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  1. Im really curious how to see this coalition will turn out so, good luck with your endeavors!
  2. The railguns could be variable as in you can create a railgun that spans a kilometer long or a few meters long etc. This would give me the idea of building a railgun ship that has its main body built out of a railgun.
  3. Haha. Yeah I'm looking forward to a brighter future as well. That would be nice to work together. And thank you for that very warm welcome and I will talk to you if I need to thanks!
  4. Yeah, Im getting that post removed because I couldnt change the topic name.
  5. The Lonestar Empire The Lonestar Empire is a ruthless force to be reckoned with. We only attack other beings if they pose a direct threat or if we are at war with each other. We have a long lasting rage with the federation and all government aspects and we are at constant war with them. We are an empire built of pirates. Backstory As the last of our kind, we have seen it all. Empires falling down, power-driven figures destroying everything in their path, survivors emerging from the rubble of their homelands with an everlasting thirst for redemption. We were once part of these said survivors but no, we rose up and moved past our rage. We came together and forged an empire of integrity, honesty, and loyalty. We are the Lonestar Empire. While we build our empire, we have hope of a long living empire and prosperity within our people. What is our main objective Explore new and vast lands Trade with other factions Build on multiple planets over a large scale And conquer our enemies Engage in PvP Battles Recruiting We are currently looking for recruits. Allies Aether, Cinderfall Syndicate. Other things You can of course play as you'd like, we aren't telling you to do what we want you to do but there will be main jobs which you aren't permanently assigned to, you may choose what you would like to do and if you want to change, then go right ahead but just notify one of your legates or me personally. We want our own community to support each other and strive together. And occasionally we may ask of you to help us create something, do something, etc. We do have our own teamspeak 3 server which will be accessible by members. We will also have a clan logo soon. And lastly, please leave any questions, comments, concerns below. Thank you. Updates No current updates. Apply here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-lonestar-empire/apply
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