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Found 109 results

  1. Welcome Prospective Players! Dual Universe provides players with a unique opportunity to create a universe completely made and designed by our own choices and decisions. Through such processes as territory control, a player-driven economy and editable surroundings, we can now interact with the world in an unprecedented way and we at Astralis Industries (ASI) intend to take full advantage of that! What Is Astralis Industries?Astralis Industries will represent an in-game company that will take full advantage of the player-driven economy and blueprint system. Working together with each and every member to create a unique environment where each members talent and ingenuity can add to the company's overall success. Focus: Astralis Industries will primarily focus on construct (ship, station, city, probes, drones....etc) construction and programming to design and showcase the most advanced constructs in the game. By creating unique ships that will be used by all types of organizations across the galaxy, we will be able to watch as the face of both Military and Civilian work changes based on the ships Astralis Industries releases to the market. This construction will require many different parts of our organization to work in concert with each other in order to make our designs a success! Mining: Ship construction, testing and eventual mass production will require large amounts of resources to perform. This means that our efforts in discovering and gathering precious minerals will be of top priority during all stages of the game. This will be the backbone of our company as we would like to maintain control of where we get our resources from to build all of our constructs. Trading: As we expand and begin to mass produce our ships in between release cycles, we will need talented individuals to take up the call to take sold ships to their respective buyers. Traders will also be the backbone of our resource transportation fleet, especially during testing and construction. Combat: According to the developer there will be 2 types of combat FPS and Ship-to-Ship, we will need to take advantage of the best of both to set ourselves above the rest and protect our assets. As we grow and expand, its going to be important to watch over individuals/groups as they go out and explore the planets we find ourselves on. We will need to not only protect our explorers but also defend our secrets and protect our assets as we develop into a more profitable company. Through this, combat will play an important role in all aspects and through all phases of the game as we begin to establish ourselves as one of the dominate organizations in the galaxy. Testing: These pilots would be the first to receive our top-of-the-line ships straight out of the drawing board and would ensure that what we produce is of the highest quality. Testing all systems aboard the ship from flight mechanics, to the custom scripts programmed onto them. GoalsAstralis Industries ultimate goal is to create an organization that has a large impact in the in-game economy and can provide for its members, the fees required to pay for the subscription. I know this is a far off goal, but I believe working together, with all the above in mind, we can achieve this and have an awesome time in-game. Prospective Applicants Here at Astralis Industries, we are always seeking amazingly talented people to add to our ranks, if you feel that your skills are unparalleled and that you would enjoy playing with the type of individuals that we represent, then feel free to drop us an application in the format presented below. To help the processing of applicants, we will provide a list of roles (that are subject to change based on game features) that will help both parties (Yourself & Astralis) figure out what play style you prefer. Which in turn will help us create and run events that cater to each of our members. ** None of these are final and don't represent you locking in a role, you can play however you want no matter what you choose, but will help us create fun events and projects around what people like to play ** Roles: Builder: As you can imagine this person would love to just be let loose on an area to build a base/city/spaceport. Ship Designer: This person loves the concept of designing ships that could potentially be used by all sorts of differing organizations. Miner: Resources are required for everything we do, and some people (Including myself) enjoy this type of game play. Search for and finding the rarest resources and having the satisfaction to look at a ship or building and know that "I'm the reason we were able to build this" . Combat (FPS): According to the developer there will be 2 types of combat and the first of which is FPS style. This person is going to focus on watching over individuals/groups as they go out and explore the planets we find ourselves on. They will be our champions and protectors as we journey out among the stars. Showing our strength when necessary and being the shield and that protects us. Combat (Ship): The second type of combat in DU is supposedly, EVE-esq ship-to-ship combat. These individuals will make up the backbone of our fleet. Commanding our ships and organizing large scale campaigns in times of crisis. Understanding that though we are a company at heart, we will not shy away from battle. Offshoot Roles: Programmer: One of the unique abilities offered by DU is the ability to program our ships and structures to be able to do custom actions that aren't native to the game. As a result, having individuals who would love to test out different defensive and offensive programs as well as potentially passive (mining drones, etc..) programs, will help Astralis