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Join the Bladesin Mercenary Corporation!


Are you looking for an Organization that allows any play style?

Then look no further!

We are here!


We want more members in our community, and if you are looking for a place

that has zero tolerance for toxicity of any kind, BMC is the one!


Currently we have open positions in these Divisions:


- Crafting and Science 

- Mining and Gathering

- Trading

- Communications

- Logistics

- Military


We are aiming to make a huge gaming community, with Dual Universe in the forefront!

If you are interested go to our Community Page

Or our Discord and send us a message!



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Looks interesting! I hope to see more mercenary style groups in the future because I believe they will drive the economy forward. They also tend to be the most interesting groups to work with.


Best of luck with your group.

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