff -Transport Staff -Pilots -General Staff
  20. Hello citizens of Dual Universe. I thought it's about time that I go ahead and hop on the forums and introduce myself. I'm from the East Coast in the US and I am currently attending college to get my Maters in Business Administration, which leads me to my next point. After doing some extensive research into what DU has to offer, I firmly believe I will be taking on the business aspect of the game which firmly includes Industry. Now I am a big fan of Space based MMO genre having played most, if not all available on the market. Most notably being EvE online where I am very avid industrialist/miner/Business player, and I hope to bring that into DU. To do that, I am on the lookout for a group of like minded folks to join in preparation for the coming future when we all get to enjoy the game on it's glorious release day. I'm a more social, friendly and family oriented guy so i'm really looking for a tight-knit group to stick with till the end of the games life with which to put my skills and knowledge to use. A multi-gaming community would be a plus too in order to pass the time while we patiently wait for the day our dream comes true. That about does it for my introduction to this wonderful forum. I look forward to getting into the community and becoming a part of it's growth as we move towards release. Thanks for the read and I await you all in space.
  21. Greetings forum, Who we are Anima is an international gaming community coming from multiple games like Eve-Online, Haven and Hearth, DAoC, WoW, and similar hardcore and less harcore games. If you want to take part of the greatest family of the Dual Universe, you can join our discord and contact any of the mods/mortys here, or use the Organization URL to apply. We offer access to exciting content, in a hardcore way, many friends from all around the globe, fun and emotions. We will be one of the main forces of the Dual Universe. Conditions - you must be 18 and older, most of us already have kids to babysit IRL - you must speak basic English - you are mature, friendly and respectful to your fellows Anima's - you have a microphone/headhpones - you can be hardcore or casual, your playtime does not matter as long as you are a quality player Discord https://discord.gg/WbVGSk6 Organization URL https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/anima
  22. The Sex Offenders Registry for fun and general douchebaggery Doing chaotic neutral in style NO goals NO politics NO diplomats no motivation Now with a theme song!
  23. Join the Bladesin Mercenary Corporation! Are you looking for an Organization that allows any play style? Then look no further! We are here! We want more members in our community, and if you are looking for a place that has zero tolerance for toxicity of any kind, BMC is the one! Currently we have open positions in these Divisions: - Crafting and Science - Mining and Gathering - Trading - Communications - Logistics - Military We are aiming to make a huge gaming community, with Dual Universe in the forefront! If you are interested go to our Community Page Or our Discord and send us a message!
  24. Greetings All, My name is Shadows and I am looking for members to join up with my crew! Getting straight to the point, we are a mercenary group (or possibly pirate group, depending on your perspective) looking to make our way through Dual Universe. We are not looking to be a particularly large organization, but want to be able to stand on our own. As far as morals go, we only care about a few things. Services Silver hawks is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services. Below is a list of our services provided, but please be aware that as per out policy, so long as you have the funding we are happy to discuss any arrangement. Also take note that we offer retainer contracts as well which will both protect and exclude you from our potential operations. Protection We offer a wide range of protection services, from protecting cargo to transportation of precious materials. Please note large scale protection may not be feasible due to the limited size of our organization. If you are looking for global protection on a massive scale, we will have to discuss your circumstances separately. Mercenary/Warfare Our services are available for contract work involving battles or general warfare. Special assignments, extraction, or sensitive combat operations are our specialty. Piracy/Illicit Activities Based on the nature of your request, we will be happy to consider any proposals. Based on the request, we will also engage in corporate warfare/sabotage. Retainer Services You can purchase a retainer contract with us, which will provide two benefits. Future services are given at a discounted rate. Rates will be negotiated based on your standing and previous cooperation. Based on the retainer level purchased, our organization will never take jobs in direct or indirect competition against your organization. All retainers are subject to a "total silence" policy by us. We will never disclose our customers or our reasoning for not taking a contract. Policies Money Talks - Every job has a price, as long as you are willing to pay we are willing to do the job. Loyalty - We take a hard-line stance against anyone in our organization who betrays our trust. We may engage in corporate warfare from time to time, but anyone who is a member of our group will not get away with betrayal. Friendly - We are a tight-knit group of gamers (some of who have been gaming together for 15+ years). We are always happy to bring on more people and expand our community. Please also be aware that we highly prefer people over the age of 18 (as our conversations sometimes border on mature) and we also prefer people who have microphones (as we like to socialize on discord frequently). Recruitment As of right now, we are looking for fill a few roles in our group. Pilot(s) - We need people who are interested in mostly piloting our ships, hauling materials or just all out attacking our enemies. Resource Procurement - We are looking for miners/prospectors who will help us be self-funded. Strategic Resource - Scouting & Information Gathering. Possibly electronic warfare and support for larger combat depending on situation. Engineers - From building ships to LUA scripting, our engineers do all the back-end for our organization. Other - If you feel you might fit a role with us that is not mentioned, feel free to post or message me directly anyways! We are happy to consider any position we may not have thought of. If you are interested in joining, send me a private message so we can get in contact. I will also answer questions posted here if you have any.
  25. Hey everyone, Quantum Force Knights would love to offer the community an opportunity to join us as we draw closer to planet fall where we will bring hope and a future to the citizens of the Novark. We are seeking elite players to join with us. We have training programs for those of you who wish to hone your skills and advancement opportunities. Currently we have sever ship designs for members as well. Join us on our community page and show your support there by growing our numbers: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/quantum-force#tab-applications Join in discussions on our discord where we talk about all aspects of the game and the organization. https://discord.gg/qe2MMv
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