Industries stand above the rest. Traders: I'm going to be honest, I love trading! However, i'm not entirely sure how it will work in DU and what infrastructure will be in place to support this occupation. Regardless, in whatever facet trading will exist, we will support those who, like myself, love the idea of transporting goods to our partners. Being quick and flexible about delivery runs as well as maintaining diplomatic partnerships throughout all trade deals. Policy/Governance: To be honest, I was hesitant putting this one in. But the territory control and organization structure, offer a unique opportunity for players to dictate and enforce policies and govern controlled territories differently. Due to this mechanic, i'm going to classify this as one you can pair with your primary choice. I'm also opening it up to a broader meaning, in that it will stand for the player's desire to work towards a leadership position. Again, I want to make sure that anyone potentially looking to applying to Astralis Industries understands that these are not roles that you are locking in, but roles that will give us an idea of what the majority of players will want to play and allow us to create and run events that cater to these choices. For instance, if a large group of individuals chose ship building, then we can hold a ship construction competition and have the best ship chosen to be part of the next line of ships released by the company. These would be build and test, so you could potentially pull in a pilot to test it out and even a programmer to customize the capabilities of your entry. Application Format (Copy & Fill): ======================================================== In-Game Name*: Desired Role: What Excites You Most About DU?: Why Astralis Industries?: Primary Language: Voice Communication**: ======================================================== * - Your desired name when the game launches ** - Not required to play or join ======================================================== Current State of Astralis Industries: Currently, i'm working on a variety of different projects to get the back-end of our group up and running. This includes looking into having a logo made, building a website and i'm in the works of setting up a discord server that we can all potentially chat in as the group grows. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, so I really want to make sure it's all setup correctly and done with a touch of professionalism. I'll keep everyone updated through the posts in our organization as we get things up and running. If you have any suggestions or ideas for really anything, feel free to send me a private message and we can talk about it there
  2. CURRENTLY RECRUITING PLAYERS AND ORGANIZATIONS IN TO "THE LAWMEN" ______________________________________ We are a Law Enforcement group. We are a force to be reckoned with. We are The Lawmen. The Lawmen are primarily here to offer our services as protection to civilizations, corporations and other groups alike. The Lawmen believe in justice to criminals and terrorists alike. Action must be taken on criminalistic individuals or else everyone will think they can go about their business in a chaotic manner. We are the ones that will hold civilizations together as a proper foundation that will not crumble. If you're looking for a career where you serve and protect, being a Lawman is the job for you. ______________________________________ Applications: Please include the following information in your application: Your Name Your Age Gender (We dont discriminate) Race (We dont discriminate) Time Zone/Country Why do you want to be a Lawman? What does "Protect and Serve" mean to you? What profession within The Lawmen are you most interested in? ______________________________________ WHAT DO WE OFFER TO CIVILIZATIONS/CORPORATIONS? Law Enforcement Patrols Written Law Establishment S.W.A.T. Operations VIP/Resource Escort and Protection Peace Keeping and Negotiation Tactics Militarized Force if war is waged Corporation/Civilization Border Security Space Surveillance and Patrols Crime Investigation ______________________________________ WHAT WE OFFER TO YOU, AS THE PLAYER Ranks, Promotions and Job Titles Patrol Officer (Doubles for VIP/Resource Escort) S.W.A.T. Trooper(Also Doubles as Militarized Retaliation Force) Detective Negotiator/Ambassador/Peacekeeper Border Patrol Space Squadron (Pilots, Crewmen) Space Station Crew (If space stations are build-able) Space Station/Space Squadron Captain Surveillance Tacticionary Commanding Officers Base of Operations Crew (Writes Law, Daily Base Operations Management) Recruiters Wages/Salary Protection Housing (Depending on how this works in-game, will be on site of Base) Basic Gear and Materials Needed for Survival Flexible Scheduling for Patrols/Active Duty Time to go off and explore and do your own thing. After all, it's a game we're all supposed to enjoy, right? TeamSpeak Channel (Coming Soon) Private Forum (Coming Soon) ______________________________________ Realistic Information: NO GRIEFERS: The Lawmen have a NO TOLERANCE policy against griefing. This means we do not tolerate any sorts of making another players game experience hell on earth. This is a game and we are here to have fun, not to ruin others’ fun. Languages: English is the primary language Time Zone: Any Goal: To provide a Law "Emulating" experience to players and civilation(s) that require our services. Overall, the Goal is to provide a stable law enforcement to a few civilizations/corporations. Global control is not the idea here, as with the more players we have in a few civilizations or corporations, the more effective The Lawmen can be with players having to log off or if we have members that decide to pursue other things within DUAL.
  3. ​Cops has been disbanded. Sorry for wasting your time. This was a lone decision by Kiklix and does not reflect the other legate lady astrum nor the members. ​The following are the answers to why COPS has been disbanded. Drama: Certain populous organizations and their legate have been concocting rumors about COPS. Legates from other some what populous organizations have made assumptions about COPS and presented these as facts. In every case these people are wrong and only serve to create drama. There is no reason for all the hate I have received and COPS has received. I am done 'playing' with a community full of children. ​EDIT: Removed this section due to clarification by Novaquark. ​ ​​I would like to thank everyone who made the decision to join cops. I am sorry it could not pan out. I wish you all well, I wish Novaquark the best. COPS - Coalition Of Pirates & Smugglers. The arkships landed. We woke anew, scared, unsure. Groups formed, factions aligned. Power corrupted. For all the efforts to save our species, the millennia we traveled, we reverted almost instantly back to that old human nature. Not even extinction could change our habits, our instinct. We have all been there. Watching and witnessing the mega-corporations metastasize and feed off the livelihood of the less fortunate. Class warfare, poverty, slavery...being forced to work by some clown sitting at the top of his ivory tower barking commands. I’ve had enough of it, most likely so have you. It’s time to break from those chains and live a free life. It ain’t easy, ain’t too much glory, but it’s honest (for the most part) and fair. We are a coalition, a collaboration, a consortium, a conspiracy, a communion, a clan, a crew, a club, a confederation, a confederacy collecting cohorts connected, conjoined, combining efforts to be a free people, free from tyranny, terror and totalitarianism. WHAT IT'S LIKE: Ever want to pilot the Millenium Falcon? Ever dream to have a crew who works together like Firefly? You want to be that solo guy who searches for bounties like Boba Fett and his Slave I? This is how we dream to play and we intend to play this way. However Dual may require efforts from a larger group. If this is true, we just want to have a system in place so that people can come together to fullfill their visions. We want solo play, but under the safety net of a larger organization. WHAT WE ARE NOT: ​We are NOT GRIFERS. COPS are pirates, smugglers, outcasts, ninjas, mercenaries in the ROLE play sense, NOT in the griefing sense. THE BREAKDOWN: • Enrollment: Some will get invited, some will inquire. If you want to be part of a free alliance just ask. • Primary language: English and gibberish. • Timezone: Only mega corps keep up with time. • Goal: Solo or co-op gameplay within a larger group. We all like to do our own thing, but somtimes you need to be part of something larger or you will get left behind. COPS is an organization created and designed to bring together like minded people who prefer to play solo without constraints of typical guild requirements (be here on X day, at Y time to raid Z...ya its tiresome). We realize people have limited time to play and that real life takes place first. That being said, Dual Universe looks like this might be a game where cooperation and collaberation are keys to success. If we find this to be true, there might be more expected collaborative gamplay required. We don’t want to force anything on anyone, but just ask people to step up if it is required to do so. In the end it’s not about making a large guild rich, its about making sure your needs are met, our mutal needs are met. We endevor to create an enviroment where co-op game play is actually fun and rewarding. SO WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? • Security: Safety in numbers. • Community: A network of people to work together with if so desired. • Freedom: Free to play your way but with the undertanding that freedom requires effort and work. There will be times we need to work together, its the only way to keep an alliance strong. • A Trade network. Not sure how Dual is going to work with trade, but within a group there will be communication lines. We will be able to trade with each other and help keep our alliance strong. • Veteran ship builders: We have members who have crafted some of the finest voxel ships to ever exist. Our fleet will impress, this I can promise. • Veteran home builders: We have members who have crafted some of the finest voxel sci-fi mega structures to exist. Our home world wont look like a cut rate hostel. • PVP: Lets face it, even if you only care for PVE, PVP might and will happen at some point. If you intend to fly in a ship, once you are out of the ark safe zone, pvp will happen. We intend to create smart ship designs that will help to ensure pvp victories, but you will need to know how to fly it. • PVE: We know some people have no interest in PVP. Hopefully we can get a civilization started with trade, harvesters, crafters etc. It’s good to have folks who specialize in these categories. • Exploring: It’s at the heart of Dual Universe, of course we will explore! • If i can be done in Dual, we intend on experiencing that content in one way or another. GOVERNMENT: Don’t really intend on having some massive over inflated group of power hungry people running the show. I have no interest in that, however there does need to be a head or some form. Castles have kings, homes have breadwinners. Even a pack of wolves looks to their Alpha. I intend on holding the main key of power or have it distributed among a very close group of friends. Those who know me know I fight tooth and nail for the little guy, for honesty and integrity. I have no intent on telling you how to play or what to do...but internal conflicts will occur and those will need to be resolved. We want everyone to be happy and to play together...its the best recipe for success. If COPS sounds like a style of gamplay that you find appealing, speak to Kiklix or LadyAstrum.
  4. Those who wish for a free and safe realm in space, look no further. What is the United Systems of Humanity? The United Systems of Humanity is a loose alliance of worlds and peoples, united in their common interests to create a zone free of piracy and war, where merchants and miners can operate without fear, where settlers and colonists can always have space to build, and where those who wish to wage war may take part in something greater than simple combat, defending the ideals of liberty.What separates the USH from other organizations? Unlike many groups, the United Systems of Humanity has a written constitution, the Charter, which governs its actions as a whole, while at the same time allows individuals the freedom to do as they wish without consulting the rest of the organization.What can I, as a member, expect from the USH? A free trade zone- As stated in the Charter, members of the United Systems of Humanity may trade freely with one another without tariffs or customs placed on the cargo. Participation in the Government- One of the most important factors of the USH is the ability to vote on decisions as a collective whole. Each member gets two votes when the organization has to decide on something. Autonomy- The other most important factor of the USH, each member is free to do whatever they wish. Decisions made by the whole organization only affect matters of the whole organization, not the individual member, with the except of a call to arms, but I'll get into that next. PvP- Since we are human, eventually wars will break out among various organizations. Those who wish to fight may answer the organization's call to arms, while those who wish not to fight may simply donate resources to aid in the war effort. Collective Government- This is a confederacy. As such, there is no real leader. We, the members, are the leaders of the USH. We all can make proposals to the whole organization, and no single member has the power to overturn a decision made by the whole organization. So welcome to the United Systems of Humanity, a shining beacon of civilization in the darkness of space. To join, please contact myself, https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/user/1643-unitedsystems/ To find the organization and read the Charter, please go here https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/united-systems-of-humanity#tab-description
  5. The Lonestar Empire The Lonestar Empire is a ruthless force to be reckoned with. We only attack other beings if they pose a direct threat or if we are at war with each other. We have a long lasting rage with the federation and all government aspects and we are at constant war with them. We are an empire built of pirates. Backstory As the last of our kind, we have seen it all. Empires falling down, power-driven figures destroying everything in their path, survivors emerging from the rubble of their homelands with an everlasting thirst for redemption. We were once part of these said survivors but no, we rose up and moved past our rage. We came together and forged an empire of integrity, honesty, and loyalty. We are the Lonestar Empire. While we build our empire, we have hope of a long living empire and prosperity within our people. What is our main objective Explore new and vast lands Trade with other factions Build on multiple planets over a large scale And conquer our enemies Engage in PvP Battles Recruiting We are currently looking for recruits. Allies Aether, Cinderfall Syndicate. Other things You can of course play as you'd like, we aren't telling you to do what we want you to do but there will be main jobs which you aren't permanently assigned to, you may choose what you would like to do and if you want to change, then go right ahead but just notify one of your legates or me personally. We want our own community to support each other and strive together. And occasionally we may ask of you to help us create something, do something, etc. We do have our own teamspeak 3 server which will be accessible by members. We will also have a clan logo soon. And lastly, please leave any questions, comments, concerns below. Thank you. Updates No current updates. Apply here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-lonestar-empire/apply
  6. Hello and good day fellow DU Pioneer With this topic i'd like to introduce the Society Observing Universal Life. A less complicated connection for people who want to focus more on gameplay and not administrating some corporation, organization, or any sort of order with rank and privileges. Instead of privileges and authority which many others have, you will be pleased by being free from such burdens. Soul will not be an anarchy, hierarchy, monrachy nor any capitalism, theocracy or anything like that. If you need anything to compare it could be called anarchy or more likely equalism. Yes there will be members who do some chores for SOUL but that is all voluntary and all are free to do so as well or never engage in chores. Only two easy rules: 1. Treat members as equals and remain neutral to the Universe, you are free to do what you do on your own responsibility. 2. Attend the meetings which are neither regular, nor are only announced by officials. Every member will have authority to call for meetings. (Will be further explained for members) There is no requirement for joining, but since some roleplayers tend to do funny things ill elaborate a few details: a.) In case you are part of a rival faction of another members faction, it is in your own interest to treat each other equally and not as enemys unless you are in a battlefield fighting for your faction. Meaning if you do fight eachother, it will not be as members of SOUL. So when you two are alone and not on orders by your other factions superior, its rational to treat eachother as SOUL members. b.) Should your intention for joining be the gathering of information (spying, eavesdropping, etc.) you are free to do so, as a neutral and free group it may also be possible that members will be trying to help or sabotage your activity. Meaning that we do not care about spys in our midst. Since DU is still in progress and undergoing changes, so is it possible that SOUL will change.
  7. WIP, rebuilding, role-playing is fun but not sure if that's what I want to do in DU.
  8. Hello, the organization name as you can see in the title is: The Formics. This is a reference. I would appreciate if someone could either direct me to, or start a thread about: how the whole organization mechanic works as well as how the game is going to work. I look forward to the launch, and playing with everyone.
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